Thinking smart about servicing terminal equipment at TECH TOC Europe 2018

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London, 8 May 2018Digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to transform the servicing and maintenance of container handling equipment, but a shift in mindset and close collaboration between equipment providers and terminal operators are vital to reap the full benefits of new technology.  Speakers at this year’s free-to-attend TECH TOC seminars at the 44th TOC Europe conference and exhibition12-14 June, Rotterdam, will explore how the equipment service and maintenance landscape is shifting in the digital era, with practical examples of how to enable change and what results can be achieved.

“The essence of service is transforming from providing parts and  maintenance  services  to  providing  availability  and  performance  guarantees,” says Dr.  Lasse  Eriksson, Vice  President,  New  Service  Business  Concepts at equipment supplier Kalmar and one of this year’s speakers. “Future  services  will  no  longer  be  separate  bits  and  pieces,  but  complete  solutions. This  will  be  enabled  partially  by  digitalization  and  data  driven  services,  but  will  require  close  collaboration  and  co-creation  between  different  stakeholders  in  the  industry,”  he adds.

“Furthermore,  the  way  of  working  in  the  whole  industry  must  transform  towards  open  ecosystems,  as  intelligent  cargo  handling  will  require  transparent  information  flow  throughout  the  value  chain.” Leading  the  transformation  is  a  challenge, says Dr. Eriksson, and his speech at TECH TOC will address  the need for  “strong  capabilities  not  only  on  the  technology  side,  but  also  from  the  leadership  side,  since  successful  change  will  also  require  mindset  change  in  organisations as  well  as  in  the  industry. “

“AI with  the ability  to  learn  together  with  large  amount  of  maintenance relevant  data  will  be    the  next  major  step  in  improving  equipment  maintenance,” asserts fellow speaker Tero  Jaakkola  Product  Manager,  ARMG  Cranes for Konecranes. “AI  based  systems  analyze  the  data  from  several  sources  and  make  decisions  based  on  that  data  automatically.    Equipment  will  also  have  the capability  in  the  future  to  improve  its  behaviour  based  on  the  data  and  the  history  of  past  actions.” But even in the age of software, it all starts from understanding the hardware, argues Konecranes.

Effective  use  of  this  type  AI  based  solutions  in  maintenance  operations  requires  large  amount  of  data  from  correct  sources  and  with  high  quality.  Knowledge  of  equipment  and  interdependencies  between  the  data  sources  is  a  must  before  AI  can  be  put  into  full  use,” says Mr. Jaakola. He adds: “Data  is  like  wine,  it  matures  over  time.”

Data should be viewed as “the  hidden  gold” for asset owners to maximise their ROI and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and make the shift to predictive maintenance, says Ruben  Boom  –  Project  Manager Smart  Industry for sensor supplier ifm electronics.  Focusing on technologies  that  digitalize  the  world  of  sensors,  the  use  of  3D-camera  technology  and  connecting  to  the higher  software  level, his presentation promises to connect the worlds of tech and finance in an equipment context. “Often  people  support  technology, but it’s  meant  to  be  the  other  way  around,” he says.

Unlocking  the  intelligence  of  LED  technology will be the focus for Ryan Hertel, Global Manager – Ports & Terminals at Phoenix Terminal Solutions. His presentation will outline the evolving  capabilities  of  crane  floodlights  to  deliver  data,  monitoring  and  feedback  to  a  crane  management  system, exploring  the  benefits  of  smart  lighting  to deliver meaningful information that can improve terminal operations cost and performance.

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