The BDI needs at least an extra 1,300 points… to make sense

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John Faraclas

The BDI needs at least an extra 1,300 points… to make sense … so be cautious and stay put..

The BDI (Baltic  Dry  Index) gained 33 points since yesterday and now stands at 977 – very close to the 1,000 point threshold. On a weekly basis the gains were good: 77 points – from 900 since the 14th of July. Geopolitics are even worse than thought… John Faraclas daily and weekly recap:

The Capers’ BCI 2014 was up 61 points reaching the 1,154 points – up 221 since last Friday’s closing of 933. So over and above the 1,000 points together with the mysterious Panamaxes make waves…

The Panamaxes lost two points and the BPI now stands at 1,258 points – up 85 points since last week’s 1,173 points…

The Supras managed a fiver and now the BSI reads 812 points – up 43 from last week’s 769…

The Handies slowly and steadily on an upwards mode just missed the 500 points – now 499 up two. On a weekly basis the gains were 13 points – from 486!

The Wets without too much change, as usual with …mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 649 – up seven and 548 – up three respectively. On a weekly basis the Dirties were up five – from 644, and the Cleans were down nine  – from 557… Very tough situ on the Wets… CAUTION…

The WTI ended up at US$ 46.01 – as these line are being written and might go a bit higher, although something strange is expected to happen very soon – a downfall…

Box trade: what will the market look like after two mega containership companies merge? And what happens the day after COSCO’s possible takeover of OOIL? Very dodgy issues leading to a market mayhem!!!

Tip: Shipping will be Shipping for the very very very few; end of the story!

The Geopolitical front might produce surprises at all levels everywhere…

The Migrants continue to be by far the most important issue from all others put together as, with the continuation in various countries of wars or internal political mess, people leave and that creates a global mess, already breaking down and spoiling social cohesion… Time please as there will be a social upturn within the countries they “nestle” them, even under duress…, and then the shit will hit the fan… Caution!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq with ISIS and all others there continue in a very perplexed way. At the end of the day, nobody knows whom and why is fighting for… Putin’s Russia continues its own agenda there, so does Turkey and the Western multi alliances; Turkey, having hegemonic and religious aspirations makes it difficult for peace there… Caution… Iran too and others have “vested” interests too… Mercy! Ah! by the way: Is ISIS leader still alive?

Turkey continues to blackmail and pester everybody; I guess the Germans with the latest clashes with Erdogan and his clique, must saw determination. Turkey as we have said is a pariah state and numerous times we have warned that the entire EU, not to say NATO, the World at large must saw ZERO Tolerance; enough   is enough! Never ever before the Eastern Mediterranean basin – that includes the Balkans and indeed the Black Sea has been faced with such a president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan – the agitator… He can stir everybody with his premeditated tactics and turn the region and the world upside down! He has already done many alliances with everybody in the region and all lead to failure… All other countries involved haven’t read the small print as we say in a contract… The so called West played and supported the wrong horse. We know indeed about the various geostrategic dogmas of the West and all that jazz, but including president Erdogan and his likes, stops short the way to Democracy, least to say Freedom and Human Rights and Freedom of Speech, even the triumph of the West versus the …East so to speak !!! Wake up! Stop pestering the international public president Erdogan… You have inflicted enough damage to your own citizens…

Next door Greece continues with its internal and external problems and time is up… Expect an earthquake style of mess there and a tsunami of incalculable proportions. The recent earthquakes in Lesvos and Kos islands as well as in the adjacent Anatolian coast speak itself… The Muppet Puppet Show of Constitution Square – all 300MP’s MUST go home. The only solution is the ARISTOS team to run Greece. The revelations about the three years including the pre and post Syriza mess with the economy in particular must end… Equally all financial scandals MUST end here and now and let’s have the foreign factor involved pay the hefty damage too! Name and shame them all before it’s too late…. Did I hear you say reforms in Greece?  Who can really implement them! ENOUGH!

Cyprus remains in the mercy of the super powers and it remains to be seen when Nemesis strikes in the heart of these superpowers cutting short real peace on this divided island, a European Union member state, part of which is occupied on purpose by the Turkish Yoke… Dare for Peace president Erdogan and you will see that same benefits all! The truth about the entire Cyprus issue must shine; enough damn lies and fake news and views – you dead well know what I mean…

The Middle East continues to build up for yet another round and  confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians, unless defused, might ignite unpleasant developments affecting not just the region, but beyond. This, coupled with the Qatari so called crisis and the Syrian Iraqi wars, might destabilise the entire region. Add the Balkans and Turkey’s provocative as we mention above policies and see what you…might get…CAUTION!

Given the above, wonder how China is “willing” and planning to add in its Silk Road project the connection of the rivers Axios, Morava and Danube… China also plays a double game and increases competition, say between Piraeus and Kumport just off Istanbul – wonder how all this affects Thessaloniki… Games, games and damn lies from all. Caution…

Germany’s hegemonic role in Europe continues and lets us see the post election attitude and scenery within and outside…

BREXIT continues in the long and winding road… The outcome will be more than interesting for all. At the end of the day, lets see what is meant by the phrase: “When we say Brexit, means Brexit”!

At the other side of the Atlantic now; in the USA, six months after president Trump took office, we are experiencing a unique situation in all internal and external fronts; too many resignations, strange foreign policy, lack of environmental sensitivity and duty, escalation of warring process and we hope the president gives an end to all this which nobody in his inner circle has advised him, for the benefit of humanity – unless he has something else in his mind… We eagerly await to see from Planet Ocean’s number one person an appropriate streamline of his actions and projected plans. Indeed we know well how the media behave and he is right to this extend! It is not just the fake news… Did I  hear you say sanctions against Russia?

Venezuela continues in a mess and Maduros’ regime must make or break. Make means: stop pestering the public and the economy. Break means: go home! Crisis hit Venezuelans opt for Brazil… Another MIGRANTS crisis – well known, exists all over South and Central America… More or less the entire South and Central Latin America is embroiled in financial scandals and let’s see the tsunami there too… With former Brazilian president Lula’s assets frozen, expect other “despots” and “populists” to follow suite!

In Africa corruption too continues; there are nearly a billion dollars missing from Congo’s mining revenue; anything to do with president Kabila???

In Australia, we hear that ex British prime Minister Gordon Brown says that the forced migration of  UK children overseas is bigger than that of Saville’s sex scandal…

Have a nice weekend and be on guard for any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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Updated: 23;55 BST upon landing in London

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