Market surges into new heights whilst Geopolitics to new lows…

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John Faraclas

Market surges into new heights whilst Geopolitics to new lows…

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) got to yet another high: 1,865 points – up 49! It was also 125 points higher since last Friday the 5th of July when it stood at 1,740…Geopolitics too messy! John Faraclas’ brief daily and weekly recaps:

The Capes’ BCI  was up 125 points at 3,541! On a weekly basis the BCI was up 195 points – from 3,346!

The Panamaxes’ BPI was this week’s main winner’ the BPI was up 64 points today reaching 1,945 points – very close to the 2,000 point threshold! The weekly gains were more than excellent: 290 points up from last Friday’s 5 July when it stood at 1,665 points!

The Supras’ BSI did well too; the daily gains were 19 points and now reads 879; the weekly gains were 59 points – up from 820 points!

Minor but steady gains for the Handies BHSI which gained four points for the day and now stands at 472 with a good performance for the week too; 24 plus points up from 448 (5/7)…

So all in all a very good week and let’s hope we see the 2,000 point mark being conquered. It’s been nearly six years since December 2013 when the BDI stood at 2,247; we are now 382 points apart!!!

The Wets with minor daily mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)  stood at 631 – minus two and 525 – plus one point respectively. On a weekly though basis the Dirties were down 21 points – from 652 and the Cleans 20 – from 545…

The WTI as these lines are being written* stands at US$ 60.36… Last week it was down to US$ 57.51. Caution!

Let’s see how people react to the new containership era with more megaships and more ports despite Planet Ocean’s US$ 250 (twhohundredandfifty) trillion debt!!

The Geopolitics as they stand will produce despicable mess all over Planet Ocean:

Migrants, yes, still the MIGRANTS remain the most urgent issue to be resolved as things get worse every single day all over Planet Ocean but mainly in Europe. See what happened earlier on tonight in France were hundreds of illegal immigrants – undocumented ones, stormed Paris’ Pantheon demanding the right to stay. A big shame from both sides; from the authorities allowing them to enter and stay like this in France and from the MIGRANTS entering the mausoleum where many of France’s important and famous people are buried; respect! Law and order please and hope France’s PM Édouard Philippe solves the problem before the “black vests” create more mess… CAUTION and SHAME! We repeat our position vis-à-vis the MIGRANTS: Naval Blockade, a Mandate with Rules of Engagement; end of the story! Let’s see tomorrow what Greece’s newly appointed Minister for the Citizens Protection Michael Chrysohoides tell us in Moria camp on the Island of Lesvos… Italy too faces problems… Once again: Think of the Naval Blockade solution as enough is enough; we can’t stand seeing all these people sleep in the centre-main streets of the cities, capitals of Europe – Paris, London, Athens for example on cardboards… E N O U G H! Ah! And what about what the USA is facing from its borders with Mexico!

Turkey “meticulously defies” everybody over the last five years and now here comes president Erdogan receiving today the first parts of the “famous”  infamous for the West and NATO S-400 missile defence system from Russia… And then we have the F-35 USA combat planes – some of its parts also being manufactured in Turkey… Under which proviso this was allowed or those responsible why they kept a blind eye… It’s self-explanatory the hegemonic aspirations of Turkey and its Islamist president – who initially appeared a mild islamist… There are projections in defining the policy to follow if one country with a complete different also religion is a member of an Alliances such as NATO. Time to wake up in the EU, NATO and in Washington! Turkey will create the biggest mess in the region, in a radius of 3,000 (threethousand) miles around its borders. Here you cannot stop Turkey in sending over to the EU thousands, over a million Migrants, how you will stop the Turks playing around with Peace destabilizing the entire East Med / Middle East / Black Sea / Balkans and Caucuses region!!!CAUTION!!! On top of everything we have warned you that a bankrupt nation – Fitch’s last night rating to BB- tells a lot, can do; even go to a full scale war with its neighbours! The EU and many powerful nations within MUST stop looking to their strategic business interests with Turkey as this will backfire in their capitals from the Turks…The USA MUST give here and now -now means something without duration, an end to all these provocations and blackmail… Turkey and its backers will go lengths to destabilise the World!

