Capes triple-digit losses brings down the BDI@1,318…

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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 60 (sixty) points earlier on today – once again thanks to the volatile Capes. Geopolitics on the edge… Christmas parties to the fore! John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI lost 193 points and now reads 2,071 points and for sure will go under the 2,000 points threshold; we have never ever experience such a volatility but remember things nowadays are pure asymmetrical…

The Panamaxes were also down with the BPI reading 1,473 points – down 19!

The Supras’ BSI remained stranded with no change at 979 points.

A five-point loss for the Handies with the BHSI standing at 602 – might soon lose the 600 base point mark…

Very mixed feelings with the Wets; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,266 – plus 26 and 844 – minus 16 points respectively…

Shipping, as we have stressed many times before with too much over-regulation and too much demands for the environments protection, will become shipping for the very very very few!

The WTI fell down to US$45.88 !!! Let’s what developments will be triggered by this fall…

Meantime, just to remind you that we are 929 points below the end of December 2013 when the BDI stood at 2,247 points… This is the harsh reality! If we talk or believe of a health, sustainable and real profitable market wee our investment is safe that must be the one when the BDI goes over and above the 2,000 point mark…

The main West and East Stock Exchanges stood at low levels raising fears of even a recession in the USA; remember this… as if it doesn’t happen then something far more worse will happen…

The Dow Jones stood …down at 22,859.59, the FTSE 100 down at 6,711.93 and the Athex down at 613.80… In the Far East the Nikkei was also down at 20,392.52… CAUTION!

The Geopolitics remain enigmatically perplexed and as said a couple of years ago, the Drums of War can be heard. I am sure we are going very soon to witness a major conflagration starting with “small” regional wars obviously leading afterwards to the rebuilt of these areas… Remember: “War Father of All; if you don’t destroy you cannot rebuilt. This is the pitiful message from History!” The product of the Second World War was the long period timecharters of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s  – ten years minimum, to rebuilt the destroyed world; end of the story!

The MIGRANTS maintain the lead and the Trump wall between the USA and Mexico might trigger eyebrows in Washington.

The Gib to Afghanistan and Caucuses to the Horn faulty line will soon produce a very big mess! Just wait and see… Turkey, Greece, Cyprus with the entire East Med ready to explode including the entire Balkans. The Syrian and Iraqi Wars will enter a new phase given the  American army withdrawal – it is going to be a bit lengthy though withdrawal with much disappointment from the USA’s coalition partners there… CAUTION…the ISIS criminals are NOT yet fully defeated…

France is dire straits with president Macron missing the point with the “yellow vests” – gilets jaunes… Despite the diminishing number every Saturday still they pause a threat but more importantly they are sending a very powerful message! The French budget too is another issue with Brussels “keeping” a blind eye…

Italy too is trying to streamline situation with its budget “going through” at the end of the day …

The EU will soon be in tatters if it its system doesn’t become humane-friendly.

BREXIT will shake Planet Ocean to its foundations… Whatever the “solution” expect surprises. Meantime the behaviour of many in the Conservative party and many in the opposition towards Mrs. May is at best u n a c c e p t a b l e. Did I hear you say drones? What’s this nuisance at Gatwick creating havoc since yesterday?

Too many issues at the other side of the Atlantic both north and south; in the north and in particular in the USA president Trump continues his own agenda and wonder what he is up to both within the USA as well on the foreign front. In the south the fragile social state of affairs all over Central Latin and South America might trigger unwanted situations… Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Argentina’s former President, is to go on trial for corruption, a federal court has ruled. Known as the Corruption Notebooks Scandal were millions were carried around by a driver… will make her life a mess! Bribes, bribes, bribes…

In the Far East China continues alike the American and Russians its own policy and let’s see how the USA responds and how Putin takes the Chinese response…

More news tomorrow being the end of the week…

On another tone and note we had two events today worth mentioning:

At the Maran’s auditorium SNAME’s Greek section staged an interesting meeting with Panos Zachariades who delivered an excellent slides presentation on “Alternative Fuels for GHG Reduction and 2020 Compliance: Myths and Realities”.

He explained that the popularity of various Alternative fuels is increasing mainly due to their reduced SOx and NOx emissions at combustion. However he stated that their real GHG footprint is much larger than the “beautified”  one presented by almost all stakeholders. He noted that almost all popular Alternative marine fuels (LNG, Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, even LPG) currently actually originate from ground extracted Natural Gas, which was a surprise for most in the audience. He then presented data for the huge amounts of leaks to the atmosphere that ground extraction of Natural gas (aka Methane) entails, especially shale gas, and advised that such unburned methane leaks warm up the atmosphere 86 times more than equivalent quantities of CO2, for a 20 year forward time frame. Considering such warming potential it follows that LNG burning engines (most of them suffering from large methane-slip at combustion) have a much worse GHG effect than current Fuel/Diesel burning engines while methanol and hydrogen even worse, since the procedure used to extract them from Natural Gas is very carbon intensive.

..Panos Zachariades with SNAME’s Chairman John Kokarakis at the drinks reception

As he stated “the lesser evil” for global warming is to keep using conventional liquid fuels until such time that Biogas may be available in sufficient quantities (not expected soon) or hydrogen produced by electrolysis using electricity from renewable sources (Wind/solar). To that end he expressed his concern that the goals set by IMO for GHG reductions cannot be met by the currently produced Alternative fuels and also his concern that a favourable treatment of such fuels will mislead many shipowners toward false investments, while making things worse for the environment.

Despite other social Christmas events taking place at the same time, it was a full house with many questions making it an intriguing issue given that the speaker has many times criticised the whole issue. Time will tell. We stand by Panos Zachariades’ views!


Enter the …Dragon

The other event took place at the premises of the Yacht Club of Greece; it was one of the Propeller Club’s Port of Piraeus most vibrant events: The Annual Christmas party! Good food and excellent drinks including some sea-wise so to speak cocktails and a George Xiradakis and his team offering real fun with tradition too never ever experienced before!

…the three Santas

Except the live music and a hundred or so swinging on the dancing floor, we had a live show with three Santas with the president of the Propeller Club leading the way! For us at allaboutshipping was another good chance to meet a few dozens of friends, relatives and supporters and make new friends! And what a lottery prizes that was !

Today also marks 50 years from the death of John Steinbeck, one of Planet Ocean’s most acclaimed and controversial authors. Among his books we play tribute his exceptional “The Grapes of Wrath” and “East of Eden”. Amongst his quotes: “If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.” This one made waves all over Planet Ocean!

Have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business hooligans wherever you are on Planet Ocean!



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