No sustainability for the BDI@1579…

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John Faraclas

The BDI clinched just three points earlier on today and look vulnerable for an imminent fall; geopolitics continue to be messy. John Faraclas’ brief recap:

The Capes’ BCI gained 66 points keeping the BDI afloat and now stands at 2,296; CAUTION!

Losses for the Panamaxes’ BPI  now at 1,756 points – minus19…

Further losses for the Supras’ with the BSI now standing at 1,163 – minus seen…

One point plus for the Handies’ BHSI now reading 671 point; every single plus point counts!

The Wets with some exceptional good news; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,024 plus 36 and 587  minus two points respectively. The good news is that with these 36 points the 1,000 point threshold broke and let’s hope for better days… Let’s hope for the Cleans some good news might soon follow…

The WTI as these lines are being written stands at US$ 68.90 and the trend is; falling… Good news for the poo masses all over Planet Ocean! We need and it is a must to see same at US$ 49.99; end of the story!

Things are getting tough !!!

The Geopolitics still with the same issues as same were covered last Friday and in general all through the last three years; The Migrants, The Wars in Syria and Iraq – awaiting to see not just the rebuilding of these two nations in particular, but how the cake is going to be divided – which nations and which companies take the lion share… Obviously we maintain our cynical Greek maxim: “War father of all; if you don’t destroy you cannot rebuilt, this is the pitiful message from history”… The Middle East inferno, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, The Balkans, Italy, the BREXIT saga, the Khashoggi despicable case…, The Trade Wars, The Brazilian presidential elections, Venezuela, The Mexico “barrier”  – as many Honduran migrants and others forming a caravan heading to the USA with president Trump giving notice to all alerting us all.., The African Continent in a mess, Putin’s Russian aggressiveness in all fronts and many more other issues. CAUTION as all these issues put together will make it very difficult for the sea-lanes and ports, needless to mention the dire straits – Suez, Hormuz, Malacca, Aden, Gibraltar, The Dardanelles!

The arrival of allaboutshipping’s team in Tromsø

On another tone and note our team arrived in  TromsøNorway for WISTAs International AGM and  Conference above the Arctic Circle in Norway. “Breaking the Ice – Developing dialogues for sustainable business in the Arctic” being the main theme! Log on and also keep logging in this site for more info and events taking place! Look’s likely Bjord Ekornrud – WISTA-Norway’s president and her team to surprise us all – expect over 300 to attend! It is also WISTA-Norway’s 30th Anniversary!

That’s all for tonight, remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of all kind looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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