Struggling BDI@1,191 amid chaotic geopolitics

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John Faraclas

The BDI gained just six points earlier on today as the Capers fall and geopolitics become a liability for all; John Faraclas’ daily briefing:

The Capers lost 42 points and the BCI now reads 1,680; the most volatile of all indices “maintains” its status…

The Panamaxes gained 23 points (versus the plus 43 points from last Friday) with the BPI now standing at 1,503 points.

The Supras had a good day; the BSI was up 27 points and now stands at 919!

The Handies’ BHSI was up just four points at 538…

Personally I don’t feel that there is any reason to celebrate as we are still 1,056 points below the end of December 2013 when the BDI stood at 2,247 points!

The Wets gained a few points with the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) at 646 and 622 – that’s one and four points respectively.

The WTI as these lines are written stands at US$ 64.05 – a dangerous level creating discontent among Planet Ocean’s poor masses; caution as this could backfire. We have warned you!

All in all a very delicate market and bleak economic outlook; expect odd market reactions which will affect the entire shipping industry. We maintain the fact that shipping has entered the stage: Shipping for the very very very few. Investors must wake up. Shipowners and Shipmanagers too! We urge all to study the Dry Market’s performance from 1985 and see how companies fit-in today given the ten year old shipping crisis as well as the continuation of the credit crunch prohibiting Planet Ocean’s further development despite the 10.9 billion tonnes of cargoes to be carried. The households are bankrupt and heavily indebted due to the wrong usage of plastic money. CAUTION as a social upturn can have incalculable repercussions for all… As for funding ships, newbuildings or second hand ones, wonder what’s left from traditional shipfinance, the funds view and private equity… Tough times lie ahead!

The Geopolitical situation remains bleak:

The MIGRANTS continue to dominate the news and as things get worse in Syria, expect more disasters.

The continuation of Wars in Syria and Iraq proves the inability of the UN to dictate its mandate for Peace, needless to say that of the EU which is the main recipient of MIGRANTS spoiling / destroying social cohesion in the mighty continent.  It was good to see the film Amerika Square last night in London’s Hellenic Centre, a film which clearly shows the harsh reality. Once again we invite the EU to safeguard and protect its frontiers from an unprecedented intrusion of MIGRANTS and reprimand Turkey and its leaders for purposely allowing the MIGRANTS to cross over.

The Turkish despicable behaviour against Cyprus, Greece and the European Union is monumental; the Turkish actions must end before it is too late even for its backers. And it not only the Eastern Med, it is the entire Balkans that Turkey stir-ups; CAUTION!

Greece next door is going through tough times and we hope its politicians get their act together before other situations prompt other issues. Both Greece’s internal and external current issues is more than dangerous…

In Italy, the MIGRANTS issue dominates the forthcoming elections; CAUTION. The message is clear: don’t be hypocrites as most people now evidently understand that somebody has designs against the well- being of the public by allowing MIGRANTS in. Enough!

BREXIT continuous to be the second most important issue all over Planet Ocean; there is always a “misunderstanding” between the negotiators from both sides of the Channel. Time will tell which side is write, but one thing is for certain: there isn’t smoke without fire and the British are absolutely right in their decision to go it “alone” far from Europe’s madding crowd…

The Winter Olympics are over; let’s see how Peace can be established in the Korean peninsula!

In the USA the discontent over the Florida shooting and conversely the gun law continues. USA’s foreign policy must be re-invented.

In the African continent now; in South Africa the new president Cyril Ramaphosa appoints new cabinet and vows to fight corruption. Let’s see how he is gone to implement this! In Libya and abroad all wonder if elections can be held in this lawless nation…

A cold start this week due to Russian bound snow weather creating many problems, particularly transport ones all over Europe.

Expect more scandals involving bribery and corruption to surface… Watch this space!


On another tone the HESGB’s (Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain) 23rd Annual Dinner & Dance at Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Park Lane broke all previous records attendance-wise! A complete sold out with 730 guests participating from all over the world; a triumph of HESGB president Dimitris Monioudis, his wife Camila and the HESGB events dedicated team!  We will revert with a full write up!


Equally important event was the screening of the film AMERIKA SQUARE in London’s Hellenic Centre; another sold-out particularly due to the fact that you cannot accommodate for security reasons more than 200 people at the time.

That’s all for tonight and we urge you to be on guard from any action emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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