The Fall of Constantinople …err of the BDI@1,453…

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John Faraclas

Coincidences have a significance, never ever forget this! The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) fell for the first time since the 2nd of May; a dozen points after all …are 12 points… The volatile and predictably unpredictable Capes did it again. Amid a turbulent  Planet Ocean, the shipping industry is on CAUTION. Do NOT underestimate events. John Faraclas’ brief Market and Geopolitics recap:

The Capes’ BCI lost 51 points and now stands at 2,565 points; and now what?

The Panamaxes BPI fell seven points and now  reads 1,246 points.

Plus four points for the Supras BSI “saved” the day for all falling Dry Indices; at 1,052 it struggles – will shall see.

Fall for the Handies with the BHSI standing  at 584 – minus four points.

So a falling Dry Market amid cautionary messages given the trade war as well as the very perplexed situation  in the Middle East!

The Wets still on low levels; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 656 – up one and 541 – same as yesterday points respectively…

The WTI went over the US$ 71.30 – wonder when we see the US$ 80 – a total mess thereafter…

The Geopolitical situation gets worse and worse all the time… In our full weekly recap tomorrow will analyse all the parameters on why we live already in the Third World War. Watch the escalation in the Middle East and its wider periphery. EXPECT MESS which will greatly affect the Shipping industry coupled with sanctions and tariffs… Add the newbuilding and see what you get…. Add the fact that Planet Ocean is so much in red that the only way out is WAR! Indeed we are cynical, but pragmatic!

The Prince of Wales on board the trireme Olympias in Paleon Faliron – picture credits: Nikos Kontarinis

On another tone and note the second day of the Prince of Wales visit in Athens was very much affiliated with Maritime Ηeritage and Naval Duty purpose. The heir to the British Throne escorted by Kate Smith – the British Ambassador to Greece, arrived at 12:30 Greek time at the Port of Piraeus  and boarded HMS Echo where he met and talked to her crew.  At 14:00 hrs he arrived at Paleon Faliron’s Flisvos Bay on board the Sea-Borders Control HMS Valiant. He was received by Greece’s minister of Defence Panos Kammenos, the Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces Admiral (HN) Evangelos Apostolakis, the Head of the Hellenic Navy Vice Admiral (HN) Nikolas Tsounis and the mayor of Paleon Faliron RAdm (HN) Dionissis Chatzidakis. They visited the Trireme “Olympias” – she come to London in 1994 for the 2,500 years of Democracy events and afterwards they went onboard the historic battleship “G. Averoff “– a naval floating museum today. During his visit an airforce show took place involving an M-2000-5 followed by nine demonstration BAE Hawks of the RAF acrobatic team – the famous Red Arrows, in memory of the lost Greek Mirage pilot, airman Giorgos Baltadoros, who lost his life last month in the Aegean Sea off Skyros Island on a duty flight…  The United Kingdom and Greece share a unique history at all levels of life and except some hiccups, they have been Planet Oceans most powerful duo in Naval and Merchant Maine business for over 1,000 years; royalty relationship too, another issue! Did I hear you say London Greeks ? London Greeks ae the most powerful shipping fraternity for over 250 years in the Square Mile…

Meantime and following His Royal Highness’ visit to Archbishop Ieronymos, together with the Duchess of Cornwall, they  strolled through the centre of Athens whilst visiting the Panagia Kapnikaea – an 11th century Byzantine church!

Have a nice evening and be on guard from any actions emanating from Pirates and Pirates wherever you are all over Planet Ocean…

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