The BDI down at 1,735… CAUTION!!!!!!

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John Faraclas

Uncertainty, perplexed and explosive Geopolitics keep the shipping markets down despite demand for goods …and  all on Planet Ocean  guessing what’s up next… John Faaclas’ brief midweek recap:

The BDI lost a single point and now reads 1,735, thanks to the Capes and Panamaxes ups and downs equalising more or less the bleak market…

The Capes lost 55 points with the BCI standing at 3,371 points… What a summer for the Capes… and there is still a lot of surprises to come…

Plus 30 points for the Panamaxes’ BPI now at 1,560!!

The Supras’ BSI clinched nine points and now reads 1078!

The wonder size, that of the Handies gained five points with the BHSI now at 548  points – a good deep breath!

Mixed feelings once again with the Wets; the last published BDTI (Dirties) stood at 792, that’s plus 18 points and the BCTI (Cleans)  at 484 points –  down two respectively…

The WTI stood a few mins ago at US$ 66.95… Wonder what is “needed” to bring the price down as this will definitely become one of the components of our current WW3 and its spreading will engulf every single corner of our known world! Ultra-caution should be observed as destruction and Armageddon are on the way!!

The Geopolitical environment is getting bleak and unless we see a just solution on the many global issues you better say …goodbye to Jane… You dead well know what I mean!

All of our main issues remain more than firm:

The Migrants are causing turbulence worldwide and the “designated” authorities are not capable to tackle the issue; not an iota of progress… SHAME and Pity!

The entire Middle East – Caucuses region, the Gib to Afghanistan and the Azov to the Horn of Africa areas are on fire.

Turkey… with Erdogan ready to destroy everything around Turkey up to a range of 1,000 miles… becoming penniless can drive you mad and act accordingly to the detriment of your neighbours… Greece… with an inexperienced leader who secretly bleeds as he gave a fist against the knife of Greece’s livelihood and a  Italy… ready to collapse financially and bring the Euro to its knees… the entire EU is in tatters… “Thank you” Mrs. Merkel! The BREXIT saga which as we have numerous time written will completely change the World we live in…

The Chinese ruthless expansion on trade with low prices AND quality destroying the real free trade… The Korean peninsular saga… The Japanese noblemen looking through the lines… The USA’s dominance tactics with Tariffs… What president Trump is up to? Will he reprimand Erdogan and his Turks?  The Russian hegemony aspirations… The African poverty – dominating the news… The Australians wonder how to get their act together… Expect many scandals to surface; scandals of any kind in many nations! Thousands of Venezuelans are massing in the border with Brazil; one of the biggest exodus ever recorded. Nicolas Maduros’  acts are despicable!

Expect things to come to the fore which will tremendously affect the shipping industry – for some will be excellent, for others the exit sign is already there… Add the technological advancement and environmental demands and see what you get: Shipping for the very very very few.- (Full stop and period). Ah! Did I hear you say currency wars????

Have a nice evening and continue to be on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists and criminals of any kind wherever you ae on Planet Ocean!

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