The BDI@1,361: further, but milder fall

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John Faraclas

The BDI fell another 13 points earlier on today, a bit of  a milder fall as the losses for both Capers and Panamaxes as well as for the Supras have been halved. Geopolitics still an issue, greatly affecting the trade and, coupled with a real credit crunch, might lead to disasters. John Faraclas’ daily market briefing:

The Capers lost 24 points with the BCI now standing at 3,084 sending alarm bells despite rumours of further Chinese demand for cargoes; wait and see what is due to happen in the Q1 2018 – let’s hope not…

The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 22 points and now reads 1,298 points; CAUTION!

The Supras’ BSI was down just a single digit – nine points and now stands at 849 points…

The Handies’ BHSI lost just three points – a slow but deadly fall as many call it, and now stands at 634 points.

So the BDI’s gap widens to 886 points (2,247 on 31st Dec.2013 to 1,361 today the 16 Nov.2017); any queries..? As numerous times we have stressed from this column, unless we go over and above the 2,247 points, the situ will remain bleak… Having said this and in order to have a sustainable market and make sense to be involved in the shipping adventure, the healthy levels should be 2,300 to 3,000 – end of the story.-

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 787 – minus three and 452 –  plus 12 points respectively…

The WTI just above the US$55 still pauses dangers; the Planet Ocean’s public CANNOT afford a nickel above the US$ 50 mark – don’t complain when things turn upside down!

On the Container Trade things are still unclear… There is a lot of happening in the pipeline! Don’t ignore that many got it wrong vis-à-vis the correlation between a full ship and its respective freight rates…

In the LNG carriers’ performance things were uneven with most companies having some good ups but also down moments. We believe by next summer things will be more clear…

On the Geopolitical front things remain messy, particularly in the region which we have always focused/cnetred: from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa with the focal point being the Middle East and its periphery.

MIGRANTS, the issue we always have on top of all, emanates mainly from the Middle East.- As we have mentioned in previous coverage we have now entered phase 3 and until April-May 2018 things will be volatile. Climate plays a pivotal role too…

Turkey still the stumbling block for peace in the region, it not just the conflict in Syria and Iraq, it is more than that. Wonder what the Americans and NATO have to say on Turkey’s behaviour and relationship with Russia – two very strange bedfellows. On top of everything else Turkey continues to pester Greece, a NATO and EU member and its president, Tayip Recep Erdogan has aspirations for entering the family of EU nations…

Greece continues to be in limbo and will be for the foreseeable future unless we see all 300 MPs from the current Parliament go home. ENOUGH! We need an Aristos Government team to run Greece for ten years and streamline the country… The latest tragedy with the flooding and the deaths nearby Athens shows how rotten the regimes post 1974 have been; no excuses please… Did I hear you say shipyards? Did I hear you say Skaramanga? What a mess the …up and coming politicians created post 1974 ! Any objection? Shame! Shame to the politicians but also Shame to the Unionists of Triaina who “managed” in the past to call a fast one to their comrades, the workforce – believe it or not!  This is the truth! Add the scandalous socialists of PASOK and see what you get! Greece is becoming a CTL…as we say in shipping… 447,000 people left between 2008 and 2016 – 223,000 are between 25 to 39 years old… More than a brain drain AND (with capitals) we still have deaths due to all these morons inability to improve the conditions and save lives, BUT… we let them govern and embezzle all of us and above all human lives. Shame!

Cyprus still tries to make it through with the minority of Turks there and the help they get from mainland Turkey wishing to change reality… Turkey is the only country on Planet Ocean to recognise the morphoma of the so called Republic of North Cyprus…  Obviously the superpowers, particularly those in the West favour the Turks as Turkey uses blackmail and deceit to all intents and purposes but soon this will be over…

BREXIT, whether it happens at 23:00GMT or midnight will be BREXIT… Come on guys and dolls turn serious from both sides of the Channel…

At the other side of the Atlantic the House Republicans passed a US$1.4tn tax overhaul bill; a Merry Xmas in advance for all or it is a give-away to the wealthiest Americans – time will tell… From what we understand the North Korean saga might soon be over…

In Africa now: can Mugabe make a comeback ever? Zimbabweans might have some memory left and proceed further; time for change please…

Philippe Donche-Gay at centre stage greeting us, always with this unique smile!

