Capers down; Panamaxes up: a balancing act in an unending crisis…?

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was up just six point today at 1,411 proving once again our views AND not our fears – to make things clear, on how uncertain and without steam the Markets stand. Geopolitics on par with our past reporting: simply getting worse. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI lost 23 points and now stands at 2,906; on …reflection the Panamaxes’ BPI gained 32 points now reading 1,438 points.

Minimal gains for both the Supras’ and Handies’; plus seven for the BSI, now at 978 – still below the 1,000-point threshold and plus three for the BHSI – now at 613…

Still tough times for the dry market – still below the 31st of Dec 2013 closure of 2,247 points – a 836 minus mark… Until we see this level conquered, stay put; things due to other reasons will only keep the very very very few afloat.

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 776 – plus ten and 615 minus two respectively.

The WTI steady all day below the US$ 50.00 at US$ 49.55 – good news for the poor masses!

The Geopolitical front continues to produce both major shake-ups and tsunamis…

The MIGRANTS still the major issue – see for example in Germany, a to and fro situ and understand the hypocrisy!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq continues with major gains against the ISIS Islamist Terrorists. Still  a very perplexed situ, still the major powers involved have to cut corners and above all they have to deal with a demanding Turkey seeing that soon, one way or another will lose in the east a vast area which will join the Kurdish state which is coming up to be a reality, as otherwise expect a total recall in the region and beyond. Kurds in all four regions, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey will not take a no anymore… Time will tell. In the meantime the Turks are at loggerheads with the Americans, a very nasty twist and turn for both, but it is the most capable and powerful’s view to prevail, and that is that of the USA. Now we have the visas’ saga and arrests, later the big bang… Russia of course is closely watching, but… Erdogan’s game is about to end; the Americans already got his bluff… Meantime, something MUST be done with the escalation of Greece’s airspace violation, which is also a violation of the European Union’s frontiers… The doubled faced Brussels administration MUST act here and now on this prolonged issue or else…

Greece is still in a nasty situation greatly affecting its citizens as the austerity, the credit crunch, the capital controls are still there, as is a nasty childish muppet puppet show regime and opposition to be fair. Remember: Fairs fair! Expect another mess.

BREXIT enhances the British capability for the future and we can see all lining behind Mrs. May. She’s the only one capable to save the British people. Expect possible changes too. The UK will come out stronger and financially, in the long run, more robust! Never forget the 1.9 billion people in the Commonwealth!

In Germany still no new cabinet; too hard poker might reshuffle the cards. Meantime we learn that Wolfgang Schäuble leaves the Finance Ministry and will become the head of the Parliament there; a very timely elevation…The Greek saga will follow him in many ways… the Furies – Ερινύες in Greek, definitely. These three female divinities Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera will make his future political life like many others a total mess… and rightly so. In praising Wolfgang Schäuble’s policies equals at best cronyism – particularly as some Greeks did… He and Mrs. Merkel should put their house in order and appropriately shut up as they both have too many skeletons in their cupboard…

The Spaniards with the Catalonian saga still on might have to use all their charm to avoid nasty situations. On the other side of the equation the European Union’s response in a possible expulsion of Catalonia from the EU equals bullying… These threats belong to another era. The EU will suffer most from the BREXIT and will beg for the unfortunate response of its silly behaviour to too many cases involving nations already in and outside…

At the other side of the Atlantic in the USA, president Trump has too many issues to tackle, amongst them the effect of natural disasters – Hurricanes and now the wild fires raging in Northern California which will cost billions of dollars to rectify…. Until now this is the most difficult and controversial start for a president. All issues are very important both internal and external as they have a global effect!

In South America now, we learned over the weekend that the southern states in Brazil, that of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Parana are sort of secessionists alike the Catalans in Spain and they want to form a new state given corruption scandals in the country  were the elite and politicians go on trial and or are in prison and the way the federal government runs the country… It is an old story too… Garibaldi was involved in the past; read history… and see what happened in 1836…

Messy things continue to happen in Africa; in Nigeria the Boko Harams 6,000 plus suspects trial. Over the last eight years this militant Islamist terrorist group has caused hell in Nigeria; it is the biggest Terrorist trial in Nigeria’s history…

North Korea remains an issue as does Iran for the USA and its allies. On the antipode other nations interpret in their own way these two confrontations. Indeed the attitude of both these nations are not compatible with international law and order as they support terror and shake Peace issues to its foundation. Religion too is an issue, exploitation  and proxy situ, yet another… There is though the fact that justice hasn’t been done in the Middle East – hence Iran’s attitude and you dead well know what I mean; on the North Korean issue, China and Russia are able to silence the North Korean leader and put him in order, but you see they both use him as a proxy war against the USA. Japan will not stay put… either. On both cases we are very much concerned as shipping will suffer both in human lives as well as in revenue…

Have a nice evening and until tomorrow be on guard from the Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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