The BDI is now 1,000 points below the Dec 2013 closing…

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John Faraclas. Picture credits George Christakis

The BDI (Baltic dry Index) lost 13 points and now reads 1,247 – 1,000 points below the closing of Dec 2013!  Geopolitics still messy; John Faraclas’ brief daily market recap:

The Capes were the only size to clinched points and the BCI now reads 2,016 – up 13!

A …mirror-wise losses for the Panamaxes BPI now at 1,300 – down 31! …”Reflections”

Another 13 points losses for the Supras’ BSI now at 933…

Eight point was the loss for the Handies with the BHSI    reading 563 points.

Agatha Christie would have …love the day as “13 for luck” was one of her best books… You never ever know were we go from here!

The Wets were also on a falling mode; the last  published BDTI (Dirties)  and BCTI (Cleans)  stood at 982 – minus 17 and 656 – minus one points respectively!

We are more that pleased that our views and market projection is verbatim right! We are Fortune Sellers and NOT Fortune Tellers!

The WTI climbed and now reads US$ 48.77 – caution!!! This upwards tend might become dangerous!

The Geopolitics continue to be messy; ensure you are ready for asymmetrical encounters which will greatly affect us all. Once again the drums of war can be heard; this time very loud.

The MIGRANTS become a pathetic issue and let’s say one way or another one could accept Syrians crossing over to find shelter  in the Greek Aegean islands and then on to Mainland Europe. But what about Afghani, Pakistani and others from Africa and Asia coming? Eh! Enough! MIGRANTS as said recently is now a pandemic all over Planet Ocean and few know how to handle this… It will turn to a boomerang to those keeping a blind eye… Do you read us Frau Merkel?

The inferiority of Turks, now under Erdogan – as their “story” and despicable blackmail tactics will create a very big mess and it will be difficult to contain as the Turks stir up the Balkans and a religious region of 1,000 miles beyond the current Turkish borders. The Traité de Sèrves  is under attack… CAUTION as the appetite of Turks continues… Turkey one day and that will be very soon, it will prove that it is NOT a real Ally of NATO.- NATO in collaboration with the EU should contain the Turks before the situ becomes unbearable.  Just wait and see what happens after the drilling by an A1 oil consortium in Cyprus EEZ.

The escalating rhetoric in the Aegean from Erdogan against the Greeks and conversely the European Union might produce the total mess the warmongers await! How shameful to have Frau Merkel playing an awful game against the Greeks, Cypriot and the EU at large given that the consequences from a conflagration in the region might spell the Hell out there and beyond. Israel must also be protected, equally the Palestinians as other regionally Terrorists and Pariah Nations are ready for despicable behaviour.

Let’s see the outcome of Frau Merkel’s imminent visit in Greece.  The Greek people might react asymmetrically one day given the inappropriate behaviour of all Greece’s Allies and partners. Thee hasn’t been in recent History – 2,500 years, such an animosity as the one Greek people face… Shame! As we have stressed, both internal and external affairs of Greece are dodgy… All eyes and ears are there to avoid another Balkans War…

The Syrian and Iraqi saga continues with the Turks’ infamous tactics in full force. We recommend that the USA’ Forces remain in the region indefinitely. This is in no way a Korea or a Vietnam; this is the most important issue in Geopolitics.

Putin’s Russia is ready for everything in the region – Middle East and beyond and you can see the Baltic Sea game as well as that  in the Black Sea…

BREXIT‘s twist and turns continue… CAUTION to and for all. If Mrs. May comes out from this mess as a winner, this will be the best thing in the last 50 years  for the United Kingdom…

French women gave it a go branding “yellow…” That’s not just a yellow fever… but beyond this…

Italy is tying to reassert itself… The Italians always know the way!!!

At the other side of the Atlantic –  mainly in the USA, Mexico and Brazil, things are more than serious. The shut-down  and the MIGRANTS Wall with Mexico as well as Brazil’s Bolsonaro’s start to save his country must be closely watched.

China will suffer from the USA’s Trade War and other means and as we can see it tends to create a messy situ with Taiwan.

Japan is closely watching the situation and if you add the “disputed” by China south China Sea and the adjacent nations involved, you can imagine what might happen…

Africa‘s mess continues…

Mind the trillion-dollar World Debt; the financial Yellowstone might burst…

We have recently hinted that one way or another we must safeguard not just the sea-lanes, but Planet Ocean’s dire straits…

Again we warn you that the Drums of War are louder today!

That’s all for now, have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans wherever you are on Planet Ocean. Things will turn sour…

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