CWIND to use BareFLEET across entire CTV fleet

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Cwind vessel

BareFLEET, the award winning fleet monitoring system launched by marine innovation company Reygar, will be installed across CWind’s full fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV).

CWind’s CTVs play a big role in supporting offshore wind turbine construction and maintenance for wind farm operators. Responsible for transporting wind farm technicians quickly and safely to and from sites, CWind’s CTVs are often required to operate in challenging weather conditions and within tight timescales.

BareFLEET automatically records a host of data on vessel performance, including machinery health and alarms, fuel efficiency, trip distance, vibration, vessel motion, impact and navigational information – all of which is gathered automatically and sent back to shore.

Data gathered by BareFLEET for CWind also includes details on when and where crew transfers have taken place, what the vessel heave motion was like at the time, and with what force it pushed onto the turbine tower.

“We need to provide fast, reliable workboats that deliver crew feeling fresh and ready to maximise their work window. So it’s very important to address any potential problems with our vessels before they arise and avoid downtime wherever possible,” explained Josh Brennan, Head of Fleet CTV at CWind.

“BareFLEET allows us to get a full understanding of our fleet’s usage, needs and operating level, as well as an insight into vessel performance history, all of which allows for instant investigation of any potential issues before they become a problem.

“Plus, we pride ourselves on operating the most fuel efficient CTV fleet in the market and BareFLEET helps us to monitor our CO2 emissions, which in turn allows us to drive costs down for clients.”

Another big advantage for CWind is the amount of information that is available and relevant for their clients.

“The amount of information we’re able to share with wind farm operator clients has helped us to secure new contracts in the wind farm industry, which is of course very beneficial to us,” added Josh.

CWind is part of Global Marine Group and owns and operates 20 Wind Farm Support Vessels in the UK and Europe, with BareFLEET currently installed and operational on eight vessels.

“As CWind manages a large fleet and a lot of personnel, getting the information on potential machinery issues every day, direct to decision makers within the company has helped minimise the time taken to identify and rectify problems. This has ultimately reduced vessel downtime and helped CWind use their staff resources more efficiently,” said Reygar Managing Director, Chris Huxley-Reynard.

“A major advantage for them is that BareFLEET works with any main engine or generator equipment. As some of their boats have different engines, they’re able to use one system to manage fleet-wide maintenance.

“We’re excited to be working with CWind on ways to further enhance BareFLEET and deliver an even deeper level of information on fleet performane.”

Visit Reygar at Seawork International 2018 on stand PO67 to find out more about BareFLEET, including a demonstration.

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