Markets: volatility rules the day

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John Faraclas

Markets: volatility rules the day

Unprecedented ups and sudden downs brings the BDI to a triple digit level following the Capes’ “euphoria”. Geopolitics might turn, as we have warned you in writing, sour. John Faraclas’ daily and weekly recap:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) was down 47 points and now stands at 985 bringing the sort lived 1,032 points – and indeed the four digit to even a temporary end… On a weekly though basis the BDI was up 96 points from last Friday the 26th of April when it stood at 889 points…

The Capes’ BCI lost 130 points and now stands at 1,290 points; on a weekly basis though the BCI was up 507 points from the closing of 26 April when it stood at 783 points – following the subsequent “rally” of triple digit points all throughout the week (plus 101 on 29/4, plus 392 on 30/4, plus 113 on 1/5) except yesterday when the rise was only 31 points… Never experienced such a volatility… we can’t even say CAUTION, just be ready for everything!

The Panamaxes’ BPI  clinched just a point and now stands at 1,192 points. On a weekly basis same was up just four points – from 1,186 (26/4)…

Both the Supras and Handies were down on a daily and weekly basis. The BSI lost three points today and now stands 752 and 28 since last week when it stood at 780 points. The BHSI was down two points today at 382 and seven points since last week’s 389…

All in all a Capes’ volatile market with minor advances in the Panamaxes… Again as you can see we cannot talk of a real overall rise of the Dry Market as one size cannot constitute a Market or the Market…

In the Wets we were once again faced with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood today at 638 – plus three and 546 – minus seven points respectively. “Equally” on a weekly basis the Dirties were up three points – from 635 (26/4) and the Cleans were down 40 points – from 586 (26/4) respectively.

The WTI stood at US$ 61.94 (23:00 BST) which is .13 cents higher since yesterday… Last Friday the 26th of April the WTI stood at US$ 63.3… Good to see this fall of US$ 1.36!!! We reiterate the view that it is a must we see the WTI at US$ 49.99 as a first step. The Planet Ocean’s people (99 centum of them) CANNOT afford this levels. CAUTION as same can backfire!

The Geopolitical front is the one that dictates not just the Markets – Dry and Wets, but everything. Given also the US$ 250 trillion global debt you can imagine the failure and the major changes yet to come… This is not a recession we live in. This is a catastrophe and we cannot see the situation being reversed unless we see unfortunately or better being cynical and pragmatist and say fortunately we see an all-out war… It is about time… The “lenders” need their money back given that their bankruptcy turned to be a nasty boomerang when they tried to supress the “borrowers”… A failed society we are and nobody admits any wrong-doing! Did I hear you say Economists? Did I hear you say Analysts? Did I hear you say Politicians or Diplomats, eh???

MIGRANTS continue to be the number one issue all over Planet Ocean. The worse thing is to see some powerful nations’ politicians blaming poor nations as we witnessed today with some Germans accusing the Geeks of failing to guard their frontiers with migrants crossing over from Greece to North Macedonia and then onwards for Germany (mainly); we are talking of course of Herbert Royle North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister (CDU party) who visited on May Day the border there… He promised to double the number of German policemen there  so as to prevent irregular immigrants from reaching Central Europe saying that Greece is considered one of the main hubs… Look who’s talking. This German gentleman and his likes can urge his leader Mrs. Merkel to  send a few army divisions and war-ships and create a naval blockade to the entire Anatolian coast of Turkey and  saw Erdogan’s Turks who on purpose send them over to Greece and conversely to Europe to end these despicable practices and blackmail. He even sited that the Greek police are poorly dressed… Shame!! Enough!

The faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa with three focal points – North Africa, the Balkans and the East Med / wider Middle East are in a foot of war. Caution…

Turkey is the most untrusted member of NATO and a nation totally against the EU; this is the reality. Turkish government’s dealings might create a total mess. CAUTION. We all see the way the Turks are dealing and handling the case of the Russian-made S-400 defence systems against the American cautions… The F-35 fighter jets are now going to be on hold…  too many violations of Greece’s and Europe’s airspace and sea-borders everyday and provocative drillings in Cyprus EEZ and territorial waters … Add the way Turks left today the ceremony during the change of guard of NATO’s  19th Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEURGeneral Tod D. Wolters assuming command of Allied Command Operations (ACO) from General Curtis M. Scaparrotti held at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) today simply because Cyprus was invited to the ceremony! Watch this space!

Greece “lives” the excitement of Euro and Municipal elections taking place towards the end of this month – 26th of May 2019! At the same time and despite what the government and rating agencies say things are still pretty bad for the Greeks. Any attempt to saw a different picture is simply damn lies and criminal. Subjecting a nation to a despicable trial will backfire…

The EU also lives the Euro elections…

In the United Kingdom BREXIT creates a mess to all within and outside the frontiers; whatever happens will bring in tsunamis. The local elections punished the two main parties – Tories and Labour and saw the Lib Dems making considerable gains; the success story of the night! Vince Cable couldn’t be more than happy trying to stop BREXIT but Mrs. May translated the result as people want to see BREXIT being delivered… CAUTION!

More news before midnight; have a nice evening and weekend – a long weekend given the Bank Holiday but remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Oceans!

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