The BDI@1,375 amid further uncertainty and global mess

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) ended down one point since yesterday’s closing  for the first time after the Capers rally… Geopolitics of pathetic uncertainty when warmongers loom in the background and wish to turn Planet Ocean upside down; SHAME! John Faraclas’ brief recap:

The Capes’ BCI was down eight points at 2,306 points after a surge of 1,196 points (29/3 1,010) from the pre-Easter time… Obviously one shouldn’t be surprised as same returned to the levels of the 12th of January when it stand at 2,296 points; cool!

The Panamaxes after the latest hibernation managed to clinch eight points – what a coincidence when the Capers lost eight… and now the BPI reads 1,272 points.

Minimal gains for the Supras with the BSI up three points at 1,040…

Further losses for the Handies; the BHSI lost four points and now reads 610!

So here we are again with uncertainty ruling the day coupled with further uncertainty given the massive orders for newbuildings. Let’s see from this Russian …err Shipping Roulette how many will survive… There will soon be time in the next five to six years that we are going to witness unprecedented situations and with as ever dangerous Geopolitics: who lives and who dies…

The Wets were on an “upwards” mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 639 and 563 – plus two and six points respectively… Still a long way to go until we see the optimum 1,000 points for both.

The WTI stood a few mins ago at US$ 68.15; we advise caution and you all know dead well our position: the higher the worse for the outcome as the world population, the masses in other words will revolt and there is going to be one way or another a major social upturn… The wold Economy is bankrupt something in the tune of 50 trillion to me modest; any objection? Any further burden to the bankrupt masses will have a lethal response.-

The Geopolitics don’t need to be addressed  any further as all issues we have mentioned over the last two years and in particular the last three months remain the same:

MIGRANTS= total mess; expect soon chaotic situations, at least all over Europe with Spain, Italy and Greece being victimised… Turkey will never ever behave as a proper state unless a USA led coalition terminates for the sake of humanity president Erdogan’s inhumane tactics…

The Syrian mess will continue indefinitely; the USA forces will remain there with the support of the French special forces – that gives you a clue of what to expect… given also that other members of the US-led coalition like the UK are there…  The USA-led coalition is there to defend its vested interests… Iraq will erupt and with the Turkish intrusions things will turn very nasty… Watch-out the Iranian upcoming animosity with Israel. Both are ready to flatten each other important cities, that is to say Tehran and Tel-Aviv… Iraq and Libya will look like a kindergarten in comparison…

Turkey and Greece still at loggerheads… and an accident is about to happen… No matter the result of the Turkish elections, Turks see everywhere grey zones and enemies, so isn’t time they have the fate of the Persians who left completely the Aegean just over 2,500 years ago… Obviously you have Turkey’s despicable backers but they will also – and very soon abandon the Turks… Turkey has already trigger/alerted the Balkan Muslims and others  to create a big mess… CAUTION!

Putin’s Russia for all the above has its own agenda…

Within Greece a lot of mickey-mousing about and the latest on World Acclaimed Astrophysicist Dr. Stamatis M. Krimizis who resigned as head of the HAS (Hellenic Space Agency) saws how the Greek political system remains pretty much the same. The time though will come and the shit will hit the fan…

In the United Kingdom  the BREXIT continues with some hiccups with immigration issues. The Customs Union will be appropriately tackled… not to worry…Mrs. May will definitely ensure all is in order. On the 13th of July president Trump visits  London. Meantime he was very pleased that Mike Pompeo has been approved by 57-42 (by the Senate) as the new Secretary of State!

Miguel Díaz-Canel took over Cuba from the Castros; let’s see if he can deliver given we live in 2018 and not in 1959!

Kim Jong-un of North Korea will meet in a few hours with president  Moon Jae-in of South Korea. He becomes the first North Korean leader to enter South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953… Hope? Who isn’t watching this meeting.

That’s all for tonight and will revert tomorrow with a full weekly recap, until then be on guard from any danger emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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