The BDI@1,371: volatility and uncertainty at its best…

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John Faraclas

The BDI managed ten points plus since yesterday thanks to the volatile Capers as all other Dry Indices dive! The wets with mixed feelings in an overall downwards week with plentiful of Geopolitical mess… John Faraclas daily and weekly recap:

The BDI as said in the preamble gained ten points and at 1,371 saved face, a much needed rebound… On a weekly though basis it nearly lost 100 points, and to be precise it lost 93 – from 1,464 from 10 Nov 2017.

The Capers on a daily basis saw the BCI up 69 points at now stands at 3,153, but on a weekly basis same was down 207 – from 3,360 points. CAUTION!

More losses for the Panamaxes both daily as well as weekly. The BPI stood at 1,285 – down 13 and on a weekly basis it was down 133 – from 1,418 points. Another caution and warning here…

Both the Supras and Handies lost four points with the BSI and BHSI standing at 845 and 630 respectively. On weekly basis the BSI lost 67 points – from 912 and the BHSI lost 14 respectively – from 644 points…

The Wets once again with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 790 plus three and 594 plus 12 respectively; on a weekly basis the Dirties were down 12 points from 802 and 546 – plus 48 !

The WTI stood a fraction above the US$ 56 versus US$ 54.21 of last week… CAUTION.

On the Geopolitical front The Migrants, The Syrian and Iraqi Wars to complete the destruction of ISIS is unfortunately still on… Add the mess with at least 12 (twelve) functions including the Kurds and their main aim to create Kurdistan which has to include all four sectors – Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish and see what you get… Turkey tries hard but the end is nigh… You see Turkey, having embarked in a new race for dominance in the region, might go empty handed and smaller… Was it an on purpose error in Norway that lead Turkey withdraw its 45 soldiers from the NATO drill there or what…?  Not accepting the sorry though is too much of an arrogance stance by president Erdogan… Greece still in limbo and the unexpected might happen any time… All MP’s as we have stressed in past reporting MUST quit the Parliament and an Aristos team to run Greece until the circumstances are favourable for an election, but only when Greece’s economy and politics are streamlined !  The entire Balkans are ready to explode…with the Albanians wishing a greater Albania, FYROM narrow minded political establishment’s demands and the internal Albano/FYROMIAN conflict to the brink  of “civil”/”ethnic” war and Serbia seeking protection from Russia… BREXIT becomes now more a political issue with Germany…and the British do not wish to pay the damage others have created… The PM Theresa May  insists for a unique agreement… Canadian-style framework for future trade or else… Can Angela Merkel form a government with overwhelming majority one with minority which will inevitably lead to another, possible snap, election? In Africa, Mugabe tries hard but his countrymen have a different view… Watch-out what’s next for Zimbabwe .  We live in interesting time there… At the other side of the Atlantic, particularly in the USA president Trump has too many open issues… domestic and international and we eagerly await the progress on his agenda on how to make America great again! Finally wonder what’s up with president Putin‘s next steps for Syria and its wider region, Eastern Ukraine, Syria et al… Ah! forgot the Chinese who wish to see a sustainable growth for their economy and world dominance… Will Japan let the field open?

Tomorrow marks the 75th Anniversary of the Oinoussian Benevolent Fund with its annual Ball at the Pavilion, The Tower of London; see you there…

That’s all for the time being, have a nice weekend and until next Monday  be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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