The BDI@1,055; plain sailing only for the very very very few…

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John N. Faraclas – picture by George Christakis

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost another 25 points today – a bit of a contained so to speak fall, and now at 1,055 causes major concerns; it was down 67 points since last Friday the 23rd of March (from 1,122). The Geopolitics as mentioned yesterday in a single three-word phase a more than messy! John Faraclas’ daily and weekly (the week ends today as tomorrow is Good Friday in the western Christian world) recap:

The Capers lost 55 points and the BCI now reads 1,010 points; on a weekly basis the loss was 147 points – from 1,157.

The Panamaxes lost 25 points with the BPI now standing at 1,495 – five points below the 1,500 threshold. On a weekly basis the loss was close to 100 points; 92 points down is quite substantial – from 1,587 points since last week’s closing…

The Supras also lost; the BSI was down 13 points to 1,080 and on a weekly basis minus 41 points from 1,121. Caution here too…

The Handies “did” it again; the BHSI gains two points and now stands at 652. The weekly gains were 11 points – from 641; not bad eh!

The Wets still perplexed and dangerous… The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) at 662 and 563 respectively; NO change at all. On a weekly basis the Dirties gained ten and the Cleans nine points respectively – from 652 and 554…CAUTION…

All in all we suggest CAUTION and not anything of the likes “Take Care? People who take care never go anywhere; take a chance! Take charge! Take control! In other words get updated, go for newbuildings! As said in the last Marine Money London Forum last January: are you afraid of newbuildings?

Geopolitics as said in the preamble are not just messy, they are explosive… Read the latest on the update before midnight…

Have a nice evening and we wish all the Christians in the Western World a happy Easter and to all a nice long four-day beak and let’s hope His Resurrection brings the markets resurrection!

In the meantime be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists looming in the background wherever you are on Plant Ocean!

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