Enigmatic BDI and geopolitics: the name of the game…

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John Faraclas

With just 16 points the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) continued to climb and now stands at 1,582 sending mixed signals, whilst Geopolitics keep us guessing what’s next to expect in the divide and rule world we live… John Faraclas daily briefing:

The Capes steady upwards with the classic 50 points plus – actually 52 points with the respective BCI now reading 3,186 points…

The Panamaxes following yesterday’s drop recovered with two points plus and now the BPI reads 1,648…

…“Steady as she goes” for the Supras with the BSI gaining another double digit points (11), now reading 1,116 points…

The Handies’ BHSI gained another seven points and at safe levels – 676 sends positive signals around; the only size that survived the collapsing effect of an otherwise uncertain dry market…

The Wets were both down; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 907 and 540 – down nine and four points respectively.

The WTI continues above the US$50 mark – now at US$ 51.41… Caution!

Wonder what’s next with Dow Jones… At 23,163.04 looks fine…. But what …if… How prepared we are given that  30 years ago we experienced a Black Monday… Remember, the Dow Jones plunged 23 centum, its largest ever one day drop, the FTSE100 11 centum and then the European Markets followed the downward pattern… The 1987 crash happened without any obvious trigger… So be on guard…

The Geopolitical situ as said in the preamble keep us guessing on what is next to hear.

Migrants become an endemic worldwide; Migrants here, there, everywhere – the latest event in Southwold, Suffolk in the South East is a serious one and the authorities have acted swiftly arresting those responsible for smuggling nineteen Ukrainians on a yacht from the Netherlands. Meantime we must all be alerted as president Erdogan might sent us over to Europe via the Greek Islands another three million migrants! This is a warning and not petty journalism. Check how many he has send over, on purpose and see what you make out of this despicable situation. The EU and the NATO Alliance must respond and NOT to keep a blind eye to the blackmail of president Erdogan and his likes… The social cohesion in all EU nations is being tested to the limited; enough!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq against the remnants of ISIS continue and will continue for the foreseeable future and we must ensure that the returning ISIS sympathisers and co-fighters/supporters ARE arrested; this is the best time to enforce all available means and laws and protect our societies from the Islamist Criminals and Terrorists by sawing ZERO tolerance!

We must also ensure and avoid at any cost any flair-up in the entire region where the Kurds live in all four countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey as the effect will be simply devastating with incalculable repercurssions for ALL!.

Turkey must be reprimanded by its fellow NATO members for putting the Alliance at risk and the European Union MUST also act swiftly on this direction. To begin with the violations of Greece’s and conversely the European Union’s Airspace must stop forthwith as these actions with the religious and geopolitical aspirations Erdogan has might destabilise the entire region and once again the Balkans.

Greece next door must continue to be the beacon of stability in the region and its periphery but at the same time the political system and establishment MUST change forthwith. The current election system MUST change – one candidate per party per constituency; end of the story. To arrive though to this optimum and real democratic point, we need to see the 300 current MPs resign and a team of Aristos to run the country until its actual recovery. All accomplices from the European Union – and to a lesser extend from other nations, of the Greek politicians who have harmed the Greek people must seat on the dock and pay the hefty penalty. There are financial crimes of incalculable levels and still all the culprits Greeks, Europeans and a few others are still at large… Lately as we have mentioned in recent coverage we see the entire Greek Shipyards up in “flames” from mismanagement of successive Greek administrations and Unions!

The Balkans too are in a mess; in Albania the current prime minister’s former interior ministers and others are accused for facilitating drug trafficking and other crimes; caution as many wish to upgrade the Albanian status without knowing what is really going on. Elements of the Albanian Coast Guard where involved in this cover up…Add the Albanian dreams for a greater Albania and see what you make. Add the Kosovo saga and see what is yet to come; add FYROM’s current situation and other issues and you can see that we are back to pre-World War One situ… CAUTION on all fronts…

BREXIT…the Square Mile gets more “fortifications”…

BREXIT’s twists and turns continue. The problem now is three-fold: 1) who’s defaulting, 2) who will lose and who gains from the BRITISH EXIT, and 3) a United Kingdom outside the EU, but with a special relationship, can do far better from the German dominated Brussels’ Union… End of the story.

We eagerly await to read the new German administration.

Spain lives a decisive divided momentum with the Catalonian saga; an issue that might surprise us all –  just wait and see the final outcome that will also trigger many more issues in many parts of Europe AND elsewhere on Planet Ocean.

What’s up with Putin’s Russia? It seems the Ukrainian front and Crimea are “silent” or the media don’t give the appropriate coverage…

China is on another type of flexing its muscles…

The USA keeps an eye on North Korea and Iran and we all wonder what’s president Trump’s next move…

More geopolitical news tomorrow with our full weekly recap.

Gary Rynsard introducing Chris Adams

On another tone, we were privileged earlier on this evening to witness a very much so to speak traditional maritime event at Trinity House in the City: The Admission of Chris Adams as a Younger Brother in a very special and simple ceremony. The well-known head of the Club’s Loss Prevention gave a sort speech thanking the Trinity House Society. He was introduced by his colleague Gary Rynsard, executive chairman of the Club. All sectors of the Square Mile were represented; Arbitrators, Class Societies, Lawyers, Technical Consultants, Shipmanagers, Associations and Organisations, Academia, many of his colleagues and of course Journalists. Excellent drinks and very tasty dips but above it was good to see many friends from the past and make new ones.

Trinity House comprises a Fraternity of almost 400 Younger Brethren drawn from various sectors in the maritime community but around 70% are from the Royal Navy or Merchant Navy. About 12% are Pilots or Harbour Masters.

r to l: Chris Adams, his daughter Zoe, Michael G Chalos and Mark Underhill

The Elder Brethren constitute the Court of the Corporation. By statute, all must first have been admitted as Younger Brethren but many are elected because of the influential positions they hold, or have held, elsewhere. The majority, however, are current or former trustees of the Trinity House Charities or Directors of the Lighthouse Service.

l to r: Roi Repolesi with Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard

That’s all for tonight; have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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