BREXIT: extensions is the name of the game… but…

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…what’s up with BREXIT?

BREXIT: extensions is the name of the game… but…

Expect more twists and shouts from all sides at the House of All Parliaments.

The PM might win, repeat: might win tomorrow’s vote for the election date as a small margin is needed following another defeat today, but the future still looks bleak. And it looks bleak as whatever happens, one thing is needed per mare per terra: To ensure that both sides, the  United Kingdom and all the 27 member states are in all respects* ready to deliver BREXIT for their citizens, as all 28 member states’ citizens will be called to pay the damage; and there is damage… We are still wondering if all aspect leading to BREXIT are there and everyone knows what happens the day after. A must for all procedures and mechanism to be in place to avoid further catastrophe to all… in the UK, the EU and beyond!

All day millions of people were discussing the latest extension of the 31st of January 2020 as well as the need for the UK to nominate a commissioner!

Elections? Oh well… Let’s see the winner and the seats… We are living in interesting times…

*In shipbroking, Sales and Purchae in particular, a vessel must be ready in all respects for both her physical and legal deliver  to the buyer as same MUST coincide the same date and the sellers and buyers are in all respects ready. The sellers in particular, if they are not ready, they cannot tender the notice for delivery of the vessel to the buyers; we are very “spoiled” but proper in the Shipping industry, hence our last main reference on BREXIT ten days ago…

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