The BDI@871 and messy geopolitics: is the end nigh?

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With minus 11 points ended up earlier on the BDI at 871 points – a bit less losses from yesterday’s, but still losses. The Geopolitics as we have all along predicted might give tsunamis beyond any imagination! John Faraclas daily market briefing:

The Capers lead the downwards mode by losing 35 points and the BCI 2014 now stands at 997 – three points below the 1,000-points threshold… Ultra Caution should be observed as this is the size’s championing in volatility and major losses… might create another mess…

The Panamaxes lost just six points with the BPI now reading 1,062…

John N. Faraclas62…

The Supras’ BSI was down four points at 747…

The Handies “continued” their upwards mode… gaining two points and the BHSI now reads 470 points; can’t see though any steam…

So, very simply: a “high” and dry market with whatever this entails… CAUTION!

The Wets on a downwards mode but with a minimal fall; the last published BDTI  (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)  stood at 659 – minus four and 652 – minus two respectively.

The WTI on the rise at US$ 46.70 with tendencies to rise… CAUTION.

The Geopolitical front with all its major issues continues to deteriorate and the Delphi oracle might have a clue on what’s next to happen. We are not holding the crystal ball, but unfortunately we foresee the Armageddon marching. We will give you a full account this coming Friday when more issues will be more or less definite so to speak, as uncertainty and blackmail rules the day; see this happening over the MIGRANTS, the Syrian and Iraqi wars – AND the entire North Africa – Middle East region, Turkey, Greece, BREXIT and possibly a GREXIT, Qatar, Terrorism the North Korean dirty saga, the Chinese expansionism with artificial islands in the notorious South China Sea, Tax issues, and many more other aspects which we have extensively covered through these turbulent years and in particular the last three.

The geopolitical environment coupled with other projections on many fronts conforms with our prediction that shipping becomes day by day Shipping for the very very very few. Those who believe otherwise we recommend they have a hot bath… A cold shower doesn’t works for the hoi polloi. We would love to challenge live on any A1 TV station those objecting this… All in all, remember: News is what they don’t tell us!

On another tone, today the 4th of July being the 241st Anniversary of the Independence Day for the USA, we hope that the American people and their recently elected administration under president Donald Trump – the 44th elected president, get their act together for and to the benefit of Planet Ocean!

We had our own celebration with great music, fireworks, drinks and dips on a maritime and sporty environment during the 15th Anniversary of MOLOS at the Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni and a lot was said and mentioned for the 4th of July! Spotted George Tsavliris and his wife Zoe, Petros Doukas, Aki Haramis, Iris Liaskonis from Seascape, Manos Sofronis of SSL Insurance brokers and many others. Stella Tinga-Lazarou on a great day too was more than pleased for the event’s success. Now hold your breath for something very special coming up there soon…

Until tomorrow have a nice evening and be on guard for and from any eventuality emanations from Pirates and Terrorists….

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