Unsustainability and uncertainty brings the BDI down to 2,067 amid messy Geopolitics

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John Faraclas

Unsustainability and uncertainty brings the BDI down to 2,067 amid messy Geopolitics

The BDI lost 21 points earlier on today and let’s hope the losses are contained tomorrow or that today wasn’t a “Dry day”… John Faraclas brief recap:

The uncertainty was calculated in our last Friday’s daily and weekly recap…

The Capes lost nearly 100 points, 98 to be precise and the BCI now reads 3,728 losing the 3,800 point threshold!

Minimal gains for the Panamaxes’ BPI; five points plus and now reads 2,174!

Rich pickings for the Supras’ BSI; a double digit above the 20’s mark –  23 points plus and now standing at 1,141!

The Handies’ BHSI gained nine points and now look safe at 569 points!

The Wets on the up – minimal but better than nothing;  the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 649  – plus three and 455 – plus two points respectively!

The WTI was up at US$ 56.20… CAUTION!!!

The Geopolitics coupled with Planet Ocean’s recession and an impossible debt to repay – we mean that famously infamous US$ 250 (twohundredandfifty) trillion will stir-up everything and the “tsunami” will create an incalculable mess for all.

Migrants continue to be the no. 1 issue. Whatever we have written remains in force. We had an interesting development over the weekend when the Turkish Coast Guard arrested 330 MIGRANTS try to cross over from Koutsoukouyiou just off Canakkale to Greece! Since the 10th of August they have arrested 669 Migrants; so they can do their job!!

The USA asked the Gib authorities to arrest the Iranian tanker Andria Darya ex Grace 1 but they didn’t. The tanker is heading for Greece and again the Iranian asked for same not to be arrested there or elsewhere…  In the meantime they haven’t released the “Stena Impero” still captured in the PG!

Nothing yet agreed between the UK and Ireland on Brexit and the backstop…. BREXIT boils up…

Italy might enter yet another political crisis and the curent colaition might be terminated… Watch this space!

The Trade Wars continues…

Have a nice evening but continue to remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!


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N.B. Regret that some viewers couldn’t see a clear view of the above Markets brief report; same was due to a technical reason!


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