The BDI makes it over the 1,000 but Geopolitics didn’t…

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John Faraclas – picture credits Panagiotis Tsakos Photography –

At 1,023 points the BDI, thanks primarily to the volatile Capers and then to the promising Panamaxes managed to gain thirty points; the Geopolitics just offer the worse possible example of how we might see the trade collapse. John Faraclas’ daily briefing:

With yet another triple digit figure, the Capers’ BCI managed to reach 1,602 points – up 127! This is being reflected to period chartering with period rates close to three times up, but… be cautious…

The Panamaxes managed a good 25 points plus and the BPI now stands at 1,143 points.

Not so rosy for the Supras and the Handies; the BSI and the BHSI fell five and six points respectively at 767 and 482… Now you see why one size’s upturn (Capers in this instance) doesn’t mean the market is good, even being followed by another (Panamaxes). All main sizes and respective indices MUST have a good plus double digit figure… Anyway, vessels now begin to break even despite the heavy financial burden to repay capital and interest.. The big question remains: when shall we see the 2,000 level being conquered and return to the end of December 2013  level of 2,247 points!!! Other levels look like a midsummer’s night dream, such as 4,000 plus. Forget the 6,7,8 and 11,000 points – once in a blue moon has a practical effect here and a meaning too…

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 632 – no change and 552 – plus nine…

The WTI dropped slightly as these lines are being written maintaining the US$49 level and hopefully should – and must, remain below the US$ 50 mark, as the poor and middle classes CANNOT afford any further rises as this is damaging their well-being. Indeed we are in business, but ethics too is a must… At US$ 147 in early 2008 (spring) caused an upheaval and as things stand nobody really lost – you dead well know what I mean. Greediness is the anathema leading to the death of any economy.

On the Geopolitical front now:

The MIGRANTS dominating the news yet again. The strong man in Libya Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar of the self-styled LNA vows to repel Italy’s warships from approaching his country’s waters without permission… Italy cannot bear all these MIGRANTS movement and arrivals in its territory… On another MIGRANTS twist, Canada opens up Olympic Stadium foe MIGRANTS from coming from the USA!!! Since January 4,300 have crossed the border… In the Aegean Sea the Greek Eastren Aegean Islands and its people continue to suffer; SHAME!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continue with ISIS still there as well as with many other wars within these two countries – at least ten functions being involved; we have explained in our last reports the issues all over the Middle East and its periphery. This  …”notorious region” covers the area confined from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa regions. Count and see what is going on there within this region and you will understand the perplexity and the mess coming out and the further “development” of this mess.  Then try to understand the reasons that will affect shipping and transport and everything in this intermodal chain. Add the sanctions and see what you get… Ultra-CAUTION should be observed. Latest news speak of a ceasefire between Syrian forces and rebels north of Homs; Russians are observing this and lets see how the other three de-escalation zones work,..

Turkey must be closely monitored by all; its NATO allies and the European Union. Putin’s Russia enjoys this situation. He will only begin to think of the Turkish despicable actions when Islamists expand and export their actions within Russia, as they did in Chechnya It is unlikely that Erdogan will change even an iota. Expect hell there – internally and externally.

Greece is also, as we have stressed in our daily reports, in a total mess. All political forces are not just eyeing the ministerial title, they want same to avoid the guillotine. It is about time we oust all these traitors down town Athens’ Constitution Square before it is too late. The foreign factor believes that proper Greeks think of the conspiracy theory and that this doesn’t exists; IT EXISTS!!! You need two in a tango. All Europeans are involved in fraud cases with their Greek accomplishes and now demand the Greek public to pay the damage of their sins; hence they have their cronies to run now the show… Time please…

Spain police uncovers a migrants ring from Iran to the UK… another mess…

BREXIT continues its course and everyday there are more and more issues to deal with… The US$ 52 billion (£ 50bn) drinks industry is full of complaints with the government’s chaotic approach… Moreover, Ireland is very much concerned about what will happen after BREXIT as trade amounts  nearly US$ 1,3 bn (nearly a billion pounds) per week and there are fears of losses… If barriers are erected between the two closely cooperating countries, for sure there will be more with other nations to complain… Critical times for all but flexibility is the name of the game. Does Germany really posses flexibility so Brussels can have certain discretion to deal with BREXIT – no matter hard or soft… Now, will finally Aramco float in London’s Stock Exchange? That will do the trick – you dead well know what I mean?

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump believes that the USA- Russian relationship is at an extremely low point and it is a must that these two superpowers cooperate instead of competing causing unnecessary economic harm all over the Globe … Meantime the president has to end all rumours on the Russian suspected saga of interference in the presidential election last year and organise his team to tackle all mounting domestic policies… It is also the Pacific basin issue – with China and others that he MUST deal asap with…

Tomorrow Friday we will have a more extensive report / recap with more Geopolitical news affecting the shipping industry to …all intents and purposes

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality deriving form Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are in Planet Ocean!

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