The BDI@1,557; The fall continues as WWIII is ante portas for all in a multiple of ways…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 22 points earlier on today amid a continued deterioration of the Geopolitical balance. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI  was down 60 points at 2,672…

The Panamaxes’ BPI  lost 31 points and now reads 1,540.

The Supras’ and the Handies’ BSI and BHSI clinched one point each and now stand at 1,133 and 563 points respectively.

All in all an uncertain Dry Market, totally unsustainable and let’s hope things go on the reverse as otherwise if we see the BDI in the region of 1,250 points then, all things being equal, we might see a nasty “recession” in all fronts. Only when we see the BDI above the 2,000 points we can relax a bit but then as shipping becomes shipping for the very very very  few wonder whose going to sustain the bankruptcies… Eh!!!

The Wets more or less stuck. The last published BDTI stood at 786 points – down one.

Shipping for the very very very few begins to take shape; I like it! As 1,000 (one thousand) more ships are going to be ordered within the next six months or so, you can imagine what’s going to happen… small to medium size owners will disappear.-  The stock markets too and the shipping stocks in particular will surprise you!

The WTI stood at US$ 70 and at a certain point reached US$ 70.04…. CAUTION as, even under pressure, this is an unacceptable level. The WTI should go down to US$ 49.99; end of the story!

AND an interesting timely report as SMM2018 opens on Top Performing German Owners Since SMM 2017

With SMM this week, VesselsValue has put together an infographic looking at the best performing German owners since 2017 SMM. By comparing the every German owners’ fleet value on the first day of SMM 2017 against today’s fleet value, we can see the German fleets which have grown the most in value and in total number of owned vessels.

Oldendorff Carriers tops the list by growing their fleet by 22 vessels and increasing their total value by 716 million USD. Today their total fleet comprises 109 vessels worth 2.6 billion USD.

In second place is MPC Containships, adding 52 vessels to their owned fleet in 12 months. An impressive addition, considering during SMM 2017 MPC fleet owned 14 vessels worth 95.8 million USD. Today MPC Containerships own 66 vessels worth 631 million USD.

The Geopolitical environment continues to deteriorate dangerously! Caution. We have warned you of the coming Armageddon and pay attention… The world is on fire; the Third World War is on in a multiple way and means… MIGRANTS – the issue that will bring the wold down to its knees.  The surge from the entire North Africa to Spain, Malta and Italy and from the Anatolian coast of Turkey and Evros River to Greece / Europe is despicable. Add some despicable news of trafficking and see what you get. This is why we have long ago in writing from this medium demanded a Naval Blockade with a Mandate and  with Rules of Engagement. In this way traffickers et al could have been stopped!  Indeed you need two in a tango. A thorough investigation must be held here and now and those responsible from all sides should be severely punished; ALL of them! The Balkans will soon enter the mess… The entire Middle East saga becomes uncontrollable with a general conflagration coming in the entire Middle East; soon to see total destruction. Too many “vested” interested in Syria and in Iraq too… Turkey collapsing in all fronts and ready to blackmail everybody with its usual “treats…”, the worst member of the NATO alliance. Ultra caution… with Turkey’s appetite. Its opposition is far worse! Greece in tatters with its populist politicians playing around with the dignity of the Greek people.  Italy… more than a perplexed country with colossal debts… and a trap for the Euro too. Can they repay the 2,7 trillion Euros owed… The BREXIT jeopardy… causing internal as well as external tsunamis. This is the most perplexed of all issues after the MIGRANTS on going saga…  and let’s hope Mrs. May goes through. We full support her positions… Egopaths might destroy the United Kingdom and she must get rid all of them here and now… The USA protectionism and the dangerous Russian agenda… are to be closely watched. President Trump actions fuels more mess; let’s hope he does go through… Did you get the message on NAFTA??? Let’s see how Canada reacts…. What’s up after Syria Mr. Putin? The European Union is in tatters from the wrong leaders: Germany failed to deliver.- On the antipode China and Japan each with different priorities… A messy Africa continent and a totally corrupt and bankrupt Latin and South America… Did I hear you say Venezuela or Argentina??? And what about the outcome of the forthcoming Brazilian presidential election…? Add the North Korean continuous uncertainty on the nuclear unclear scene… Australia and new Zealand are under a continuous political test… The Tariffs and the enfolding Trade War will also bring in more issues… China “builds” up the New Silk Road… Planet Ocean’s dire straits are to be guarded to allow the free movement of ships. What measures are in place? What an uncertain World we live in!

The major forthcoming fora, conferences and symposiums must clear this uncertainty as otherwise say good bye to Peace. The fault rests with business hooligans and their cronies: the politicians and the incapacitated diplomats. You can see this terrible built-up of this messy new world order in our seven years reporting, make comparisons and see also our timely warnings!

On another tone and note NYFW is on and let;s see the new trends and where this will lead the high street’s recovery…

Have a nice evening and continue to be on guard from any action emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of any kind wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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