The BDI@1,004: has the market …lost the plot?

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John Faraclas

The fall of all indices continued today with …no exemption; unless something spectacular happens, tomorrow we are going to see the BDI  (Baltic Dry Index) below the 1,000 mark. Geopolitics all over are in a mess. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

With minus 30 points since yesterday  the BDI  ended earlier on today at 1,004 and as things logically stand we are in a point of no return in the entire dry sector, unless something spectacular happens. Mind me, there are ships out there making “good” business… Shipping for the few begins to take off and opportunities for the thoughtful and powerful financially are here to stay!

The Capers lost 84 points and the BCI 2014 stands at 1,458 points; CAUTION!

The Panamaxes approached the 1,000 point level – down 48, a reflection of the Capes and now read 1,048 points.

The Supras’ BSI was down 13 points at 822 and

The Handies’ BHSI down eight at 532 points.

Good luck to the Charterers and to wishful buyers!

The Wets too on a falling mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) both lost 11 points and read 767 and 579 respectively.

The WTI  stands at US$ 46,48 (17:59BST). Ethics first: that’s good news for the poor and all under the circumstances of this great recession that few have the strength to admit. Figures in the stock markets are figures; people though tend to ignore what’s going on next door to their homes AND Businesses!

Worth looking again Alan McCarthy’s special Q1 2107 Analysis for Bulkers and Tankers – first uploaded on the 25th of April.

Another interesting report is that of VesselsValue Market Report April 2017; tell us your views for both.!

The Geopolitical chaos continues; everybody as a pretext of “vested” interest, acts “accordingly” and it seems to us here that very soon the situation will become uncontrollable with incalculable repercussions.; juts wait and see:

The MIGRANTS high up and far above from all issues; movement, traffickers, death at sea (mainly when Migrants try to reach their paradise in Europe), deaths in camps from many causes, politicians and diplomats “unable” to act and react, you name it…

Pirates are surging again; see the IMB’s report herein… Very comprehensive and alerting too!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq as well as the entire Middle East zone, as well as the wider from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa is on fire.

The North Korean issue might lead to a conflagration in the FarEast region…

The French election’s second round, no matter the result the outcome not only divides France, but Europe is already divided.

The BREXIT with whatever this entails and the jealousy of the Continentals versus the Brits… The forthcoming election too in the United Kingdom will open together with the BREXIT the Pandora’s Box of revelations and then you will see who wins and who’s the losers – in plural…

Turkey sliding towards a full dictatorship… Moreover president Erdogan should be very careful in avoiding pestering his neighbours…

Greece is also in dire straits; somebody MUST raise to the circumstances before its too late for all and the entire region… Domino effect shouldn’t be ruled out! As for Greece’s debt, here is an interesting analysis; look forward your points.

Obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced; president Trump is proceeding further. Let’s wait also the Senate’s vote following that earlier on today at the House of Representatives… He’s embarking now for a trip to the Vatican, Israel and Saudi Arabia; his first foreign trip!

On another tone, today is the opening of the four day’s 16th East Med yacht Show at Marina Zeas in Piraeus, Greece and from what we see live from XRTC’s Chairman George Xyradakis, it is on all counts a great event which will boost once again Maritime Tourism and beyond! Antonis Stelliatos, President of the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners was on a great day too; hope his efforts as well as all of the members and participants pay-off!

More news later on, until then, be on guard for every eventuality wit Pirates and Terrorists.

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