… one size doesn’t fit all as crazy Capes are up “again”…

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John Faraclas

… one size doesn’t fit all as crazy Capes are up “again”…

In continuation of yesterday’s title – Capes “fight” back to keep the pace, but…” we feel obliged to remind you that one size not only doesn’t fits all but more importantly same doesn’t constitute a market. Geopolitics are now turning the screws of all skeletons kept in the world leaders’ cupboards – one by one… John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) – with the crazy rise of the Capes, gained 75 points and now stands at 1,093. This is 62 points plus since last Friday’s the 16th of November closing of 1,031 points.

The crazy and not just volatile (?) Capes’ BCI was up 269 points – another triple-digit rise amid a miserable market environment and now stand at 1,358 points… On a weekly basis the rise was 301 points – from 1,057..

The Panamaxes’ fall was minimal but still a fall with the BPI down two points and now reading 1,376; on a weekly basis the fall was 77 points – from 1,453…

The Supras’ BSI was down four points at  952; last week it clocked 969, so 17 points were lost!

Same more or less  situation with the Handies’ BHSI losing three points and now stand at 635 –  which is 11 points less from last week’s 646 points.

So all in all a downwards Dry market, even on minimal falling levels with the exception of the crazy Capes causing stress for all in all sectors of the shipping markets… CAUTION. By the way the gap of the BDI stands to minus 1,154 points from the figure as of the end of December 2013 – its more than essential to remind you this parameter as we are far part from the 2,247 points registered that time which is a guide for the dry markets and above all a reality!

Both Wets on the up; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,126  – plus 22 and  654   – plus four respectively. On a weekly basis the Dirties were up 27 points – from 1,099 and the Cleans five – from 649…

The WTI causes mixed feelings; good for the poor and worrying for the big boys as its price plummeted. From US$ 56.80 last Friday same is down to US$ 50.42!! Six plus USDollars down, eh! The oil big games starts now!

The Geopolitics as said in the preamble above are sending  / creating tsunamis so to speak so ensure you are ready for the big adventure which begins now. Old scores have to be settled one way or another and worse of course than any other time in world history is the financial situation all over Planet Ocean, a more than a bankrupt Planet Ocean… I guess and I am warning you all: you haven’t seen anything yet…The ancient Greek maxim: “War Father of all”,  will now appear and make it a hell for all… You can see this as everyday life deteriorates in all front and to all intents and purpose as we say in shipping’s chartering terms … All main issues remain with the Migrants …leading the way now at the other side of the Atlantic too. All eyes are at the frontiers of USA and Mexico were “elements”  of the Honduras et al caravan has arrived. President Trump might have a recipe there… In Europe, basically Med the Migrants – particularly crossing over to Spain are becoming a major headache for all… In the Greek Eastern Aegean Islands the humane situation has got beyond control as the shameful politicians and their cronies made it a mess for all; end of the story…

Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Cyprus, Russia and the Black Sea, The Balkans, Greece the East Med, the Saudi peninsula with next door Iran and other regions and issues will be covered later on, as we intent to bring you a full update. The Chinese appetite and the North Korean – not over yet… Poverty and explosions in Africa as well as in South America are more than possible… As for Australia the red dusty cloud… was a bit of a hell following the train derailment…The perplexed BREXIT might cause one way or another for different reasons havoc and coupled with a possible Italian adventure… open the Pandora’s box and Aeolus’ winds… and then the shit will hit the fan… Ah! And find out if you possess  the environment credentials for 2020, 2030, 2050 and the Arctic trading and see what you get… We are living in interesting times…

On another tone and note, a more than interesting meeting took place at a full house in the  Hong Kong Theatre at the LSE on “ Health Tourism in Greece” organised by the Hellenic Medical Society in the UK and will revert on the update time.

Tomorrow we have the 2018 Oinoussian Ball at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in West London. An honour for these small but very important islets between Chios and the Anatolian coast, this fundraising event of the Oinoussai Benevolent Fund created history last year at the grounds of the Tower of London in the City during the 75th Anniversary.

Have a nice evening as well as a nice weekend and remain on guard from any eventuality emanating from Pirates, Terrorists and Criminals of any kind looming in the background wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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