Greece next door is now with Cyprus in the eye of the Cyclone; the newly elected centre-right ND government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has a lot to do: Internally correct the wrong doings of SYRIZA/ANEL’s four years of mess with the despicable deal with Greece’s lenders and the effect on Greek people and also halt SYRIZA’s immediate danger of destabilising the country with accusations against Nea Demokratia; it’s all rubbish Mr. Tsipras. One day you will be judged in the most just but also unprecedented way. We all know that you will mobilised the forces of deceit and wreck Greece once again. Demonstrations all year round and totally a non-constructive opposition attitude…  You have contributed since the capital controls (2015) in sending abroad about 250,000, a quarter of a million young people from 18 to 45 years old out of the 447,000 since the so called crisis begun (2009)… You could have brought them back given per your words you were a successful government… Time is the worse avenger!!! In its foreign policy Mitsotakis must by now have in place the deals with the EU and the USA to save Greece from Turkey’s madness…

Cyprus’ position and mineral wealth – hydrocarbons etc. make the Turkish appetite open more, but again we like to see the European Union be honest, humane and not business hooligans… Either they condemn with actions Turkey or better shut up! What is the European Union afraid off? Or does the Turkish blackmail makes the European officials think twice before they are exposed… How can the European Union accept violation of its airspace and territorial waters from a candidate state like Turkey and do nothing… With communiques and all these verbal means NOTHING can be achieved… Meantime more and more MIGRANTS arrive mainly from Syria and Cyprus will become the Lampedusa of East Med…

Italy is in financial mess with Brussels trying their best to see the Italian economy kick-start again, hence repay its colossal US$ 2, 7 trillion debt… Still problems with the MIGRANTS…

The Balkans still in danger with Kosovo and Albania; Serbia is closely watching the developments there. Russia also maintains “pressure” and Turkey wishes to stir-up the situ as said above…

The European Union must get its act together; a big MUST!!! Many states will leave in case Brussels continue with apathy wrong policies like in the cases of Greece and Cyprus both being bullied by Turkey and the EU strategic interest in Turkey… Things happening in the Aegean, The Balkans and East Med against the European Idea and Ideal proves that we have Business Hooligans defying Peace for their own progress. SHAME

BREXIT is stuck as we expect to see what the new Conservative Party leader will do becoming also the UK’s Prime Minister with this messy and thorny issue… A very difficult situation but it is Brussels to blame. At best a deal is paramount otherwise millions from both sides of the Channel will suffer – and many more all over Planet ocean! Another important issue is that with IRAN following the incident in Gibraltar with the arrest of the ULCC “Grace 1” and the Iranians now threat for reprisal – and have already shown their intentions. Tough for the entire Planet Ocean too and Shipping – insurance rates, extra protection… On another note and tone let’s see who wind the singles in Wimbledon tomorrow (Ladies) and on Sunday (Men)… Any surprise will be more than welcomed.

The USA has a myriad of issues – internal and external to short out!!! President Trump is on a non-stop working spree: Migrants, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, The East Med/Middle East issues, The Tariffs – Trade War… Tough times ahead…

China plays it cool with all issues but the Chinese are not ready to take over Planet Ocean – it will take them, if they attempt to, another 50 years but then it will be another world, another Planet Ocean!!!! For the time being the South China Sea and Taiwan are some core issues… ah! And North Korea and getting oil from Iran…

Japan is closely watching everybody in its close proximity. Never underestimate Japan!

In Africa mind the Horn of Africa – still in mess… In South Africa the Army has been deployed to deal with gang violence, illegal firearms and drugs…  We also heard of an attempted coup in Sudan… CAUTION!!

On another note and tone: Save the date! The second Blue Café in Chios island will take place on 17 July 2019 at Pyksida Café (Aplotarias Street 34, Chios) at 10:30. It’s all about the Environment and in particular on sea waste and how we tackle this epidemic! Log on for details!

Have have a nice evening and enjoy the weekend – for those in the UK, enjoy the Wimbledon finals! Remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and  Business Hooligans  whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

*The WTI ended at US$ 60.21…


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