BDI’s mini “rebound” NOT enough for great expectations

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended up 12 points earlier on today reaching the 900 point-threshold and managed to clinch 78 points since last week’s 822 points. The Geopolitics lead no were; only to catastrophe. John Faraclas daily and weekly recap:

The Capers BCI 2014 managed only five points plus – proving its volatile and uncertain nature, reaching the 933 points. On a weekly basis it gained 180 – from 753 points.

The Panamaxes did overall better. The BPI gained 32 points on a daily basis and 111 on a weekly one – last Friday the BPI stood at 1,062.-

The Supras’ BSI was up 11 points at 769 and on a weekly basis 37 plus from 732.

The Handies’ BHSI stood at 486 – up two and on a weekly basis up 15 from 471 points.

The Wets continued to fall; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)  stood at 644 – minus three and 557 – minus eight respectively. The weekly fall: three for the Dirties – from 647 and 26 from 583 for the cleans… CAUTION!

The Geopolitics will suddenly erupt and War will be the name of the game; ultra-caution must be observed!

The MIGRANTS issue unfortunately remains Planet Ocean’s top issue; a very distrurbing issue which must be curbed here and now. It is not only the social cohesion which can bring down entire societies all over the world, it is the day by day increase level of racism, of a society that brings together at the same time two different worlds: from the one side the medium to well off societies which is under duress from its moron politicians and NGO’s – all these unacceptable societies, clubs, associations and charities, to accept the MIGRANTS  with us all, and from the other side the MIGRANTS itself who are trying to “mingle” with us all creating an indeed very bad view and situation spoiling the furthering of our society. Sorry, we cannot have this, as it completely deprives both sides. Just have a look around and we can escort you all over and see the situation which enfolds with people even sleeping on the beach – particularly in Greece and its islands, Italy, Spain, you name it… MIGRANTS need and must have the right to be housed in Refugee Camps in designated areas; end of the story!!!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continue; let’s see the complete fall of Raqqa and what’s next… Mind though all pariah states wearing a double bauta… As said recently, the entire Peace process is and will be very perplexed!!! The more delay in ending this and other warring zones with the religious and despotic regime will create more MIGRANTS, more terrorists!

Turkey continues to pester all in the region, particularly Greece and Cyprus and play with the USA and Russia a double blackmail game. A double faced country which is soon going to have a theocratic regime, must see its president’s power eliminated and Erdogan and his followers to go home.  The soonest we see this, the better for all nations in the entire region. This coming weekend as we have said is the first anniversary of the famous coup which we reiterate the view that same was fully organised by president Erdogan to eliminate his enemies. The figures speak alone of what he has done (arrests, tortures, you name it), and Europe AND the entire World must get the message, gets its act together and stop the verbal advices for maintaining Democracy in Turkey.  Actions please. Turkey and all pariah states understand only actions.-

Cyprus coincidentally has in its EEZ the beginning of oil exploration at the BLOCK 11 and Turkey is pestering Cyprus by sending the BARBAROS sismic vessel and a frigate, whilst USA’s and other nations warships are there closely watching and protecting the region and the drill ship… CAUTION.

Greece itself continues to be in dire straits and all 300 MP’s must now go home. A team of Aristos – as we have numerous times have written,  must take over and run the country for ten years, streamlining not only the ailing economy but the entire Greek society… Too much is happening and the bubble might burst. The continuous burning  for example the Exarhia area and other hot spots in Greece’s capital Athens with Molotov Cocktail bombs and acting under cover as we do not see arrests, that suggests to us that something very sinister is going on.

BREXIT continues with its twist and turns. Let’s see the end result and how many issues from both sides will be re-discussed and who will give in. On another tone, in the sports world: Can Venus Williams beat Garbine Muguzura ans can Federer win his eighth Wimbledon  Title?

Reverting later on with a full account with more geopolitical news; until then be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorist wherever you are on Planet Ocean

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