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John Faraclas

The euphoria – a better word than spree, of the Capers gaining 877 points since last Friday the 13th of April, must be seen as a good sign, despite what is coming up next,  given the geopolitical, environmental, technical advancements et al surrounding the shipping industry.

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed earlier on today 80 points up since yesterday at 1,281 and with the exceptional gains of the Capers offers a glimpse of even a temporary hope… On a weekly basis the BDI was up 267 points – from 1014! The Geopolitical aspects continue to deteriorate and YES: we live in a limbo situ, far worse than a Catch-22 one. It is more or less like the big question on “what is time?”… This should be observed from all sides of the equation as it affects the pattern of shipping; it’s all about timing and well construed decision making with all tools available on risk assessment! John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

The Capers BCI gained another 247 points today  – now standing at 1,915. It now looks possible that the 2,000-point threshold will be achieved by St. George’s day! On a weekly basis these 877 points mentioned in our preamble are a record so to speak, despite touching the ultra-volatile level and region so fast… we shall see and obviously: be cautious !

The Panamaxes fall continued; on a daily basis the BPI lost 17 and on a weekly 62 points respectively and now stands at 1,281 – down from 1,351… let’s see how the Karsamax newbuilding orders affects this size…

Some good news for the Supras’ BSI; up three on the day and a “good” dozen from last week now reading 1,025 – up from 1,013!

The Handies’ BHSI fall, minimal though, continued; it lost a further two points today (621) and seven since last week (628)…

Again we reiterate the view that one size’s rise and eventual change to an upwards or downwards trend, particularly in the sensitive dry market, cannot in any way  create  or constitute “a market”; end of the story!

The Wets in general remain low; as we have stressed numerous times, we need to see both the BDTI and BCTI above the 1,000-point threshold. The last published wet indices stood today at 637 – plus two and 557 (plus three) points respectively; on a weekly basis the Dirties lost two points – down from 639 and the Cleans gained 32 – up from 525 points.

The WTI stood just before midnight at US$ 68.30… up nearly a dollar from last week’s US$ 67.35! The ball is in the public’s court. One way or another this situation must end. Billions of people on Planet Ocean suffer out of this rise in a multiple way! Imagine if we go back in Spring 2008 when it was above the US$ 140 mark… It is worth mentioning that today the USA president Donald Trump condemned this oil price levels and  he will do his best to knock them down!

Having referred to the issue of oil prices just above, it’s time to address the issue on the environment;  it greatly affects the shipping industry and few have realised the costs entailed with the protection of the environment as it looks likely it’s about  time to sail the deep green sea… with whatever this entails. Following IMO’s 72nd MEPC agreement there is going to be an unprecedented spree for newbuildings which will not only support the reduction of emissions and pollution – despite the fact that shipping is to “blame” only for 2,7 centum of these carbon emissions, but also with the addition of more technologies many ships will become obsolete… Imagine the mess and the bankruptcies with so many ships coming in the water… It will NOT be an issue of overcapacity but a matter to prevail and this will be “awarded” to the fittest! Expect a mess and let’s see were the Baltic Indices will go… Add the Trade Wars as well as the “normal” warfare and see what you get… Ah! And there is the glittering boardroom clan, as rightfully but too late the leader of the Labour party in the UK has noticed back in 2004… Indeed the Wars of the 21st Century will emanate from these glittering boardrooms – but they did also in the previous millennium… We were long before saying also in writing about the business hooligans and their cronies – the politicians and diplomats… The Shipyards luckily enough will have a good time and let’s hope Europe is included and built ships as in the past – the United Kingdom and Greece in particular as this is their last chance!

