The BDI loses steam again; Geopolitics in jeopardy…

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John Faraclas

With only two points plus the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) at 1,038 loses steam yet again and we reiterate the view that the need of an injection as we stressed yesterday, is a MUST. Geopolitics are so bad that the entire economy on Planet Ocean may actually collapse despite the figures you see in various reports and private studies…… As Marcus Aurelius said: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective and not the truth”. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

To begin with and being cynical but pragmatic, we need either to start a full scale War – as we are now actually engaged in local and semi-peripheral wars which are counter-productive, or to make a long lasting Peace! These are the only “injections” to see the markets and in particular the shipping markets develop profitably further. All the rest of wishful thinking and programmes and all that jazz is pure nonsense! Remember: “War Father of all, if you don’t destroy you cannot rebuilt – this is the pitiful message in history…” We have also explained that the product of the Second World War were the long period timecharters of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to rebuilt the world… Make up your mind what you really want… Can you create long lasting Peace…? Both these two points are the injections the market desperate needs – both can have the same effect for all, even for the warring ones… You choose and then you have to stop complaining… I know it sounds shivering but that’s the reality; full stop and period…

The Capers managed to gain four points and the BCI now stands at 1,659 points.

A bit of a …“surge” from the Panamaxes and the BPI from a single digit plus points yesterday – five, managed a dozen points and now reads 1,170 points.

The situation remains a bit critical for the Supras and the Handies; the BSI lost another three points – now standing at 759 and the BHSI was also minus three points at 472…

Mind the Box Trade and the gap… What will be the effect in the market and the consequences if we see another 100 (onehundred) new building ships between 15,000 to 22,000 boxes each enter the market within say the next two to maximum three years – everything is possible! Eat your heart out

The Wets on the same tune over the last ten days; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) were 614 – minus five and 556 – no change, respectively…

The WTI stood earlier on at US 48.96 – that’s fine given the Global poverty, its causes and its victims… we are living in interesting times…

The main Geopolitical issues now:

The Migrants still on top from all other issues – yesterday we advised you of what happened in Greek waters, today we have the figures of those being rescued in the Med between the 21st of July and 6th of August- 1,300 all off the coast of Libya. Since the beginning of the year 12,420 Migrants have been rescued… 116,692 have reached safely Europe, the 83 centum landing in Italy… Shame! As things stand, the politicians and conversely the public shouldn’t complain as the entire MIGRANTS issue passes through the politicians inability and the public’s involvement in facilitating the Migrants. They will continue to come over to Europe even in funfair lorries as it happened today in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in north west Africa…

The Wars in Syria and Iraq against the ISIS lot and dozens of others continues; the Migrants also continue to rise! Expect at the end of the day a total change of the frontiers in the region and beyond!

Turkey in the same wavelength as yesterday increasing its violations in Greece’s airspace. Internally, the arrests continue and given the referendum result, it seems that they will continue as the opposition seems strong annoying president Erdogan. CAUTION !

Greece despite the “peaceful” period of August in particular due to the summer holidays is about to ignite internally… CAUTION here too…

BREXIT brings in more issues, the judges need clarity. Lord Neuberger’s complaints must be taken seriously! The Irish issue too with Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach, “playing hardball” with the Great Britain must be resolved…

At the other side of the Atlantic, the superpower is flexing its muscles! The major issue remains the way president Trump will respond to the growing North Korean provocations which escalate minute by minute and already affecting the Far Eastern markets. CAUTION, as nothing will surprise us!

In South America Maduros’ use of exesive force is condemned by the UN, but so what… What next? Can the UN have an immediate and effective response creating a better environment there? The situ in Venezuela might spill off… A quite well off country is going down the road… Who’s really behind all this mess???

In South Africa president Zuma survived a non-confidence vote; caution here too as any jeopardy will have a hefty price for all to pay…

More news tomorrow… so we will definitely see how Geopolitics will affect the entire shipping industry and its modus operandi!

Have a nice evening and we urge you to be on guard for any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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