Capers “rebound” fail to stop the falling BDI…

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John Faraclas

With  nine points plus since yesterday standing now at 1,209 points and minus 51  from the 1,260 points of last week’s closing, the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed earlier on today sending respective messages to all for all intents and purposes in a very enigmatic, as we have branded this market. The Geopolitical events and manifestations continue and we advise all to be on guard. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recaps:

The Capers’ BCI gained 78 points – a good “rebound” given the circumstances and now stands at 2,406 points… The weekly fall was “significant” with minus 168 points since last Friday the 18th of August when it stood at 2,574…

The Panamaxes fall was modest so to speak – minus 24 points with the BPI reading now 1,235 points. On a weekly basis the losses stood with triple digit figure – minus 110 from 1,345…

The Supras’ BSI was up five points at 845; on a weekly basis the gains were 39 plus points – up from 806 on 18/8.

The Handies’ BHSI stood at 474 – up one and on a weekly basis losing four points from 478 points…

So, all in all a downwards Dry Market and we hope by the end of October to see the make or break point… depending on the geopolitical factor.-

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 627 – plus seven  and 508 –minus two  respectively. The weekly figures stood with the Dirties on a plus nine points – from 618 and the Cleans minus 12 from 520 points.

The Container trade with its twists and turns is in our view too low and we expect to see major changes…

The WTI at US 47.87 keeps the masses happy! Same more or less level since last week’s US$ 47.29…

In the Shipbuilding front more and more deals are in the pipeline. Technology and the Environment is pushing the need for more new ships. On the antipode there are also many bankruptcies and many scandals are about to be aired. We eagerly await to see the perpetrators…

The Geopolitics are about to rock the boat:

The Migrants issue in its entirety maintains the lead as the most important issue; in Europe with the entire Med and now Black Sea in full “operation”, in the USA with the famous infamous Mexican Wall, in the UK the Migrant students and possibly by error European Union Citizens had it be a letter churned by a malfunction from an IT ministry system, you name it, everything is about Migrants, Migration and all that… As I overheard the other day, a young Afrocarribean student said: “At the end of the day who isn’t a Migrant… in this World”… and rightly so…

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continue, the most devastating though part hasn’t begin as yet… Turkish anxiety looms in the background… Add the dozens of different groups there as combatants and you won’t believe in your eyes what’s next in the region and the periphery. We sincerely hope that the Suez Canal will be adequate guarded AND protected from any intrusion of Terrorists; same applies for all the other of the World’s Dire Straits as we have numerous times stressed herein…

Turkey continues the policy of deceit, blackmail and hype, not to mention its president’s attacks against all, particularly with the forthcoming declaration of union of all four Kurdistan regions in one state; Kurds in northern Iraq already enjoy an autonomy under the so called Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). Wonder what is President Erdogan’s reaction and how he counters on the recent deal between Genel Energy and the local government there… His relationship with Europe has gone busted. No one really wants Turkey in the EU under Erdogan; it’s written in the media all over from German officials and high calibre politicians. Pushing his propaganda forward with the aim to be the leader of Pan-Turkism and leader of the Muslim world too, he becomes a liability for Peace, for NATO and Europe. He has the ability to destabilize entire regions using religion against the infidels of the Wets, the Christendom in particular; this is his speciality. His attitude against Greece and Cyprus and that of his prime minister and minister of foreign affairs is despicable. Turkey violates every single day Greece’s and Europe’s airspace and territorial waters. CAUTION as sometimes you never ever know how Greeks can  react. Inside Turkey, the arrests of Erdogan’s enemies continues!

Greece next door continues to be in limbo. After seven years of austerity the strangulation  of the Greeks might backfire for the Tsipras’ lefty loony and the European lenders. September is ante portas and the Greeks had enough. Expect major mess in Greece.

The Balkans and in particular Western Balkans  might enter a period of yet another mess which might lead to wars; yes wars in the plural… CAUTION as Turkey stir up the situ for its own benefit and the Muslims there.

The Black Sea too is becoming a region of confrontations but Russia know hoe to defend its corner there.  Too many issues.

