The BDI@1,327: Contained fall, still a fall…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost earlier on today 14 points as all dry indices fall. Geopolitics enigmatic and we suggest we should all be on guard as things can turn sour anytime now in many of Planet Ocean’s hot spots. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers’ BCI  was down 37 points at 2,136…

The Panamaxes lost five points and the BPI now reads 1,271…

Supras and Handies lost two points with the BSI and BHSI now reading 1,043 and 601 points respectively.

So here we go with the entire Dry Market in red; caution…

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 656 – that’s plus one and 567 – minus four points respectively.

The WTI  now reads US$67.20 – let’s hope it stays below the US$70 and it falls down to US$49.99 the level which safeguards the masses. If not and per rumours, we might see the US$ 100 within reach…

Watch-out the currency issues; what do you make it with today’s Euro / USDollar parity…? And that of the sterling…  Did I hear you say interest rates? How one can tackle the Global Debt now possibly on a three-digit trillion mark… Will it be WAR FATHER OF ALL?

Meantime it is worth knowning that  VesselsValue Launched its Automated OCV Valuations:

VesselsValue (VV), the world’s leading online valuation provider, is launching daily valuations for Offshore Construction Vessels (OCVs). This completes VV’s expansion into Offshore Valuation, which already includes all types of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) and Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs). OCVs add 2,000 vessels to the VV database bringing the total number of offshore units assessed by VV to over 11,000.

The full offshore fleet is made available for VV clients through the VV+ database, while all Second-hand sales, Newbuilding orders, Demolition sales and Period Charters are available in VV Deals Database.

Forward Commitments

Unique to the large OCVs module, we have also launched a Forward Commitment module where clients are able to see each vessels future and historical charter information. This will be available for each different subtype of offshore construction vessels.

The start date, end date, contractor name, charterer name and details of the charter will be made available for each commitment.

Linking this with VesselsValue’s VV@ GIS and AIS Mapping service allows clients to see exactly which wells and projects each Offshore Construction Vessel has been working on and where jobs may come available.

How the OCV values differ from other Offshore Segments

VesselsValue’s Head of Offshore Charlie Hockless is excited for the launch of automated values for the OCV sector:

OCVs represent the missing part of the offshore drilling cycle for us. They are highly diverse and were a challenge to value due to the illiquidity of the sector, the multiple classes of highly specialised vessels and the nature of the sales. Even though the offshore industry has suffered for the last 3 years through a downturn in the oil price and a reduction in offshore oil exploration and production, OCVs are in a better position for recovery due to the age structure of the fleet, testament to the rarity of OCVs ordered on a speculative basis.”

Geopolitics might soon turn sour…

Today most of the world celebrates May Day in a multiple of ways… In France though 50 years after the French May events, the situation …remains the same There have been over 200 arrests following violent riots…

Otherwise the MIGRANTS remain on top as the World’s most important news issue…

The Wars in Syria and Iraq is number two issue which will escalate soon.

The entire Middle East and its periphery might soon become chaotic; add the possible mess between Iran and Israel and see what you get.

Turkey still remains a dangerous factor for the region…  The upcoming elections will also create local mess there…A virtually bankrupt nation being also politically divided might cause incalculable mess for all.

Greece might see rapid developments and you never ever know; a snap election…This is gone to be the most crucial period for Greece in its 200 years of modern history and the 20th of August might be a catalyst! Will Geeks take up to run their county or the supervision and controls from its creditors in Brussels continue?

BREXIT faces the Customs Union hurdle… Another issue also following the home office change of guards comes from quotas for foreign medics… Let’s see how Sajid Javid works with Sadiq Khan… Today in Parliament there will be a debate on tackling offshore secrecy… The requirement might be to have public registers… Who is gone to win at the end of the day…  Will returning jihadis from Syria might be tried in secret?  A must to do! A very crucial issue… And the consequences for the looses…How will the ASDA Sainsbury’s deal change the market as merge looms…

The Armenian crisis must be defused as soon as possible; let’s see the general strike tomorrow what else brings.

Nasty mosque bomb kills dozens in Mubi, Nigeria; ultra caution should be observed…

In the USA president Trump is sent list f 48 questions to answer vis-à-vis “ election collusion with Kremlin”… In the meantime, do tell me: what do you make of president Trump’s delay on the tariffs with Canada, the EU and Mexico?

China wins Dominican Republic which cut off ties with Taiwan and opens up relations with mainland China…

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

P.S.: Wonder the full yesterday is gone to influence the Markets and Geopolitics… Will there be instability…

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