The BDI@1,522: controlled fall amid geopolitical chaos

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost another dozen points earlier on today, but still the situ is controlled. John Faraclas’ market briefing amid the coming Geopolitical Chaos

The Capers’ BCI gained two points – the only size with “gains” and now at 3,219 expects the volatile certain uncertainty to take place…

The Panamaxes lost six points with the BPI now reading 1,492 points.

A double digit fall for the Supras with the BSI reading 1,060 points – minus 21!

The Handies’ BHSI below the 680, now at 679 – minus six points complete a downwards but still controllable Dry Market…

The Wets on a downwards mode too; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 904 minus ten and 523 – minus one respectively…

The WTI stood at US$ 54,66 just before midnight – unfortunately this might please the produces and mega oil cos but will trigger issues as the poor masses cannot afford any rise whatsoever above the US$50 mark; end of the story… In a complete bankrupt world this is despicable… For the shake of good order remind you a mean price that of US$36 on the 7th of March 2016 – 19 months ago; so what really triggers this rise, especially above the US$50 mark?

What next for the Box Trade? I am sue very soon we shall see ordering of mega ships carrying 40-50,000 TEUS and then let’s see who missed the …tide…

The geopolitical situation continues to worsen:

MIGRANTS remain on top of all issues.

The continuation of the hostilities in the entire Middle East region particularly in Syria and Iraq AND beyond is a fact; brace of a tough winter. Russia continues its offensive and missiles where fires from a Russian sub in Eastern Med destroying a bridge crossing in Western Syria with ISIS militants, cars, trucks the lot… The USA continues too. Syria is in total ruins but Assad is still there. Are we going to see partition? Division, or one state Syria? A very difficult situ…

Add the return of the lossers, I mean of the ISIS culprits and ISIS sympathises fighters to the Western World countries were most emanate from and see what you get… Expect despicable things; unfortunately..

Turkey has too many serious problems and the Kurdish issue inevitably will surface…Turkey will stir-up the entire region and the Balkans too, so be on guard and ready to respond…

Kurds will go ahead no matter what the super powers say…just wait and see. Being let down for the fifth time since World War One, will only bring their wrath.

Greece remains in a standstill with the current unproductive lot of 300MPs – the entire Geek Parliament needs to be changed… Too slow punishment for those who destroyed Greece and only two/three percent from those responsible who embezzled money in high places depriving the entire Greek nation, are being questioned. What happens to the One Trillion embezzled since 1974 in the name of the so called Democracy?  Time please…

BREXIT will soon prove who’s wrong… Just wait and see. For sure at the end of the day and in the long run the people of the United Kingdom will benefit. The EU is a lost cause, particularly in the way same is being governed by German dominated Brussels.

500 years have passed since the Reformation and Germany celebrates this anniversary when a young man, Martin Luther, shook the Catholic Church to its core…One questions that hangs above Christians is whether they World Christians should celebrate the Reformation… Only Aristotle’s constructive criticism can tell you/us given what happened in the aftermath with religious wars ragging – you dead well know the story… Religion plays a pivotal role in Geopolitics – never ever forget this… See what we go through today and see what you get out of this… Never forget the real fall of Constantinople was beyond the schism…

Catalonia is still in limbo, so does Spain.

At the other side of the Atlantic and in particular in the USA president Trump has additional issues to solve after what the authorities believe to be a the terrorist attack in New York’s Manhattan. This a serious incident and if it is proven to be 100 centum Terrorism, the the shit will hit the fan… The president had more issues to tackle particularly with his pre-election team some of whom appeared to be liars – this is what he called one of them …  As for the Terrorism issue, now you see why every single day our reports end with the warning to be on guard from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean. Now you know, be on guard!

Still we believe in no fear and we are not losing our appetite that life continues and must go on, so: Happy Halloween!

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