The BDI@979: uncertainty and unsustainability… War is on!

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained five points earlier on today – thanks once again to the Capers and a bit to the Panamaxes, and now stands at 979 points. Geopolitics and the Global Economy in total mess. John Faraclas’ brief Market recap:

The Capers’ BCI clinched ten points – a dozen points less than yesterday’s gains and now reads 940… Unsustainability at its best….

The Panamaxes BPI was up too; six points isn’t bad at all and at 1,325 brings a feeling of optimism… We shall see.

Supras and Handies’ fall, minimal though, continued. Both indices lost two points and now stand at 1,014 and 634 respectively…

The Dry Market is still under CAUTION…

The Wets with mixed feelings… The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 631 – minus six and 510 – plus 12 respectively. The BDTI managed to go over and above the 500-point threshold.

The WTI stood a few minutes ago at US$ 66.80 and we might see same going over the US$ 67 mark… Ultra-caution!!!

On the Geopolitical front the last 24 hours have been more than crucial and will continue to be, given the fact that an all-out war in Syria and the adjacent region is more than a possibility. Whatever the combatants and their backers say, one thing is for sure: the Third World War is on!!! A total failure of Diplomacy!

The entire Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans are in Red alert. Remind you of the explosive region being that from the Straits of Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa and see what you get! Be on guard from president Erdogan and his ultra-nationalist Islamist Turks, a very dangerous cocktail of people who, as new kids in the block of Eastern Med (just one thousand years) create havoc… to all and it’s about time as we have stressed in the past to follow the Persians (just over 2,500 years ago) and leave the Aegean so that Peace is maintained and the “Western” so to speak world is saved. The Turkish actions in Afrin, in Cyprus’ EEZ, the provocative incidents against Greece and Europe violating the sea and air space speak for themselves… Equally dangerous is still the soft language of the EU and NATO with the latest Turkish provocations; it’s either black or white Mrs. Merkel! Same applies for NATO’s SG!

Elsewhere things continue on a Business as usual basis; BREXIT still creates many issues for Europe. We hope at the end of the day Mrs. May will clinch the best deal! The MIGRANTS pour in an unprecedented way… Germany though wants more MIGRANTS workers particularly from other EU nations so to continue its economic rise and productivity… Add all other MIGRANTS there who will also join the German locomotive and see what you get!

The financial situ in Europe becomes worse despite the figures flying around.

Russia and Turkey suffer drops in their currencies and stock markets strengths… Turkey is in real mess and Turkey is no Russia…

In the USA the Tump rhetoric in all fronts continues… Pax Americana !!! Sanctions, Tariffs you name it are here to stay… The latest on Venezuela and the digital currency impact on shipping is very important!

On the warring front president Trump warns the Russians and their allies…

Israel must read appropriately and conversely understand the Russian policy for the wider Middle East region.

In Africa there was a good bye to Winnie Mandela one of the most important political figures not only of South Africa, not only for the entire Africa continent, but for the entire World! Meantime Nigeria’s population is now officially above 200 million and hope there is ample food to feed them all… This is a very important issue!

In South America now; the Lula frenzy continues after the former president was jailed last weekend – accused for corruption, and sixty members of the Congress have added his name in theirs!!! The opposition Workers’ Party have something to celebrate for…  Awful ending at Santa Izobel prison complex (city of Belem in Para) leaving 20 dead including one guard after an attempted mass breakout.

The Chinese president Xi Jinping has warned against a “Cold War mentality” as he vowed to open up parts of the country’s economy but at the same time he and his businesses must respect the IP issue and real fair trade… Fairs fair!

The Korean peninsula “seems” quite but… the Japanese are closely watching…

In Australia the Commonwealth Games continue – the eighth day has many surprises too!

An international event NOT to be missed!

On another note and tone the Yachting Festival  (12 – 15 April) beings tomorrow at the Alimos Marina in the Athenian Riviera, Greece. Another boost for Maritime Tourism! Hope taxation issues are appropriately solved so as to see this sector flourish!! A must for Greece!

That’s all for now and we wish  you all have a nice evening whilst at the same time we warn you to be on guard against not only  action emanating from Pirates and Terrorists, but also against warring actions all over Planet Ocean! We are living in interesting times! You have been warned!

P.S.: Watch what might happened in Planet Ocean’s dire straits… if hostilities enfold… How shipping might be affected…

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