The BDI@1,736; controlled upwards stagnation

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John Faraclas

The BDI gained nine points earlier on today and expectations remain high but we suggest caution. As Shipping becomes Shipping for the very very very few, one needs a minimum of twenty ships flotilla to attract the interest of shipbrokers and charterers… Caution! Geopolitics continue to deteriorate. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes BCI was up two points at 3,426…

The Panamaxes BPI continued its upward trend gains with another 24 points and now stands at 1,530…

Another seven points plus for the Supras’ BSI now reading 1,069 points…

No change for the Handies’ BHSI still down at 543 points.

On the Wets, the last published BDTI (The Dirties) stood at 774, that’s 21 points plus !  The Cleans now read 486 – down three points…

The WTI stood at US$ 67.30 and might go even slightly higher; CAUTION!

The Geopolitical mess continues with:

The Migrants in disarray all over Planet Ocean; what a shame. Expect one day a revenge in the most unprecedented way. Wonder what is the stumbling block on these issues: The Migrants, particularly those from the Middle East and Africa inferno – due to wars  to remain in Muslim countries; why the EU doesn’t have a uniformity policy on Migrants? Can the UN get its act together or the blah blah as usual continues?

The Wars in Syria, Iraq and in the entire Middle East region – actually we confine the area from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa… Be ready for the conflagration we have warned you long time ago…

Turkey will produce both Earthquakes and Tsunamis; president Erdogan still believes in the Ottoman Empire – good to read the book but the bid has flown long ago maestro… The end is nigh! The US will go all the way to teach you the lesson you never ever thought it exists even in your wildest dreams.

Greece enters another era of discontent as unprofessional politicians are still in power and at Greece’s Parliament. Game over Mr. Tsipras; you lost the chance. Having said that, the opposition too behaves as if they are a grown-up kittergarten…

Italy mourns the innocent victims of the Morandi bridge in Genova; what a pity! Action to avoid further disasters all over Europe – for a start. Meantime terrible floodings in Calabria…

BREXIT continues and the United Kingdom is on a successful course…

At the other side of the Atlantic president Tump continues his own agenda on tackling domestic and international issues; he will not back-off with Turkey.- China, Russia and others are in his radar for upsetting his countrymen and again shows force and ready to retaliate and any time.

Venezuela is paralysed by the new currency; sovereign bolivar! An oil rich nation in the brink of a total collapse. Nicolas Maduro’s suicidal policy will cost dearly to all in the Central and South American neighbourhood… The country and region is very much destabilised; CAUTION!

More news later on; until then remain on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and any Criminals whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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