The BDI@1,361; what’s next..?

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John Faraclas

The BDI ended the day with minus 14 points; on a weekly basis it was an 80 points plus (from 1,281 on 20/4)… The Capers just returned where they were; that’s all about the Capers’ surge. Geopolitics are preparing us for stage three, that is to say survival as the storm approaches. Can you weather the storm? Shipping will be the business only for the very very very few. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recaps:

The Capers’ BCI was down 55 points to 2,251, up 336 from last week’s 1,915 points. Let’s see though with today’s fall how things develop…

The Panamaxes’ BPI gained three points and now stands at 1,275 which is 14 points down from last week’s 1,289 points…

The Supras’ BSI was up two at 1,042 points; “good” to see that the weekly figure was up 17 points (from 1,025).

The Handies BHSI lost five points and now reads 605; on a weekly basis it lost 16  points – from 621…

The Wets  on both occasions – weekly and daily basis on the plus;  the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 648 and 571; that is nine and eight points plus respectively. The weekly figures too were on the plus. The Dirties plus 11 – from 637 and the Cleans plus 14 – from 557!

The WTI as these lines are being written stands at US$ 67.80 – let’s see later on… Last Friday it was reading US$ 68.30…

The Geopolitics remain crucial at all levels and regions; a small run down:

The MIGRANTS continue to maintain the lead with an increased influx all over thanks to Turkey’s despicable policy, Libyan chaos and that of the rest of Northern Africa… Greece with Italy mainly and the EU are suffer the most and somebody must take the lead and reprimand president Erdogan’s actions; if not expect more mess!

Inferno in Syria; inferno to spread in Iraq too and to the entire Middle East…

Turkey is the most unpredictable country in the World; expect developments and given the forthcoming elections, be on guard… Turkey’s foreign policy remains the same and here we must ensure we are all more than well prepared to defend the freedom of the Western World which Turkey, despite being in some instances a member too (NATO),  aspirations to become an EU member, fails to understand this. You see, the DNA is a catalyst and we have to prevail all of us in Europe and in the Middle East from the Turks.

Next door in Greece, the drama – the tragedy continues… Internal political differences continue to rock the boat and on foreign matters current politicians and diplomats are second rated to tackle Greece’s problems! Expect hiccups there despite what you read in the media on EU’s views on Greece. The reality is that the drain-brain is now just above 500,000 – you read correct, half a million youngsters 20-45 years old have left Greece!

Watch-out the Balkans; too many issues at stake there. Nothing is over! Nothing is settled.

Italy still without a government; CAUTION!

BREXIT’s twists and turns continue in “parallel” with UK’s, Europe’s and Planet Ocean major issue. Ms Rudd should remain in the top echelon of this government… All is fine…  Soft, hard or whatever BREXIT is gone be an EXIT!!! The British economy might look stuck with only 0.1 centum growth of its GDP, but rest assured things will take off for the better once the BREXIT issue is over!

At the other side of the Atlantic, Ms Merkel following briefly French president’s USA visit, tried like Macron, but president Trump is president Trump. We shall see what comes out  from France’s and Germany’s leaders’ visit and who will lose at the end of the day with mainly tariffs and then the grave issue of Iran’s nuclear deal…  Did I hear you say Turkey, Syria, Iraq…  One thing is for sure: if Iran doesn’t conform, expect another Apocalypse in the region… Add this to the build up twenty plus years now with Iraq, Syria, ISIS, Turkey’s megalomaniac leader and see what you are going to witness and conversely how shipping will be affected.

A historic meeting between the North and South Korean leaders took place and let’s hope issues will be solved one way or another. I guess only through business the denuclearization can have a chance. All eyes and focus will now turn to the meeting with president Trump… The last thing we want to see is a mess up in the region; just imagine what will happen there with the shipyards – mainly Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese; with trade – boxships will run “aground” and most importantly the environment given the divide in the Korean Peninsula if something nasty happens. Add the territorial waters in the wider periphery and all that to do with the EEZ’s islets etc etc.,  add the Philippines factor, Malaysia etc, in general the vulnerable point of the South China Sea and see what you might get if Peace is not given a chance!

Ah!  And what’s going to happen with this prolonged fighting in Myanmar’s  Kachin province? Many flee; another humanitarian disaster with thousands of displaced people…

We end this geopolitics brief recap with the environment; following the IMO’s “agreement” we are still faced with a major problem which engulfs all of us! We are faced with a wide issue with the CO2! As carbon dioxide – what a Greek word eh!, is released from burning fossil fuels same would dissolve  in the oceans and make it less alkaline. This is the phenomenon – yes another geek word, of Ocean acidification, a warning for all… Add paucity and see  what we are going to deliver to the future generations… Wake up and act now!

That’s all for tonight, have a nice long weekend  – given the May Day, and don’t miss until the 8th of May the Angelos exhibition at London’s Hellenic Centre. Philosophy coupled with art, painting in fact can depict the philosophical cosmos we live in! Will revert soon with tonight’s Angelos private viewing… Watch this space! Let there be Light!

For Greek speakers but also for many who understand Greek, you can watch this morning’s live interview with Sophia Rodopoulou at SBC TV  with mainly the points addressed above on the markets and geopolitics…  stressing also many Greek issues:

Until we revert, have a nice evening and a nice long weekend  and be on guard from any dangers emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean.


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