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John N. Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 18 points earlier on today and now stands uncomfortably at 829 points; the Geopolitics inclusive of the  G20 forum taking place tomorrow in Hamburg will determine a great deal of future politics and trade AND possibly the environment. John Faraclas’ daily report:

The Capers, uncertain as always, lost 83 points bringing the BCI 2014 below the 900-point mark and very close to that of 800-points level at 818… CAUTION.

An interesting three points were added to the otherwise falling Panamaxes with the BPI now reading 1,063 points. The only plus dry category…

The Supras’ BSI lost seven points now standing at 735…

Still stranded at 472 points the Handies’ BHSI raises many questions… and eyebrows…

We are now 539 points from the all times absolute bottom (Feb 2016) of 290 points, and 1,371 points still to ….gain and reach the  2,200 points-level as that at the end of December 2013. You can now make your own calculations and see what’s up…

The Wets with mixed feelings… The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 656 – unchanged, and 566 – plus three respectively…

The WTI  as you read these lines, following an earlier drop, now reads US$  45.78 – not bad and still below the dangerous US$50 mark!!!

The Geopolitics with the G20 at the forefront of everybody’s agenda had a cold pre-start in Hamburg today with tough demonstrations…  Let us see how the major meetings go ahead on Trade, Climate and Terrorism. Mrs. Merkel wishes a good outcome which will boost her chances in being re-elected. Trump and Putin will also meet and let us see if they really wish Peace! Talking about Peace, it seems that the Cyprus talks will end in a stalemate… Turkey, once again as expected rocked the boat…

All other issues remain unfortunately the same; shame!

Elias Spyrtounias

On another tone there was an excellent and timely event, a specialist conference on “The fight against smuggling and illicit trade: growth incentive for the Greek and European Economy” at Athens’ Constitution Square King George Hotel.

A full house where women delegates for the first time surpassed their male …counterparts…

Three interesting sessions and quite a great number of questions despite the time restrictions. The event was introduced, welcoming the speakers and delegates by Elias Spyrounias, General Manager of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce.

Simos Anastassopoulos

Then Simos Anastassopoulos, the president of the AHCC took the podium for a brief welcome too. From the American Embassy the current Economic Officer Brian Hoyt delivered a short and to the point welcome speech…

Vassilis Mastroyiannis, CEO at SYKAP, delivered an interesting presentation /  keynote speech too.

l to r: Yioryos Pitsilis, Anastasia Angeli, Iakovos Kargarotos, and Cathy Haenlain

Session one was on the “Requirements facing illegal trading and propositions for structural reforms”. Four excellent speakers and an interesting practitioner, Yiannis Mastrokostas from Philip Morris International who successfully moderated the session. Yoryos Pitsilis, Iakovos Kargarotos, Anastassia Angeli and Cathy Haenlain from RUSI UK, delivered interesting presentations, some with very interesting and meticulously   selected and construed slides. Cathy Haenlain delivery was par excellence!  Here were five questions and we also had the chance to question the way one can stop illicit trading et al, particularly from Turkey!

l to r: Evangelos Margaritis, Stavros Thomadakis, Ioanna Mamali, Antonis Makris, Ioannis Kaplanis and Michalis Kosmopoulos

The Second Session covered interesting issues on “The repercussions from the increasing tendency towards illicit trading for the smooth development and market performance as well as the viability of legal entities”. Evangelos Margaritis had to moderate a difficult panel with Stavros Thomadakis, special Secretary of SDOE, Ioanna Mamali, Antonis Makris, Ioannis Kaplanis and Michalis Kosmopoulos. Antonis Makris presented more than a reality paper.

l to r: Eleni Hadjinikolaou, Kostas Christou, Nikos Lagadianos, Vassilis Kontothanassis, Maria Tsantiraki and Athanassios Katsouros

After a nice and refreshing light buffet lunch, the third session begun having also a bit of maritime …flavour, given that Commander (HCG) Nikos Lagadianos was in the panel which was moderated by Eleni Hadjinikolaou, Diageos’ brand protection manager for Europe. Commander Lagadianos’ videos where very convincing in what takes place in cigarettes and drug smuggling on many instances involving containers (TEUs). Other speakers included Kostas Christou, Vassilis Kontothanassis, the eloquent Maria Tsantiraki and Athanassios Katsouros. This last session dealt with the “Methodology and current practices of the Greek Authorities in tackling infringements”.

The event run an extra time – an hour, given the Q&A and the interim dialogues/questions within the panels. Hope that same is repeated  in Thessaloniki too, as well as in Patras, Volos, Kavala, Herakleion in Crete and other ports – shipping centres of Greece, needless to say all over the European Union  AND Europe!

Congratulations to all involved in organising this event, as well as the sponsors and supporters, and in particular Dafni Constantinidou from the AHCC,  which this year celebrates 85 years in Greece!

Deborah Finch (second from the left) with guests. Picture credits Anna Menis

In London, the IUA- International Underwriting Association, following the successful last year’s Space Odyssey event,  gave an amazing summer party under the Beatles theme at Saloto 31 in Lovat Lane at the heart of the Square Mile; the decor was unique and the food, drinks and dips excellent; a lovely evening too – weather-wise, and this was also another plus for the event meticulously organised by Deborah Finch and her events colleagues;  and the Seahorse Club –  that of the shipping media guys and dolls, its summer BBQ on River Thames alike last year at the  Doggetts Coat and Badge, top floor on the southern side of Blackfriars Bridge… Amongst the guests the ever present Inge Mitchell !!!!

…and in retrospect… Picture courtesy of Anna Menis

Will revert on both events with a bit of more coverage and pics soon.

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists.

From the Seahorse Club BBQ – at the Bar; can spot Tom Waters on centre stage and close to the window NI’s Bridget Hogan. Picture credits Anna Menis

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