Mild fall with the BDI@1,916 and a surge in the Wets from the Cleans too… Geopolitics still very perplexed…

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John Faraclas

Mild fall with the BDI@1,916 and a surge in the Wets from the Cleans too… Geopolitics still very perplexed…

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost eight points earlier on today and now stands at 1,916. Following the sudden and unprecedented surge of the Dirties, its now the turn of the he Cleans. Geopolitics ae more than perplexed and politicians must stop the blah blah and hypocrisy as Nemesis hits all. John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The week begun with a mild fall …“driven” by the Capes with the BCI down 36 points and now standing at 3,254. There is a hope that Vale might change the scene and Capes will thrive; we shall see…

The Panamaxes’ BPI gained a dozen points and now reads 1,928, happily approaching the 2,000 point threshold…

Five plus points for the Supras’ BSI now at 1,223…

Another two points lost for the Handies with the BHSI now standing at 656…

The Wets continue to rise; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,958 – up 117 and 781 – up 115!!! Points respectively. Cross your fingers!

A VLCC Values update from VesselsValue: 

The crude tanker market is experiencing an unprecedented spike in rates, with the VLCC spot charter market in particular reaching heights not seen before.

At the same time, VV values for crude tankers of all ages are on the rise.

The below table shows the percentage increase of VLCC values since the beginning of October, and highlights the need for reactive algorithmic driven valuations during periods of rapid and significant change.

We have put together the below data to analyse vessel activity during this period of change.

The WTI fell 11 cents and now reads US$ 53.79… Let’s hope it fells at US$49.99 !!!! It will be very helpful for over 7 (seven) billion people in need all over Planet Ocean.

The Geopolitical situation is mainly driven by the Turkish invasion in Northern Syria; under the “pretext” of security from the Syrian Kurds, president Erdogan tries his best as the centennial of “modern” Turkey approaches in 2023 to have something to saw to his fellow citizens as a conqueror and try to match Kemal Ataturk’s fame… He will continue to create a mess around his country’s frontiers with mini or maxi invasions of any kind. We need to see action and NOT sanctions et al as Turks can only understand the counter balance of force from the West – mainly!! The European Union remains in paper sanctions and NATO’s SG cannot get on purpose the message..: Turkey is NOT an ally in NATO to be trusted! Regret but this is the situation and the harsh reality. The Blackmail used until now proves how right this side is and how wrong, with all due respect, the current SG of NATO is! We will not be surprised if president Erdogan, contrary of what others say, finds units to extract oil from areas that they don’t belong to Turkey under International Law… By the way, wonder what happened to the crew on board the three exploration vessels that were/are operating in Cyprus’ EEZ, eh????Until now he is Searching/Exploring to verify if in the regions and blocks he invades there is oil and or gas. The international community MUST stop the Hypocrisy!!!

The latest approach of the Syrian Kurds proves our last Friday’s hypothesis that they had to turn even to the devil and make an alliance in stopping the Turks massacre them. Indeed we hope to see an all-out clash between the invading Turkish Amy and that of Syria…

At the end of the day and speaking in all honesty, we MUST see the establishment not just of an autonomous Kurdish regions in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, but a Kurdish State as same was created and decided for a few hours in the First World War! We have referred to this in our interview with NOUSE a few years ago where we also explicitly said that Turkey doesn’t have for the West and NATO the significance as in the time of the Cold War as technology gave an end to this myth with respect the strategic position of Turkey! We can entertain anybody he/she wishes on this issue live on an A1 TV station! We politely “provoke” on this!

BREXIT continues its ups and down and wonder who will pay the bill of arrogance from both sides of the British Channel.

More news at our first update; until then remain on guard from action emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans of any kind wherever you ae on Planet Ocean!

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