The BDI@1,619: nosedive, correction or market reality blues…?

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John Faraclas

Falling Markets at the end of the day is nothing to be afraid of or being a bad thing so to speak, as it separates the wheat from the chaff, particularly as many failed to use the appropriate mechanisms with their risk assessment tools available and contain at worse this eight year old crisis at the time when the gurus, bankers, the media and mega brokers believed otherwise. This is not a cynical statement nor that we employ irony as many label us… John Faraclas’ daily and weekly Market and Geopolitics  recap:

The BDI fell 49 points and now reads 1,619; it fell also 83 points since last Friday’s closing (8 Dec 2017) when it stood at 1,702. All this was thanks to the as ever volatile Capers; on a daily basis the BCI fell 159 points to 3,777 points and on a weekly basis the loss was 416 points – from 4,193…

The Panamaxes fell on a daily basis 37 points with the BPI now standing at 1,667 points, but same was up 89 point since the 8th of December – from 1,588 points!

Minimal losses for the Supras; the BSI was down two points at 942 and on a weekly basis just minus one point – from 943 points…

The Handies BHSI was up one at 636 and on a weekly basis up five points – from 631…

All in all a downwards Dry Market and now it looks certain that we might miss the 2,247 point mark of the 31st of December 2013…

The Wets had a “positive” day; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) gained two and eight points and now read 814 and 702 points respectively; on a weekly basis though … “mixed” feelings prevailed. The Dirties lost nine points – from 823 and the Cleans gained 23 – from 679!

The WTI as you read these lines stands at US$ 57.20 with a possibility for a bit higher – minimal but higher. Last week at the same time it stood at US$ 57.30… Ten cents make though a big difference; imagine US$ 7.20 what effect have on the poor public! Once again we warn that any cent above the US$50.00 mark is dangerous as it will create poverty and social upturn might become a reality. With the alternative – and cheaper other sources of energy, there isn’t any substance for some to raise the oil prices… Caution!

The Geopolitical situation continues to worsen; our predictions unfortunately evolve verbatim right and our mere interest rests with Planet Ocean’s dire Straits which might become a liability unless appropriately protected so as to safeguard the intermodal’s and shipping’s in particular undisrupted continue flow of ships with cargoes and passengers…. Here we go:

The MIGRANTS seems now to split the European Union – at last we can now see how deep are the divisions on this issue. The TV channels, the rest of the Press and the Media and every means of “communication” are “overcrowded” with this despicable issue. Our view is that we had enough and the social cohesion is severely damaged. We have numerous times mentioned that all those MIGRANTS emanating particularly from the war-torn Syria and Iraq should remain in countries in the region next door to them with the same social, religious and cultural status/background as, otherwise, they will create the worst one can imagine even in his/hers wildest dreams.- Thanks to Turkey and thanks to the inability of a coherent MIGRANTS policy by the morons of Brussels headed by the Mrs. Merkel’s agnostic “officials”. SHAME! Look the damage that has been inflicted from Turkey and Northern Africa counties, with Libya at the centre of all this messy situation. Only a Naval Blockade was, is and will be the only option to do things excellent. – As far as MIGRANTS coming from as far as Afghanistan and Sub Sahara, well the UN and its Secretary-General must raise to the circumstances and end all this blah blah with envoys acting in the stage of the world their worse roles, which primarily deprive this poor people! Enough! We repeat that we must stop at all costs the ISIS fighters return to the European counties where they emanate from – there is a way to do it!!! Come on… Now let’s see what happens with the 33 (thirty-three) Turkish citizens who landed in Greece’s Panagia islet part of the Oinoussai Islands requesting political asylum given the persecutions by Erdogan’s regime. Caution as there might be an influx of incalculable proportions; you never ever know…

The Kurdish issue boils up and same is about to erupt in an unprecedented way! The Americans and the EU are totally responsible for this matter; end of the story. Turkey will NEVER change unless we all saw our teeth. President Erdogan has his own agenda and plays around with all, a first class blackmailer! Now he will use religion as another weapon and he will ask all Muslims to run by his side… Caution! We wrote about him in detail last Friday given his visit to Greece. –

Greece still in dire straits; the need here is not just to change administration, but to have a team of Aristos to run the country. Greece is a vessel without a master at her helm; any objection? If anybody has a different view we can entertain him/her live on any A1 TV station with global broadcasting. The country is in a total mess with all current populist politicians and their cronies. The EU for many reasons continues to pester and betray Greece on all fronts. Time and again we have mentioned the historical case of the wrath of the Athenians against the people of the Island of Melos in the Cyclades who betrayed the Athenians. It is better the current powerful EU nations see their own skeletons in their cupboards.

