Slight Dry gains amid geopolitical uncertainty

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained 14 points earlier on today and now stands at 884. The Wets still low and Geops (Geopolitics) unpredictably predictable…lead to an all-out war!  John Faraclas daily briefing:

The Capers managed to clinch 18 points and the BCI 2014 managed to go over and above the 1,000 point threshold. At 1,005, just floats…

The Panamaxes, Supras and Handies gains were minimal…

The BPI gained seven points – now at 1,145, the BSI was up six at 750 and the BHSI up three at 454 points.

Every little point counts yet we are in a low Market far beyond the famous 2,200 points as of the end of December 2013; caution!

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)  stood at 683 – minus three and 559 – plus three respectively.

A bit of a scare from a small fire in the Baltic Exchange,  but same was immy tackled and no problems whatsoever!

The price of WTI stood at US$ 43.13 – an interesting level for all as it serves both the rich and the poor…

Shale will soon become …the emperor and combined with other sources of energy it might create unwanted situations world-wide and will affect most of Planet Oceans  economies…

The Market will favour only the very very very few, as all finance lenders are in trouble: orthodox shipfinance, stock markets, funds you name it suffer from projected market ignorance, despite that this is the best ever market to invest due to low prices.  Only the very very very small and the ultra ultra ultra big entities will survive. Remind you the next challenge: who can confront the new national fleets?  PPI cannot work in shipping.- Ah!  …and what about environmental issues… who can afford to conform?

The Geops very damaging for all:

The Migrants still on top with over 3,300 being rescued in the Med yesterday (Sunday) with three drowned and 400 trying to cross over from Italy to France today at Ventimiglia… Others continue the short trip to the Aegean Greek Islands. There is more to come from this despicable issue… CAUTION, as the latest 52 deaths in Niger might air more trouble…!

The Wars in Syrian and Iraq are still on and hopefully the ISIS will be defeated in the field but need to eradicate same from Terrorists’ actions. Mosul will soon fall as the ISIS counter attack failed. A city foul of snippers and suicide bombers ready to strike. Caution; but smash them!

The entire Middle East is on fire; add the rocket being landed in South Israel from Gaza… being bad news; thank God no one was killed!

Turkey becomes slowly slowly a pariah state and soon we might witness an additional mess in the entire Middle Eastern region because of Turkey! Turkey continues to pester all its bordering countries and gets involved with the entire Middle East …thanks to the Qatari saga… It might clash with Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia and many others…

Greece next door still in dire straits… Greece’s PM tries hard now to get alliances with nearly all parties cracking in his coalition. The situation in Greece is now in a point of no return. We disagree with the formation of a national unity or ecumenical governmental scheme. We reiterate the view that only an Aristos team / regime can do the trick! Meantime we hear that the Greek Minister of Shipping and the Aegean Panagiotis Kouroumblis will be visiting London and will try to bring back in Greece  the P and I Clubs following the …BREXIT saga. Fat chance…   Lets see how the discussions will end with Hugo Wynn-Willians – the head of the International Group of P+I clubs! We shall see as the minister tries hard and he has too many issues to tackle, among them the Shipyards; the world’s biggest scandal! Ending this para for Greece, NOT a single excuse is valid from the government vis-à-vis the rubbish panacea… SHAME SHAME SHAME! Call the Army in; enough as with the Tourist season on, somebody or better say:  many will go under the guillotine…  Not to forget also the suffering of the people in Lesvos island in hte eastern Aegean, following the recent devastating earthquake; over 1,000 homes are unsafe and declared uninhabited.

BREXIT continues and given the agreement today between the Tories and the DUP expect, hopefully, better days… Mrs. May has a full agenda and let us hope she does it!!! We are confident she will! A bit of hiccups following the Grenfell Tower as many more do not meet the safety standards; now that is a SHAME!!!

In Italy two more banks are officially under rescue… The municipal elections a good test for the centre-right with Berlusconi gaining ground and Renzi ending up in a mess… CAUTION

In France president Macron has too many issues to tackle and let’s see how at the end of the day will make the French people happy and content!

In Germany Mrs. Merkel tries her best before the storm…

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump is faced with exceptional difficult issues; can he succeed! We shall see… as Russians, Healthcare, foreign policy matters and many more will make his life very difficult! His travel ban partially works, but…

In South America now; Brazilian president Michael Temer is charged with corruption; tapes have it… More revelations will soon surface for others too…

Venezuela in a mess… Maduro’s days are counted…

Russians continue to defy everything these days on a worldwide basis. In my humble view, sanctions DONT bite; end of the story.

India’s Modi visiting the US at the end of the day will shake up China. Modi’s mood was appropriate and president Trump has scored exceptionally in making US-India relations more than good! His wrath though on Terrorism was evident – Pakistan’s turn to counter to Modi’s accusations on Pakistani terrorism, hence India’ surgical strikes… CAUTION as both hold nukes…

That’s all for now and be on guard for any eventuality deriving from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background where eve you are on Planet Ocean !


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