The Geopolitics continue to get worse.  Here is a run down of some important issues with the MIGRANTS  still being on top as well as whatever derives from the Migrants affecting all  of us all over Planet Ocean:

The MIGRANTS, given the escalation of the warring situation in Eastern Med – particularly, as well as the prevailing situ in North Africa – Libya being the “focal point”, a lawless still country, begin to multiply and many lose their lives. Turkey is solely responsible as it allows all these persecuted people to cross over to Greece –  a EU state and then the trouble begins. Turkey CANNOT keep any agreement whatsoever. Once again NATO’s second largest Army “cannot” contain the departures from its shores, but knows very well to violate Greece’s and Europe’s airspace and territorial waters… keep a blind eye and allow the MIGRANTS to cross over!  Pathetic, to an extend that one day Turkey and its backers will pay a hefty penalty; history repeats itself! Wonder what’s behind the Turkish snap election!!!

The Syrian inferno continues and let’s see if we have powerful enough politicians and diplomats to solve this major problem and give an end to this War before further escalations and spreading resulting to a major conflagration leads to the peak of this Third World War… Israel also feels uneasy and any mistake will be fatal for all in the wider region. Iran too might create another melee in the region! Putin’s Russia has its own agenda and will adhere to this!

Armenia is also in turmoil… Expect a messy weekend !

Greece continues internally to have problems deriving from political mismanagement and expect major upheavals. Whenever the elections take place – including a snap one, things and consequent developments will rock the boat…  Add the issues with Turkey, its northern fYRoM neighbour and Albania and see what you get… The Turkish factor coupled with the religious aspect can trigger further mess with incalculable repercussions for all in the Balkans…

BREXIT continues to be not only the most important issue in the UK, all over Europe –not only in EU27, but all over Planet Ocean. Personally I cannot understand all this fuss from various media sources politically and media-wise motivate from Europe in particular; I guess the problem rests firstly with German run Brussels – it is now more than obvious AND evident. As said in the past, the German led EU was confident and never had a ready scenario – a written one by the way, in case a nation wants to get out. Although I am a pro-European, there are issues which have to be changed so as to avoid other nations going more than “voluntarily” to the –EXIT sign… By the way for Greece, when the appropriate comes, rest assured you will be shocked! Now let’s take things a bit cooler; it isn’t just by chance that London won back the top financial centre’s crown, the first time in five years! London continues in being besides Shipping, Planet Ocean’s pre-eminent financial hub! The Customs Union though must be appropriately observed and act accordingly to and for the benefit of all.  The Irish issue in its entirety possess some issues but I am hoping same will be resolved… One more plus is the Commonwealth issue; the most supportive asset of the United Kingdom were familial is the name to be awarded to this union of nations with the Her Majesty playing a pivotal role even in very difficult times. Her wish is for Prince Charles to succeed and continue not just her work but that of her father! It is for me, in a shipping so to speak term, a mutuality between the United Kingdom and all the rest of these 53 nations comprising The Commonwealth. The Commonwealth was born by the Colonial past but now is THE forum for the Future, for Businesses AND of course for Shipping! With nearly Two Billion people together with a common language, shared values and businesses you cannot go wrong!

Tomorrow Saturday the 21st of April, is Her Majesty’s 92nd Birthday; Happy Birthday You Majesty!

On Sunday the sporty and sporty-glitterati  will compete at the London Marathon which begun 37 years ago in 1981!  Like ships staying afloat and trading, in the case of Marathons the key is to stay hydrated and enjoy it! 26.2 miles under the current temp is quite a challenge! Will Eliud Kipchoge do it again and what will be Mo Farah’s response?  Can he do it? The effort always counts and leads to future achievements! For us the Greeks and particularly the Greek Shipping Fraternity, the London Marathons are symbolised by the great runs of George A. Tsavliris, a great Marathon runner!

A great ending for British News today: it is St. George’s Day this coming Monday! The Saint Patron for England!

