Grace Pappas’s new project delves back 2,000 years in shipping history

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Grace Pappas

We always follow the arts – arts of any kind, be it painting, sculpture, industrial design, photography, music, film and theatre – you name it! is there, present and encouraging the arts, in particular that of the new generation and from all nations! .  Specialist writer James Brewer has produced over 200 articles for us on such themes!

Earlier this afternoon was the opening of the Royal College of Art, Postgraduate Art & Design Exhibition 2018 at White City Place, the regenerated district of West London where the leading university has opened a creative hub. All sectors had a uniqueness: animation, digital direction, information experience design, visual communication, screenings and workshops with performances and events each had its place.

Once again it was good to see work by Grace Pappas with her ingenious designs inspired as she intimated from the Antikythera Mechanism, a geared brass contraption which has been described as the world’s oldest computer, about which, coincidentally, we have a few articles in this site! The mechanism was found in the wreck of a 2,000-year-old ship off the island of Antikythera and was presumably used to track the movement of planets and stars, and solar and lunar eclipses.

Barbara Müller and her super yellow comfi shoes / slippers design

Grace says that her project Material Memories is reimagining the space of the museum as a machine; a machine that comes to life literally and metaphorically through a visitor’s presence.

She explains that museums act as concentrations of information-rich artefacts and their visitors are the inheritors of this information. Her gravity-powered display aims to reinforce and capture that moment of interaction through materiality.

Another stand of major interest  was that of Barbara Müller featuring platform shoes and even slippers in most harmonic and distinctive yellow colours. Practical shapes too!  Barbara’s imagination can produce miracles with the miracle water too featuring in her stand! Excellent!

Very pleased to see a more than touching reference to Grenfell Tower, by the Royal College of Art x Justice4Grenfell Solidarity Group. The School of Communication, of which the visual communication programme is part, moved to White City in August last year.  Every day students and teachers walk past the remains of Grenfell Tower which weighs on their horizons.  There was a need to make connections with the RCA’s new neighbourhood. The first anniversary is approaching so our minds go to the poor victims of this disaster… Bravo for the thought!

From the Royal College of Art x Justice4Grenfell Solidarity Group

Among the nearly 200 exhibitors, many emanating from all over Planet Ocean, we spotted a few Greeks: Anna Mantzaris, Eleni Papazoglou,  George Pefanis and of course Grace Pappas!

The disciplines of arts and of international shipping are interwoven!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and visit the exhibition which is on until the 1st of July 12-6 p.m., daily (Closed 29 June).Nearest Tube Station: White City on the Central Line.

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