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Beaumont, Port Arthur & Lake Charles, United States
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Ports still closed due to storm
Thursday, June 22, 2017, Beaumont, Port Arthur & Lake Charles, United States
Operations are still suspended at the ports of Beaumont/Port Arthur and Lake Charles after being closed on Tuesday (22 June) due to Tropical Storm Cindy.

The ports of News Orleans, Mobile, Houston, Corpus Christi and Freeport had also suspended operations due to the storm, but have now resumed.

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Supply of provisions, spares, tools & equipment
Thursday, June 22, 2017, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
In order to streamline procedures for supply of provisions, spares, tools and equipment to vessels alongside at Sharjah Ports as well as supplies made to vessels offshore, the following method will be adopted with immediate effect.

Supply for vessels alongside:
Provisions and spares supplied to vessels alongside berths at Sharjah Ports will be charged AED 5/- per freight ton.
Tools and equipment supplied to vessels alongside berths at Sharjah Ports will be charged AED 10/- per freight ton.

Supply for vessels located offshore:
Provisions, spares and any items supplied to vessels located offshore and loaded on supply boats or to other craft alongside berths at Sharjah Ports will be treated as cargo and will be charged the applicable stevedoring and port handling charges.
The above charges will be subject to a minimum of AED 50/- per document of supply.
Documentation and customs approval as per applicable norms will have to be duly completed according to the nature of supply being executed. Applicable charges will have to be paid in the main office before loading. In the event supplies are done after office hours charges can be invoiced to agent or can be paid berth master’s office.

(For information about operations in Sharjah contact GAC Sharjah at

Source: Government of Sharjah Department of Seaports & Customs, Seaports Authority, Port Khalid letter dated 22 June 2017

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