The BDI on a slowing down mode amid Terrorism’s mess

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John Faraclas

The BDI managed to clinch just six points and now stands at 1,266; the Geopolitics with Terrorism on the rise “promise” to keep us busy and wondering. John Faraclas daily market briefing:

The Capers’ BCI is definitely slowing down with only ten points plus since last Friday the 18th of August and now reads 2,584 – far down from the triple digit points gains or even the high nineties…

The Panamaxes’ BPI though gains were minimal – just four points, now reading 1,349. Caution for both the Capers and Panamaxes… as another major fall will floor down not just the Markets but many lenders and the shares might tumble…badly in the stock markets…

The Supras did “well” with another 11 points plus and the BSI now stands at 817 points.

Steady at low levels and one point plus was the closing for the Handies’ BHSI at 466…

All in all a weak and enigmatic Dry market; at least on an upwards mode, but let’s be optimistic but simultaneously cautious!

The Wets again with mixed …”feelings”; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 621 – plus three and 511 – minus nine points respectively… Again we insist that it is a must to see both indices above the 1,000 points mark.

The Containers’ trade is slightly improving but expect another upheaval when the new super ships enter the sea-lanes… See also our previous analysis last Thursday on the issues affecting the box trade and have your say – send us your comments!

The WTI as these lines are written stand steady just above the US$ 47.46 – similar to last Friday’s levels…

The Geopolitical front, following the Barcelona despicable events, enters a new era, a more difficult one and it’s about time we short out this issue once and for all before it will be too late.We are eagerly wait to see the punishment of all perpetrators who overstayed their welcome in Spain and rocked Barcelona; imagine if their initial plan – from what we read and from what we are being told, materialised…

The Migrants continue to move both in the Western and Eastern Med and now we have a new influx in Europe via the Black Sea… It is becoming a pandemic. I guess that none of the officials involved know how to tackle such an issue, particular in the EU where there isn’t any short of coherent policy whatsoever! SHAME!

The Wars in the Middle East, particularly those in Syria and Iraq against ISIS and another dozen groups there continue and more is yet to come, as there are rumours on a joint Turkish-Iranian “initiative” against the Kurds… That will devastate completely the region but also  far beyond of what you can imagine; the entire periphery will be on fire… Obviously there will be an intervention from the USA, Russia and Europe as this will affect the Western Balkans which will also erupt… The entire region from the Straits of Gibraltar  to Afghanistan and from Caucuses down to the Horn of Africa is on fire… The USA’s president vows to strengthen the USA’s Army there and ensure he save’s Afghanistan and the region; watch this space!

Turkey continues to pester and upset all; president Erdogan has lost touch with reality and his latest “victims” are Mrs. Merkel’s German coalition parties and partners which are trying to maintain power in the forthcoming elections. Caution with Erdogan as he is the most unpredictable person, unless there is a plan he serves… History has many such examples… His provocations continued over the weekend and today violating Greece’s and the EU’s airspace… was at its best… It will be an accident waiting to happen and let’s see how Erdogan’s backers will respond… when they wouldn’t be able control the spill over, in the same way they cannot control the Islamist Terrorists to the detriment of the Western Societies… It’s about time politicians raise to the circumstances and stop Erdogan and his likes here and now.

Greece continues its internal stand offs and expect soon despicable developments… Time for the Muppet Puppet Show of Constitution Square 300 cronies of (backed) the foreign factor to go… Enough! The good thing though was the record number of tourists this year, but this now dictates more serious infrastructure for all and to all intents and purposes – ports, marinas, airports, highways, and furthering the services in areas packed with tourists,  including the harmonic tax anathema from those taking advantage of the tourists, the local businesses in a period that Greece is being struggled by its notoriously-guided lenders… Will PM Tsipras dare another snap election during 2017 for his own reasons…?

As the major events engulf the regions above this might affect the sea-lanes and in particular those of shipping, the dire straits – Aden, Hormuz, Malacca, Suez, even Gibraltar, and the Dardanelles…

BREXIT will continue to make waves, not just until 2019, the exodus year, but beyond. The fault rests with Brussels and those law makers who fortified the wrong way all the relevant treaties and one way “rules”, and missed the point to have a proviso, a clear proviso and a mandate of how a nation leaves the European Union; end of the story! Now as far as the German fears that BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump is affecting and will affect the German Economy, Mrs. Merkel and Herr Wolfgang Schäuble dead well know were this will lead.. History repeat itself particularly to those ignoring greediness… Chinese investments in the UK should be considered as an opportunity and not as a threat according to China’s Ambassador in the United Kingdom. After midday’s 12th bong, the Big Ben in London, will be switched off… Hope something has to be done to continue the “…chimes of freedom, as stability and continuity…” must prevail according to MP Stephen Pound!

At the other side of the Atlantic, the Eclipse …might serve as a notice to avoid another political eclipse there. Things are very tensed in Washington…

Finally it is to our regret to read of yet another collision involving a USS ship, this time just off Singapore; the collision of “USS John S McCain” with “Alnic MC” must be thoroughly investigated. Pity to read of casualties there, ten at least they say; it could have been far worse. It was just two months after another USS ship the “USS Fitzgerald” collided with a container vessel, the  “ACX Crystal” near the Port of Yokosuka in Japan, leaving seven dead. Discipline and sheer seamanship at all costs; fine, accidents will happen, but these sort of accidents: NEVER!!! We will keep you posted.

Meantime and before we end the day’s events and happenigs, what a horrible experience that was earlier on tonight  in Ischia, an island off Naples in Italy, following a devastating earthquake of 4 on the Richter scale, but damaging…

On another tone, remind you of the 8th Hydra Shipping Conference on Saturday 9th of September on the heroic and cosmopolitan  island of Hydra in Greece; titled “Money talks but wealth whispers” promises exceptional debates; not to be missed. Log on:

Two days later, in London, the administrative capital of World Shipping,  the biennial London International Shipping Week (LISW), the LISW17 begins; another major event which we recommend being the first after the BREXIT saga begun!  Long on to:

Will revert tomorrow with more news, until then be on guard from any eventuality emanating from those culprits, the Pirates and the Terrorists…

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