BDI stranded @870, Wets down, Geops in mess

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost steam again; the Geopolitics messy as always and time is up for politicians worldwide. They are about to face earthquakes and tsunamis, and they …deserve it given their attitude in tackling issues! John Faraclas daily report:

The BDI remained the same at 870 points thanks to the Panamaxes who countered strong enough to contain the Capers’ losses.

The Capers’ BCI 2014 lost 39 points and now stands at 1,442 points…

The Panamaxes gained 32 and the BPI now reads 865..

The Supras gained seven points with the BSI reading 665…

The Handies’ BHSI remained the same at 424 points.

All in all a weak dry market so to speak…  Still far apart from the end of  December 2013 levels of 2,200 points!!! CAUTION!!!

The Wets continue to drop, although the fall is more or less minimal; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)  lost two and six points respectively standing now at 700 and 533… Another CAUTION here too…

As we have numerous times stated, Shipping turns to become: Shipping for the very very very few! Also we categorically denounce the cyclicality in our industry; it doesn’t exist, it is an oval situation, check it!

We look forward to the various debates and deliberations during the Pireas 2017 in Athens organised by the HSA – Hellenic Shipbrokers Association, beginning in 48 hours 15 June 2017, to see the remedies of going through this and other crises/bad markets…

The WTI is in good levels reading US$ 46.25  a bit down from yesterday’s region of US$ 47…

Geops …err Geopolitics, as said in the preamble above, are messy and be on guard as things can take a domino effect in many regions with the same or different issues.

MIGRANTS on top, as, unfortunately, always…Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are refusing to have refuges per the 2015 solidarity plan and the EU will take action against them. Commissioner Avramopoulos might exercise zero tolerance on the issue… Thousands suffer amongst them many children… Greece and its islands continue in limbo thanks to the local politicians ignorance to negotiate with Europe, and Europe which succumbs to Turkish blackmail… As for the North of Africa from were also thousands are leaving for Europe losing their lives, well: Naval Blockade – same for the entire Anatolian Coast of Turkey with Rules of Engagement!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq still on with the ISIS losing ground and  the Kurds advancing in many ways!

The Qatar saga affects to many nations and must be defused as otherwise expect more mess. Lots of confusing messages there…

Iran is upset for whatever takes place in the region it claims has vested interests… CAUTION… The Turkish President has denounced the isolation of Qatar by several Arab states and others, saying that this is “inhumane and against Islamic values”…

Russia holds the upper hand in the region and seriousness must be shown by all in all the various alliances there for …the day after – which we don’t see coming as per various architects plans…

Turkey as always creating more mess than one can imagine. So, seriously, is Turkey a serious and trustable NATO ally? A question many officially now ask!

Greece in the same internal and external position as there is no leader with guts to take advantage of the momentum and Greece’s real strengths. Meantime the devastating earthquakes in the southern Lesvos Island  affecting Chios too, added another burden to the Greek government.

Cyprus still in limbo…

FYROM wants to enter NATO and the EU, but what’s in a name? Only realism can help this small landlocked country in the southern Balkans…

BREXIT, soft or hard is meant to proceed and let us hope we can see asap a new Government under Mrs. May to pave the way for stability and well-being for the people of the United Kingdom in one of the most crucial period of its history! Some populists blah blah must end from the Labour party… We live in 2017! The good appearance in France of Mrs. May meting president Macron is a plus for her, her party and the British people.

Let’s see what the parliamentary elections final result will bring for president Macron in France!

At the other side of the Atlantic, president Trump is fighting into too many fronts – both internal and external. Soon we will all know the outcome… Changing and interesting times for the USA and Planet Ocean …at large

That’s all for now and as always be on guard for any eventuality by Pirates and terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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