Blaze and Blame

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Blaze and Blame

Eight days have passed since the despicable events of the 23rd of July in Attica – mainly hitting Kineta, Mati, Rafina, Little Red Port, Neos Voutzas in the wildfires inferno which until this moment have claimed the lives of 92 people including young children – 74 duly identified, 14 officially still missing and a couple of hundred injured. There is scarcely a family in the region not to have somebody dear lost or injured; forget the properties… forget the contents… animals too suffered as their masters did!

We wonder whom to believe and who are the people responsible who should admit to wrongdoing, any wrongdoing. We are closely watching the unfolding events from day one, collecting evidence and making our own judgment and although it is a Both to Blame Collision as we say in shipping – both the Greek state and its respective authorities, that is to say all governments from the 60’s onwards but particularly all those post-1974 bear the stigma of this tragedy.

Illegal construction on the one hand but with “legal” documentation and interference of the state from time to time to legalise the existence of these buildings, whether summer houses and blocks of flats or public places and spaces. Add the connections for water supply, electricity and gas etc etc etc, add the tax proviso and you can see who is right and who is wrong but above all what is the causa proxima of all this mess.

Wildfires will continue to happen as will maritime accidents. The issue is to contain them and above all to have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C from the competent authorities.

As the shipping industry is being attacked from time to time given the various accidents involving loss of life and damage to the environment, in comparison to authorities, businesses and services on land shipping is by far better prepared and better organised particularly to tackle emergencies than those who lag far behind. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Whatever the cause of the catastrophe in Attica, there were not any plans in place to save lives nor an appropriate chain of command. For the memory of all those who suffer and will continue to suffer forever given the loss of life, all politicians, all 300 MPs MUST resign here and now; not just the current government – fair’s fair!

We watch the support, the unsolicited support given by rich and famous Greeks in at home and abroad and note that 80 centum comes from shipping-related business and individuals. Pleased to see also the unsolicited support from neighbouring countries as well as from faraway nations…

CAUTION to all as Nemesis always strikes in an unprecedented way as and when same feels timewise appropriate. The history of Planet Ocean is full of examples, some of which we “fail” not just to establish, but to see…

The media too must show restraint and refrain from excesses and pompous reports and coverage that might ignite unnecessary conflict. If the media wants/wishes to follow the populist voices and reports of the politicians, particularly those in opposition, so be it. The truth one day will shine of the causa proxima!!! Metron Ariston please!

Our thoughts are with all those whose lives has been torn apart with the dead, injured and missing loved ones, family and friends… Our gratitude goes to all civilians who did their best to save those in need, some even losing their lives or being injured. Our thoughts also go to those brave women and men from the Fire Brigade, the Airforce, the Navy and its frogmen, the Army and in particular its Special Forces and the Coast Guard who managed under extreme conditions to do their utmost best to save lives… The events that unfolded on the beach and on the rocks are as if from for an imaginative science fiction film… Wake up and oust all the perpetrators, whoever they are! It is time to begin from somewhere. Add the fact that it is nearly 13 months after the fire disaster of Grenfell Tower in London as well as 11 years from another wildfires disaster in Western Peloponnese in 2007…

We will revert as soon as we have more pieces of this tragic puzzle put together.

P.S. We mentioned that the utilities have supplied all these five plus decades water, electricity, gas; the insurance companies have insured people amongst those who died, and houses too – villas, blocks of flats and other property, needless to say also automobiles, motor bikes…. I wonder under which proviso there was “legal” insurance coverage when there wasn’t any appropriate infrastructure – safety in particular in place to support all such insurance covers… Imagine if shipping was as messy as these cases!!! Let’s see who has the guts to reply in writing in our comments box!

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