Falling BDI@1,192 as Capers dive again…

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John Faraclas

Both Dry and Wet markets look unsustainable no matter how optimists we stand and no matter what sort of projections many believe they have; the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost nine points and going under the 1,200 threshold posses dangers… CAUTION as the geopolitical situation – for which we have been more than explicit can cause hell to all, is already in a very alarming situation all over Planet Ocean. John Faraclas’ brief market recap:

The Capers lost 54 points with the BCI now stands at 1,425 points…

The Panamaxes continued their rise but this time same was just a single digit, just nine points… the BPI ended the day at 1,624 points.

Minimal rise for both the Supras and Handies; the BSI was up eight and the BHSI four points at 1,040 and 615 respectively.

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 653 and 580 – that’s up two and down five respectively… CAUTION for both Wet indices…

The WTI stood at US$ 61.33 more or less the same level as last week’s closing; again we reiterate the view that same MUST remain below the US$ 60.00 mark and then as close as possible to US$ 50.-

The Geopolitics took another twist with the latest Russian ex-spy poisoning in the UK and Mrs. May has spell it out… I guess the time has come for a new Bond to re-surface; watch this space, as the “Highly Likely” phrase she used has a lethal meaning for a projected response! Well done! The Americans have  also condemned the case and let’s see how they react… President Putin and his administration stated they have nothing to do…

The MIGRANTS remain the number one issue worldwide and let’s see how the hypocrites continue to embezzle us. The majority live in despicable conditions all over which also includes physiological pressure, drugs you name it… Shame! The more the Wars continue the more the Migrants number will increase and their fate…

The rest of geopolitics remain the same: The Wars in Syria and Iraq with atrocities and dirty politics committed by all sides! Another shame of our new world and in particular of the politicians of the 60’s and 70’s in particular… Turkey continues to pester all in the region and its wide periphery; Cyprus is being bullied by Turkey with respect the explorations in its own and EU EEZ!!! Greece next door in a dramatic situation with brain drain – so you understand what’s going on there… BREXIT looks likely to shake Planet Ocean to its foundation, but same is the best option for the United Kingdom; in the USA  president Trump has his own thoughts on the North Korean saga with the nukes issue… In Russia this Sunday the presidential elections are on and then expect anything you can imagine from a strengthened president Putin… China still tries its best and Japan has its own plans… watching though from the sidelines…

On another note, “The First Rotterdam and Athens Piraeus Shipping Meeting” took place at a full house in the heart of Athens; the Athens Hilton Hotel lower ground floor auditorium, the familiar place for most of Mare Forum events heard the importance of the Clusters in Shipping. Jannis Kostoulas managed to gather, once again a great team of speakers from all over the place and make it the talk of Attika and beyond.  Excellent! Hope the authorities in Greece as well as shipping’s stakeholders get the message! “Change” is the message and rightly so being also the main theme of this event!!!!

“The Global Impact of Shipping” another timely event takes place on Wednesday at the Evgenides Foundation auditorium in Athens and from what we gather it will be a full house! TheSeaNation managed a great agenda of events / issues to be aired and not only important speakers from the international spectrum will attend, speak and contemplate, but specialists from all paths of Shipping,  Politics and Diplomacy.  The ball is in the delegates court!

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background.

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