The BDI@1,014: a dead duck?

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended the day at 1,014 – just two points plus since yesterday; Geopolitics are getting really sour. John Faraclas’ daily,  weekly market and geopolitics recap:

In total the BDI gained 20 points since last week’s 994 – a crucial number on all counts.

Thanks to the Capers, the market is still …buoyant above the 1,000-point threshold. The BCI 2014 gained thirty points today and stands at 1,725 and 245 since last week’s 1,480 points. A Capers market; an uncertain market.-

The Panamaxes on a daily basis were down 14 points with the BPI at 992 – below the 1,000 points which we discussed and feared yesterday… There was also a weekly loss of 31 points from last Friday’s the 5th of May when the BPI  stood at 1,023! CAUTION.

The Supras’ BSI down three at 784 and on a weekly basis down 27 from 811…

The Handies’ BHSI lost a point – now standing at 509. On a weekly basis the Handies lost 14 points (from 523…)

So, all in all a Capers market and CAUTION to all as things might get worse.

The Wets falling too; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost 15 and one point respectively now at 748 and 545. On a weekly basis minus 20 (from 768) and minus 25 (from 570). Mind the gap…

The WTI at US$ 47… and a bit is very good…

On Geopolitics the main issues remain unchanged:  the MIGRANTS – worst ever week, The Wars in Syria and Iraq will triple its ferocity and despicable damage to all, Turkey ignoring that the coin has two sides, Greece – time please Mr. Trsipras and all 299 MPs in the Greek Parliament as you have rocked the boat, France – on Sunday Macron takes office, the BREXIT and the forthcoming election in the UK makes Mrs. May a symbol, president Trump’s worries, the FBI adventure.., North Korea trying again and will continue to try, China… and the summit there with many new kids on the block…

Ransomware hits computers worldwide with at least 99 countries having problems ; very messy and we shall see the damage tomorrow. One victim was the United Kingdom’s NHS; shame.

Sofia Konstantopolou- Papadopoulos during her greetings speech with members of the GIWA secretariat

The GIWA (Greek International Women Awards) first launching event in the United Kingdom surpassed the expectations even of its organisers. A full house at the Scotch of St. James heard from the GIWA committee and the London GIWA Judges of this unique initiative on its objectives, the nomination process, the Awards’ Ceremony and how one can get involved and become candidates…

The event was moderated by the very eloquent journalist Nefeli Agkyridou; the welcome greetings by Sofia Konstantopoulou-Papadopoulos. There were also presentations by the GIWA Committee members Georgia Gavriilidou, Naya Boltetsou and Ioanna Paschalidou. Nine short speeches by GIWA’s Judging panel.

Pleased to hear the shipping sector’s contribution. An interesting Ruffle prizes spectacular raised the stakes with very thoughtful gifts. Remind you that the Awards Ceremony is set for the 9th of December at the British Museum in London

All in all a great event; we are more than pleased and honoured to participate as media supporters and we adhere to continue for this more than noble professional women’s cause and soon we will have a full write up.

At the same time “Saving Greece: lessons from the Past, Challenges for the Future” at London’s  Hellenic Centre proved a great event! We shall also revert with a full account on the deliberation that took place there…

Lastly we hear that Francesco Schettino, the master of the ill-fated Costa Concordia, heard that his 16-year jail sentence was upheld The cruise-ship capsized in 2012 with a dozen people losing their lives…

Meantime have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists!

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