On another tone and note we also had to attend two very interesting events in the British Capital; one in the City and one in the West…

The Bureau Veritas Beaujolais Party at the historic Barber-Surgeons’ Hall at Monkwell Square off Barbican was yet another successful event, celebrating its 21st Anniversary! A full house at the great hall listened to BV’s CEO and president annual speech; Philippe Donche-Gay was as always on a great day, with humour too! Achievements, further developments, acquisitions – TMS, and success in the main ships categories, were, amongst other type of ships, the LNG’s and Cruise-ships had a great year and growth boosted the evening.

Philippe Donche-Gay, with the Secretary-General of the IMO Kitak Lim and IACS Paul Sadler

The Blond, that SPECIAL Blond wasn’t present but she is always in his mind – and to everybody’s, hence the special mentioning! Nick K. Brown had his first anniversary and it was also the day to meet the new marine marketing and sales management director; welcome Gijsbert de Jong! The Secretary-General of the IMO Kitak Lim was there and many from the Square Mile’s shipping fraternity representing all stakeholders; IACS’ rep to the IMO Paul Sadler and Technical Director John Vanezos; Quantum’s Jean Richards – her cliché: “Cash is King” with reference to shipfinance and other issues from 2007  still valid, IMIF’s and FONASBA’s Victoria Mott, Dr. Nicholas Mikelis, Milto Skoutari, George Dimitriou, Santosh Nepal, and Angelina Schiza all three from Lomar were there too.

GSCC’s Director Radm (Rt) HCG Kostas Amarantidis, Anny Zade and Dr. Nicholas Mikelis

Carolina Cornabe from QVC Productions, Roslyn Cornabe, Lesley Thrift, Michael Grey, Nicola Good from IHS Fairplay, Aline De Bievre, Alexis Xenakis from Chandris (UK) London office and leading the HESGB team, Olga Jaques from Maritime London, Kostas Gkionis from Intercargo, Peter Cowling, Kostas Amarantidis from the GSCC and member of HESGB too, Gerry Vagliano, Costas Stavropoulos from “K” Line all in jovial mood. Jean-Francois Segretain, Marine Technical Director, of Bureau Veritas was there too as well as Fred Hardy, former Bureau Veritas head in London!

Yannis Calogeras with Leslie Thrift and Roslyn Cornabe

A very smiling Yanni Calogeras, marine chief executive of Bureau Veritas UK & Ireland and Lizzy Blues together with their London team and members from BV’s head quarters produced an unforgettable evening! Excellent canapes and drinks complimented the evening and now, just before midnight we are enjoying a bottle of the Beaujolais Villages Nuveau from Maison Jean Loron, the oldest family run winery in the Beaujolais region with history dating back to 1711 – à votre santé!




i to r: Anny Zade, Margarita Mavromichalis , Elizabeth Stewart, and Helen Rigas in front of the Ambassadress’ pictures

The other event …coinciding timewise with the BV’s Beaujolais Party, was at the other end of London; it was the second private view of the exhibition “HUMAN”; a contemporary art exhibition by London-based female artists. Congratulations to the German Ambassador and Mrs. Marliese Heiman-Ammon for their initiative and support to arts, a very down to earth offering which took place at their residence.  As the Ambassadress says at the end of her prologue in the event’s brochure/booklet, on a personal note: “Having begun my stay in London with an all-female art exhibition, it closes the circle perfectly to also end with one. Throughout our time in London, my husband and I have wanted to provide female artists with a space and an opportunity to show their work at our Residence and so perhaps contribute in a small way to creating a level playing field for women in the arts”.

Uta Bruet in front of some of her bronze sculptures; amongst them the “Transmission”

Art is something more than familiar for all these six years and there are hundreds of articles from exhibitions and private views from all over Planet Ocean – paintings, constructions, sculptures, photography, fashion are some of the subjects covered. The Ground floor, four main rooms of the Ambassador’s residence were transformed to an exhibition, a wonderful place to be…

We missed the talk from Dawn Rolland on the creation of her sculptures as well as the film by Jane McAdam Freud on “Wanted – Dead or Alive” – …”thanks” to the despicable traffic.., but we just managed to make it, see and talk to most of the other artists there. Frances Blane, Christine Bory, Uta Brouet, Margarita Hernandez, Margarita Mavromichalis,  Gigi Salomon and Velerie Wiffen a …great team to know with a unique variety!

Gigi Salomon explaining to Anny Zade how her “Drawing Machine” works . Indeed objets trouvés

Will revert with a full account. Excellent! Congratulations to all involved in making this event possible with its multiple of meanings and expressions. Excellent wines and dips as well as meeting many friends from the past!  In a nutshell and after seeing the work of these ladies, one cliche here is more than appropriate: “An eclectic aggressiveness of being Human”. The exhibition runs until December 2017

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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