‘Only one justification’ for fresh ECB QE, Libra and the global monetary system, and more

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‘Only one justification’ for fresh ECB QE, Libra and the global monetary system, and more


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28 October-1 November 2019, Vol.10 Ed.44

Most-Read Commentary

‘Only one justification’ for fresh ECB QE: In November the European Central Bank will restart its quantitative easing programme. Of the possible reasons for continuing QE, only one – meeting the ECB’s inflation target of ‘below, but close to 2%’ – is endorsed both by statute and economic logic, however debatable it might be, writes Valentin Lazea.

Retail CBDCs – The next payments frontier: The latest report from OMFIF and IBM on digital currencies focuses on the future of retail payments, central banks’ responses to technological innovation and the significance of private-public partnerships. The report posits that a consumer-ready CBDC is likely to arrive in the next five years. Read more.


Claustrophobia on Fed balance sheet: The US Federal Reserve’s key challenge for the next six months is managing its liabilities, writes Pierre Ortlieb. Financial intermediaries relying on reserves will feel increasingly claustrophobic in the context of the growing coterie of investors accessing the balance sheet for liquidity management. Read more.

In conversation

Libra and the global monetary system: Christian Catalini, co-creator of Libra and head economist at Calibra, and Teunis Brosens, lead economist for digital finance and regulation at ING, speak to OMFIF’s Bhavin Patel. They clarify the debate around Libra and explore its potential position in the monetary system. Read more.


Libra – