Capes downs the BDI by 43 points

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John Faraclas

The fall of the Capes was three times more than yesterday; the Geopolitics continue to be more than dodgy in many regions around Planet Ocean; John Faraclas’ brief Market and Geopolitics recap:

At 1,439 points the BDI becomes a bit vulnerable widening the gap since the end of December 2013, nearly five years ago, to 808 points (from 2,247 points), and that’s a fact! One can check our mediums reports and projections and see the difference…

The Capes loss was 172 points with the BCI now standing at 2,191… Ultra-caution should be observed as the volatility in this instance is dangerous; see the consequences on ships valuations and get the message!

The Panamamxes BPI gained a dozen points and “feels” safe above the 1,500 points –  now reading 1,556…

A surprise loss of a point for the Supras’ BSI now standing at 1,135…

Plus three points for the Handies BHSI now at 572 points!

All in all a downwards Dry Market and let’s see what the October cargo/fixtures bring… CAUTION!

The Wets also affected, slightly falling; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 784 – down one and 532 – same as yesterday.

The WTI unfortunately rises, an anathema for the 85 centum of the planet’s poor inhabitants and that might, as we have numerous times said and still predicting, backfire! Mind your stocks, control production and consumption, go for the alternative sources of energy and stop dirty profiteering; above all stop the excuses… Mrs Merkel can buy oil and gas  from the Aegean and improve the Peace process there; you dead well know what I mean…

Geopolitics are getting worse and expect messy days, months and years ahead.

The MIGRANTS remain the top story and hope – I still hope the politicians and the diplomats get their act together. Already is too late but lets hope!!!

The Middle East and in general the region from Gibraltar to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa is on fire. Expect even for worse days ahead!  The Syrian inferno will spread…

Turkey continues to bully and blackmail everybody, particularly NATO and all of it neighbours as well as stirring up the Balkans. Time for president Erdogan and his likes to make or break.

Greece next door lives another hype; once again the Thessaloniki International Fair become the focal point of populist politicians and their cronies to  continue vomiting damn lies… – we have to use a bit of w weird so to speak language so you all wake up! Thank the 12 Gods the USA is there to control the situation. A great presence of the USA. Europe is biased with Greece, tying to punish the Greek people, despite the fact that it was mainly the European Banks who created this mess in Greece dealing with the country’s post 1974 politicians who made it a democratic mess… You dead well know what mean!

Italy might create issues and will soon become a liability; 2,5 trillion Euros debt is too much to bear…

Who isn’t afraid of Virginia Woolf …err Teresa May. I guess that those Tories who dislike her entire process to tell us the solution… BREXIT means indeed BREXIT but no rules for exiting eve existed. Berlin and Brussels have and had it safe; only entry rules. What a panacea so to speak… Shame! Wonder who will pay the damage if the Conservative party splits…

After Poland, Hungary shakes up the EU with its PM Orban saying to join the BREXIT Club…  CAUTION to both sides…

At the other side of the Atlantic the 17th Anniversary of the Tween Towers’ massacre/carnage of 2,996 and those 10,000 plus with health problems as the September 11 is known (Sept. 11 2001) was well demonstrated by president Trump and the entire US public. A day to remember but also to think twice before acting and ensuring NO ONE counters back as ever since the World destruction is monumental. Plan is everything, planning is nothing! We extent our thoughts to all those who have been affected in any way from the despicable atrocities of culprit terrorists. We continue to remind all on Planet Ocean to remain alerted every single day in our daily markets and geopolitics reports!

In South America now; Brazil’s prisoned former president Lula pulls out from next month’s presidential race; saint or sinner? Time will tell, but with evidence please, to end this saga…

What’s the end of the line in bankrupt Venezuela? Many of its citizens leave; wonder when president Maduro leaves!!! What a pity to destroy one of South America’s richest oil producing nation!

Will revert tomorrow with more news; until then remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists and any Criminals whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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