At the other side of the Atlantic in the USA, the Democratic Party is suing Putin’s Russia, the Trump campaign and Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks for conspiring to disrupt the presidential elections; we eagerly await to see the finale on all this mess… Come on, what’s up! In the meantime the president will meet France’s head Emmanuel Macron and amongst other issues they will discuss the Iranian nuclear deal as the 12th of May approaches… Watch this space…

China and Taiwan are again at loggerheads following naval drills and Chinese threats they will invade might be more than serious… CAUTION! The Taiwanese Straits have always been a dangerous zone…

Japan is closely watching and also bearing the irresponsible North Korean leader’s appetite for attacks in the region… PM Abe has also to face and tackle financial scandals…

An African war lord was jailed in USA for his role in the Liberian civil war; amongst others he has been accused –  as per the statement of one witness, how he had ordered the heart of a captive to be cooked for his fighters!!! Nearly 250,000 people were killed in Liberia’s brutal 14-year civil war… One of the most shameful sins our society!

On another tone and note the HESGB’s (Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain) summer drinks took place at The Anchor  Bankside south of the river off London Bridge  next to the more than trendy Borough Market.

A group of HESGB members and friends, amongst them Alexandra Papafilippopoulou, Yiannis Gkekas, Vassilis Analytes, Angeliki Triantou, Aris Emmanouilides and president Dimitris Monioudis

The Society ensured that the weather was going to be  a Greek summer’s sunny afternoon/ evening…. Indeed it was! Given that it is a Friday, we were pleased to see over 40 members and their guests! We were privileged  to have …with us Alex Monk playing live excellent rythmes including some lovely 60’s and 70’s hits!

Who wasn’t at the …pier  …over 2,000 revelers and thousand of passers-by making it impossible to move around after 18:00 hrs… All in all a very vibrant “Meet the Members” gathering! Must be repeated!

DNV GL’s Nick Roper with Camila de Oliveira Diniz

Coincidentally this year The Borough Market celebrates its 1,000th year – the oldest and largest London street food-market!  The market was abolished between 1754 το 1756 by an Act of Parliament because it caused  too much traffic congestion – this come to my mind whilst I was driven through Park Street and the adjacent roads… Nothing goes through as it has always been there, next to Father Thames’ most vibrant spot today!!!  Managed though to be just on time and received a warm welcome by Kostas  Papadakis and his friends! Never seen the area so crowded in the last 50 years! Everybody was in a jovial mood thanks to the weather, music and drinks –  queuing for half an hour but HESGB president Dimitris Monioudis knew another way…

Congrats again to the events team of HESGB for the nice choice – although same was the substitute of the initial  All Bar One arrangement as, besides everything else, the place had a shipping name and exists since 1615 !!!! Excellent!

Finally, we are saddened by the news a few minutes ago that after three weeks fighting for his life, 52 year old Andriot businessman Alexandros Stamatiades begun his journey to eternity.  He defended his dignity and that of his family like no one else! Blessed! He was shot in point-blank in his bedroom defending his wife and children on the early morning of 2nd of April in his house.  Cowards from wherever they come from will remain cowards and it is about time in Greece there is Law and Order. The escalation of crime, crime of any kind in Greece, has reached unprecedented levels! The respective minister, despite being a former army general, spectacularly failed to put things in order. Can he deliver? No excuses! Next time round he must know how to speak… Thieves, murderers, hooligans, thugs, anarchists you name it “make  a career” in Greece… Shame to see this country suffer. Shame to see puppet governments… and a EU completely impotent to tackle Law and Order! Shame Shame Shame… There isn’t a Greek family today not to have encounter a theft, an attack, a bullying, or a murder and an abduction…  My aunt at 86 has also been a victim by thieves on Greek Orthodox Good Friday who entered her flat together, such is the state of affairs with premeditated operations by all this lot… It has become an endemic all over Europe particularly after the fall or the Iron Curtain and the mess from Gibraltar  to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses/Ural Mountains to the Horn of Africa; check the statistics if you dare! Law and Order please in the memory of Alexandros Stamatiades and all other victims! Our thoughts are with his family!

Have a nice evening and enjoy your weekend, but ensure your safety from actions  emanating from Pirates and Terrorists  and others wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


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