The BDI falls; Geopolitics might rock the boat…

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John Faraclas

It was about time to witness yet again one more result of an uncertain and unsustainable market despite the “rich” peaking of the last two weeks… The BDI (Baltic Dry Index)  fall, thanks once again to the as ever and predictably unpredictable Capes; we have hinted of this fall yesterday! Geopolitics coupled with the Trade Wars will for sure rock the boat. John Faraclas brief midweek recap:

Minus 33 points for the BDI now reading 1,683 points…

The Capes’ BCI lost 105 points and now stands at 3,230 points; our prediction is once again confirmed!

The Panamaxes BPI lost just a point and now stands at 1,529…

The rise of the Supras’ BSI continued with yet another points plus and now reads 1,008 points.

Stagnation for the Handies’ BHSI at 561 points.

The Wets falling mode continued; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 723 – minus 15 and 494 – down five points respectively…

The WTI as these line are being written stands at US$ 68.70 – nearly a dollar higher since yesterday. Once again we advise CAUTION seeing the price rising!

Geopolitics with the Trade War beginning to bite become crucial. There is a turmoil everywhere you tend to look. The two superpowers, China, and the EU will be engaged in an have extremely knock-out trade war… Add the global consequences of the BREXIT saga and see what you get. Japan is closely watching…

All other Geopolitical issues remain …intact; the Migrants the entire Middle East and its wider periphery; Turkey slides to a possible financial crisis; so does Greece… Athens and Moscow are at loggerheads following Russian intrusion in Athens’ issues vis-à-vis the name and other issues of fYRoM and in general those in the Balkans that Russia reminds us in any way, that there are long term vested interests and the Kremlin will not back-off… The Balkans will soon produce another explosive period…

Trump and Putin create an unpleasant legacy… Caution!

Travelling south via Stockholm and been engaged in discussions with fellow passengers I can assure you of the uncertainty and this is something we must reverse; but do we politicians to do this. The World stands for  an all out war if we remain on the side lines! CAUTION!

That’s all for tonight; have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of any king looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


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