In Spain the Barcelona effect will be the momentum to unite not only the Spaniards but the entire of Europe and we might see at last a coherent anti-Terrorism policy. Personally I don’t listen to all those who say that those terrorists who “act” alone is difficult to monitor, arrest and punish… Make the counter punishment look as an example like the Athenians did with the people of Milos in antiquity… who betrayed them. The actions of the Islamist terrorists is a betrayal of the values of life itself! Zero tolerance and hope we can see the authorities worldwide naming and shaming the backers of these despicable events – you dead well know what I mean, as we will unfortunately see more of such events we must act swiftly no matter the collateral damage. An eye for TEN eyes, end of the story. Islamist terrorists MUST be defeated asap. The ISIS lot when fully defeated will lead us to see / learn their backers, particularly those who gave, sold arms.-

Another event today evening in Brussels raises alarm in a country badly hit by the wrath and perverse  of Islamists there. This latest attack on the army will for sure change the existing policy and things might go sour for the ISIS culprits!

The German elections look plain  sailing for Mrs. Merkel’s coalition; shall we predict a failure there… she deserves same as has has been unjust with many in the EU particularly with the Greeks… One way or another Germans MUST come down to their senses with the Greeks as reality bites… By the way why all this fuss in bringing back to Germany from the USA and France 743 tonnes of Gold… Time to pay its due to Greece and to others such as Poland too raising eyebrows!

BREXIT continues and it looks as if this development is the most important issue in this century and for the time being of the Millennium; just wait to see. Where is both sides RWA and RWAD’s… What a palaver one to have to deal with so low level leaders, particularly the Hoi Polloi in Brussels…Migration, Free Trade Issues, Defence changes, Employment issues, Terrorism, Clearing issues you name it are there but there isn’t any plan whatsoever available… If anybody objects we provoke in our usual way/style for a live TV debate in any A1 TV channel… In the UK there have been many hiccups; I guess somebody from within wishes to call a fast one… Caution, as the foreign students issue was a real laugh… The Pound is an issue from whichever angle one can see it. The Euro and the USDollar are pounding against the Pound but… Britannia will soon rule the waves; history repeats itself! The other major issue continues to be the ECJ – the European Court of Justice. Even with a special relationship with the EU this should be maintained. Europe in its geographical meaning is Europe; lets not mix this up with the European Union for reasons favoring some continentals in Brussels. The European should learn from the shipping industry: ” Arbitration London, English Law to apply” – you know this will never change no matter the UK is part or not of the EU. The 90 centum of all trade and goods entering or exiting these islands comes via ships; end of the story!

At the other side of the Atlantic, the people of Texas and the entire US Gulf region are braced for the passage of Hurricane Harvey with force 3 to 4 and the worse of all it will strike coastal areas with important and busy ports such as Corpus Christi, Houston, Rockport where it might be the eye of this Tropical Storm. Be prepared to hear devastation…

In the  Pacific now and North Korea continues to violate Peace… Caution as this time Uncle Sam might not back-off… Three more missiles, so soon, might backfire at Pyongyang!

Pheu Thai Party sources said that Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand’s ex PM fled to Dubai avoiding trial.  Rising to power is one thing, subsidies over rice yet another…

We hope that this year’s Notting Hill Carnival will be a success and unite people more than ever before given the Grenfell Tower disaster on the 14th of June.

In 12 days the 8th Hydra Shipping Conference is on; not to be missed… and in a fortnight the LISW2017 begins!

Have a nice long weekend and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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  • Dear John.
    Thank you once again for the opportunity to see your report. Amidst the many analysts forecasting the bright future you alone suggest caution.
    I will touch upon the section you call “Shipbuilding” and I disagree with your statement: “Technology and the Environment is pushing the need for more new ships.” because the unfortunate thing is that this push is to evade the very same things you mention. The push for New Technologies will be felt in the next 5-6 years, with Sails, Long Life storage batteries, etc.
    I love your section on geopolitics and hope you will start reporting on geo-engineering!!!

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