The BDI@1,095: nothing matters much and very little mattes at all…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 19 points earlier on today and with a triple-digit fall of 124 points since last week (1,219) , brings-in the Aristotelian maxim as the title of today’s weekly report; try to interpret this and see what you get, not just for the shipping markets but for all issues in life and beyond and to all intents and purposes… Geopolitics as we insist all through our reporting has gone completely of course and look for imminent developments all over… John Faraclas’ daily and weekly report:

The Capes lost 58 points and the BCI now stands at 1,470 points; on a weekly basis a substantial triple-digit fall – 301 points was wiped off (from 1,772 points)… Is it back to square one…?

The Panamaxes lost 19 points and the BPI now reads 1,359 points; alike the Capers the weekly fall was a three-digit one: 133 points (from 1,492)…

The Supras’ BSI and Handies’ BHSI both lost five points and now stands at 872 and 547 points respectively. The weekly fall was also proportionally considerable: 28 points (from the 900 point threshold)… and 30 (from 577) respectively…

The Wets slightly falling on a daily basis; the last published BDTI (Dirties)  BCTI(Cleans) stood at 661 –minus three and 598 – down four respectively… On a weekly basis the Dirties lost 22 points – from 683 and the Cleans were up nine – from 589…

The WTI approaches the US$ 65.80 mark… Last week it was at US$ 65.50… Still CAUTION!!!

The Stock Markets, particularly in the USA were down; the Dow Jones lost nearly 666 points and went below the 26,000 barrier to 25,520…. CAUTION as this was the worse day during the presidency of Donald Trump… The DAX’s fall was substantial too; nearly 219 points and now stands at 12,785… In London though the FTSE’s drop was milder – minus 47 points and now stands at 7,443… CAUTION as there might be a burst… The Planet Ocean’s economy in reality is in a total mess!

Geopolitics as said in the preamble has rocked the boat:

The MIGRANTS issue dominates the news all over the Globe! The Wars in Syria and Iraq will soon take an awful twist and a big turn; watch what’s coming up over the weekend and within the coming month…

Turkey must be reprimanded by all. The Pariah state by far from all others put together… The supporters and backers of Turkey will regret their decisions they took in the drawing board… Turkey behaves as if it is not a NATO ally…

Greece in turmoil both internally and externally; watch-out what will come out from this weekend’s demonstration in central Athens’ Constitution Square on the Macedonian issue. It is beyond the name and hypocrites within Greece and abroad MUST realise that they will pay one day a hefty penalty… for being traitors!

In Cyprus, another crucial hot spot, the second round of the presidential election takes place this coming Sunday. All in all the great powers have created a more perplexed environment than the one before the Turkish invasion..

BREXIT and in general the issue on the European Union coherence will soon open the Pandora’s Box of Revelations. There is more to come; at the end though the United Kingdom will be well off…

More Geopolitical News later on.

Smiling faces…

The Masquerade Ball – Greek carnival ball of the King’s College London Greek Alumni and Friends Group at the Konaki Restaurant, close by the British Museum, in London’s Coptic Street was special from all aspects; it wasn’t that big crowd one expects, but a lovely group of …Catwomen, golden masks, feathers, balloons, funny hats and funny faces on sticks, pilots, pirates, Venetian masks – when we say Bauta we mean the Bauta, were all seen… keeping alive the traditions! We enjoyed a carefree, relaxed and happy-go-lucky night! Good fun and masquerade spirit were reigning throughout the hours! More than plentiful food and lovely, as always, Greek wines…
The Vassilopitta sovereign went to Appolonia Koukios-Zagoritou – …AND she deserved it!
The raffle had some nice surprises; useful too!
Congrats to Mr. Aristotelis and all the staff at the Konaki for the excellent cuisine and service including some special mezes, as well as all sponsors of and contributors to this lovely and down to earth event.
King’s College London Greek Alumni Facebook (KCLFAFG) now makes waves! Mary Zagoritou’s efforts as well as those of her supporters are paying-off!

Have a nice evening as well a relaxing weekend and be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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