Gains for the BDI@849, Wets are down and Geopolitics more than messy

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John Faraclas – picture credits Panagiotis Tsakos Photography –

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained 25 points since yesterday – now standing at 849, and 19 plus since last Friday the 2nd of June when the main index stood at 830 points. Every single plus point counts. Not the same situ though for the Wets which continued to dive further. The Geopolitics are more than messy given too many spots of trouble and terrorism looming in the background. In the UK, Labour lost its 3rd consecutive election, leaving Mrs. May – still the cast iron lady, in power, thanks to  her determination as well as to the other side of the Irish Sea with the DUP more than willing to maintain certainty for the people of the United Kingdom. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly report:

The Capers and the Panamaxes enjoyed a …certain rise since yesterday; the Capers’ BCI 2014 gained 57 – now standing at 1,438 points; on a weekly basis the gains were better: 64 points up from the 1,374 points of last week!

The BPI was up 20 points today standing at 813 – over and above the 800 points mark but on a weekly basis it was down 32 points – from  845 points.

The Supras’ BSI was up five points – now reading 654, but down 20 on a weekly basis – from 674…

The Handies’ BHSI remained the same as per yesterday’s closing at 425; on a weekly basis though it was down 42 points – from 467.

Not so much steam and we are still far apart from the end of December 2013 closing of 2,200 point-level…

The Wets completely battered; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 705 points – down three and 540 – down five respectively. The weekly difference was …negative too; the Dirties were down 51 – from 756, and the Cleans down 19 from 559 points.

We suggest many must go back to the drawing board and once again another risk assessment exercise must be thoroughly done!

The WTI  was down to US$ 45.71, down nearly two dollars from last week’s US$ 47.55… Critical issues here are at stake. It is though good to see the WTI below the US$50 mark as same assists greatly the poor masses worldwide…

The Geopolitical front continues to worsen:

The MIGRANTS remain still on top; its importance if fundamental and a solution must be found. Politicians, diplomats and their cronies are full responsible for this mess.

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continue and there are despicable atrocities by the ISIS culprits.

The entire region is about to go up in flames. Israel is closely watching all developments…

Russia is watching closely all the developments there and won’t give up until its vested interest remain in tact!

The Qatar issue is more than grave given the initial reactions over the last ten days and what happens right now;  S H A M E !!! Another theatre and hypocritical matter enfolds.

Turkey has to get involved at any cost in everything in its wider periphery! Continuing the blackmail… proves our fears of what is going to happen in the region. Internally, one of president Erdogan’s tasks is to completely eliminate any opposition whatsoever…

Greece is in a very dire straits situation so to speak, both internally and externally. Ultra caution. GREXIT after all is still looming in the background.

The elections in the United Kingdom led to a hung parliament and it remains to be seen how skillful Mrs. May is to guarantee – with her Conservatives and the DUP, certainty for the British people. It is despicable what we also witness from sectors in the media – particularly printed, attacking Mrs. May in a very unprecedented way. Time will bring to the surface who is really behind all these, as scripta manent remain… The Greeks have a phrase for all that’s happens today: “It is the 9th of the month” – coincidentally it falls on a full moon…

Over at the other side of the British Channel – Calais, Emmanuel Macron expects his centrist party to win an overwhelming majority in the French parliamentary elections this coming Sunday… Then we all expect the German Elections and possible more elections despite their time is not yet…

In the USA, the Trump vs. Comey – Comey vs. Trump  affair might create damages. We have never witnessed such events in the past. As things go, definitely we would watch closely the affair and see not just the winner or loser, but the winners and losers of this sage… Careful…

In the Far East North Korea continues with its missile tests; yesterday’s one might escalate trouble in the entire region.

Jubilation in India when news arrived that the first ever female Shikh MP was elected to the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom…

In Melbourne, Australia, over 100 policemen raided three homes after this week’s deadly siege in Melbourne.

On another tone, tomorrow is the Annual Gala of the Hellenic Bankers Association in London at the Mandarin Oriental Ballroom in Knightsbridge – FYI a complete sold-out event; see you there for yet another charitable event.

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists where ever you are on Planet Ocean! Add also that a tough week is ahead in all fronts…


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