Jerusalem’s recognition by the USA’s president as Israel’s capital last week (7th of Dec) , ignites every day the discontent of the Palestinians and those who are humane, just and have a dignity MUST stick with the UN’s 1948 resolution or we are afraid that a despicable situation will spread all over Planet Ocean. Israelis and Palestinians MUST recognise each other. Muslim Nations and Islamist functions must equally respect Israel. As said last Friday expect an Armageddon.-

BREXIT despite the voting against Mrs. May’s government continues and let’s see how long this second phase will last. The brave decision of the British People to leave the EU has to be a successful one for all in the United Kingdom and beyond.-

Mrs. Merkel’s Germans haven’t managed as yet to form a coalition government, whilst this seems possible next door in Austria.

The rest of Europe seems in a bit of hibernation due to the Festive Season and ostriches with many issues…

The Russians got a good Christmas gift from president Putin… In the meantime Putin continues to climb up the ladder in Geopolitics… He must though understand not to overstay society’s welcome…

North Korea remains confined in a double deadlock; internal and external… Caution as Uncle Sam knows best… and has a proven track record in ending unwanted and difficult situations – some nations in the regions have experienced the American wrath in the past…

In Africa and particular in South Africa the succession in power is on the cards, but who will win? President Zuma warns that the future of the ANC is under threat! Africa’ most powerful nation faces a very important dilemma: will Cyril Ramaphosa or Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President Zuma’s ex-wife takes over, and then? A very difficult choice! CAUTION!

In Zimbabwe new president Emmerson Mnangagwa is seeking the removal of sanctions imposed by Western countries, saying they are stopping the beginning of his country’s development. The biggest test though will be the mighty elections next July!

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump heads for a victory equalling a re-election so to speak with respect to tax-cuts – for companies 21 centum from 35; for individuals 37 centum down from 39.6… Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are currently with Republican majorities. This is the biggest overhaul in USA’s tax system for nearly three decades… In all other fronts – internal and external / foreign policy, things remain the same and I have to say if he wishes to be successful it is a must to follow the one thing at a time method… He must also end all controversy vis-à-vis the Russian factor with respect the elections…

In South America now where Argentina has to deal with the aftermath of the loss of the “ARA San Juan”, the submarine lost off the coast of Patagonia. Sacking the head of the Argentine Navy Adm Marcelo Srur  is one thing, finding the real cause yet another…

On another tone now a very special Anniversary Awards on the Vivliodromies, an event organised by the Geitonas School establishment took place in the Evgenidion Foundations’ Amphitheatre, with the sole issue in promoting book reading and make it a must for the new generation, but also to promote writers and printers too and widen knowledge fro all…

Georgios Kioussis introducing the event

Vivliodromies 2017 managed to fill the Amphitheatre given also the fact that includes Greece and Cyprus schools!
The event was introduced by George Kioussis from Geitonas’ Schools; then Mr. Eleftherios Geitonas took the podium and a delivered a monumental speech.

The president and CEO of the Geitonas’ Schools was warmly applauded by the school children their parents and guests attending this unique event which saws the power of the Book!

Eleftherios Geitonas delivering his stimulating speech

Yes, Books, Books, Books, editions and studies of all kinds! Excellent, Valuable and important as they further education and success of all in an ever developing and evolving world! Good to hear how many publishers got involved!

Other speakers included Academic Kostas Synolakis, Christos Papathanassiou from the Educational directorate of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Demetra Mesiou.

Academic Kostas Synolakis

Then Sofia Becatorou, Greece’s most celebrated sea-maiden / sailor – given her excellent performance in three Olympic Games – Gold in Athens 2004 Olympics in 470’s, gave an inspiring short speech boosting the event. We are very much, as you all know, involved with promoting sea-sports and Tourism/ Maritime Tourism too; our latest event at NOB (The Vouliagmeni Nautical Club) last summer, where coincidentally Sofia belongs, already become a catalyst and many such events will follow all over Greece…

Sofia Becatorou

Pleased also to see the ever present in such events Chian compatriot Maria Christina J. Ktistakis delivering a short message in her capacity as president of the Parents Association of Geitonas School! The former president of WISTA-Hellas was warmly applauded!

