Capers rise and geopolitics go under…

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John Faraclas

The BDI gained 40 points and now reads 1,247 – more or less 1,000 less from the end of December 2013 level. The Geopolitics following today’s atrocities in Barcelona, Spain, might take a big twist and turn. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers not only were on a …top up situ, its triple digit number rise went above the 200 point gains, it was a well received by all in the Market of 218 points gain bringing the BCI up to 2,542 points. CAUTION though as it is the only size with real gains and this by no means mean a good overall dry market – and it doesn’t constitutes a Market either.-

The Panamaxes still on a modest rise with another 26 points and the BPI now stands at 1,336 points.

Another day also for the Supras’ BSI gaining 15 points and now standing at 791…

The Handies’ BHSI gained one point, a very valuable point and now read 465… CAUTION though… You see it could have been not just ideal, but more tangible to have all indices on a 20 to 50 points rise under the prevailing circumstances and not see the law of demand and supply work and favour the Capers…

The Wets still in the dangerous zone; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BDTI (Cleans) stood at 620 – plus three and 517 – minus 13 points respectively. Ultra CAUTION should be exercised in a very dodgy situation.

The WTI stands now at US$ 46.91  – it reached US$ 47.11 but seems its tempo strength evaporated… Still though we are below the US$50 mark, so all tight and safe!

The Containerships and trade still cannot convince us here in this medium about their future as it all depends on the consumer, the middle man in the street and his buying …power which seems that it doesn’t exists as NPL’s are at the worse possible state. Can the Banks and all financial organisations/institutions write-off these ten trillion of dollars of plastic money debts and start fresh and obviously promising…? If not, expect the box trade to suffer, particularly for the long run… Mind me, it is the banks to blame at the first place for this state of affairs with the plastic card debt… and conversely to the drop and bad state of the Box ships… It is the same banks who also financed ships… the very ships that today suffer with low income… Loss of discipline and “populism” dictated to some clever dicks in the banking word to offer and mainly to open the doors to the middle and poor classes to have access to non-existing funds under the hype:  “…we are all equal and we have to spend… spend …spend and buy now and pay latter, with …zero interest credit… to even buy holidays, get married, buy gifts on Birthdays and Namedays – Greeks know a lot about it, get on to secluded holiday environments and so forth and then at the end of the day only ten centum of all these glitterati paid off their debts…” Any objection… So I wish I don’t hear any complaints about the state of the Container Markets as the wrong consumerism and loan assistance to the consumers floored down everything.

The Geopolitics produced yet another despicable mess today…

The MIGRANTS, the Wars in Syria and Iraq against the ISIS lot of radicalised extremists and all dozen of groups fighting there continues…

As a result of all these happenings as well as in other parts of Planet Ocean, today our society was attacked once again by islamist terrorists in the heart of Barcelona, in a tourist spot, with at least 13 dead and 80 injured. After this attack wonder if there exists any coherent counter terrorism strategy, as my findings and research tells me that nothing real exists to deter them once and for all. Our society in the so called West must rise to the circumstances or else.- Pity for all who suffered yet another islamist terrorists atrocity.

All other fronts remain the same  and develop further, with: BREXIT, Greece, Turkey, the North Korean provocative stance  etc etc… I guess we live it here for tonight and we will report fully on all these and other burning issues in our weekly recap tomorrow Friday.

Have a nice evening and be on guard foe yet another eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are!!!

P.S.: Mind the new cyberweapon which subjects ships worldwide…

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