Other speakers were MP Niki Kerameos from ND, Giorgos Mavrotas, Maria Tzitzikosta, MP Yianni Andrianos from ND, Sandra Zafirakopoulou, Maria Mavroudi and writer Evi Pini. 

The Awards Presentations  – quite a great number as they included Awards for Attic, Greece and Cyprus, were conducted by Maria Papathanassiou.

Multi-talented Maria Mavroudi

We mentioned above Maria Mavroudi, this multi-talented Aegean Lady (Aegaiopelagitissa) from Astypalea and we are honoured to have the join MD of the Kallichoron-Art Boutique Hotel’s speech which received a very lengthy and warm applaud by all at the Evgenidion Amphitheatre making also the parents and friends attending more than pleased! Bravo and Congrats Maria for the inspiring speech; something really needed by the youngsters there; here she goes:

“Good evening.

I would like to congratulate all the children who excelled, but also all the children who took part in the “Vivliodromies2017”.

About 5 years ago, Carolina* and I made a most important decision to set up our own business, whilst being fully employed. Kallichoron embodies our dreams, is our childhood memories. Kallichoron is not just myself; no business is a single person. We are a group of young people that met in Astypalea 15 years ago and wanted to give something back to a place that has given us so much.

No matter what our generation achieves, it will all be futileunless (futileness) we see in your eyes your own vision and aspirations, your own dreams to get this world a step further.

Maria Mavroudi with Mari-Christina J. Ktistakis

Don’t be scared to take risks, just of the uncertainty of the result but ultimately achieving something great! Always pursue the best version of yourself! One once said that in order to be irreplaceable, one must be different. Don’t be afraid to get yourselves in deep water! Boats don’t level on land or in shallow water. Look into yourselves, work hard and win with your veracity, your integrity and your personality. It may take a year or a day, but you can only set things in motion and move “the small world, the Great” forward as the Greek Nobel-winner poet, Odysseas Elytis, said. “You have your brush, you have your colours, paint the paradise, and then in you go!” (Nikos Kazantzakis)

This year, the classrooms and the lending Library of Astypalea welcomed, with smiles and enthusiasm, the books that the Geitonas Schools students offered. We are proud of this bridge of Culture and Knowledge and working on various new educational projects with inspiration and imagination.

A full house attending

I feel double proud that with the backing of the KallichoronArt Boutique Hotel’s Room2Give CSR initiative as well as the unwavering support of Geitonas Schools, the students of Astypalea will also participate in “Vivliodromies”. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Mr. Geitonas, Maria-Christina Ktistaki, President of the School Parent Group and the teacher, Giorgos Kiousis for their support.

Thank you all and once more, very well done!”

Excellent event on all counts and congrats to all at the Geitonas’ School, as well as to all sponsors, supporters and the spectators attending! These are the events that enhance Greece’ realityand boost the moral of all, particularly the youngsters!

Maria Angelidou and Neil Godfrey

The day’s finale was with GAC; more than 200 members of the Greek shipping community gathered at the Istioploikos Restaurant in Piraeus for GAC’s Christmas clients’ party.

For the hotly-anticipated annual event, hostess and Marketing Manager (Greece, Croatia and Cyprus) Maria Angelidou was joined by Group Marketing Director Neil Godfrey and other GAC colleagues to treat their guests to an evening of fun and networking, with the added spice of a flamenco demonstration before the revelers took to the dance floor themselves.


Nicholas Marmatsouris and Maria Angelidou

What a week that was with Capital Link’s Event in New York, The  HIMT two day Kefi  run Conference on “Boosting Blue technology – the Marine Technology  Factor”, the  “Tourism, Shipping and the Environment” by Demitris Mathaiou paper in Paleon Faliron’s /Flisvo’s Cultural Centre, the beginning of the Festive Season’s parties all over Piraeus and beyond – Piraeus Marine Club, Bureau Veritas, DNV Gl, RINA, GAC and many others creating a jovial mood very much needed for all in the Shipping Industry – particularly in Greece. Worth mentioning the many office parties for the seafarers’ children and families; there is more to come over the next two months!

Have a nice evening as well as a nice weekend and be on guard for any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


*Carolina Alkalai

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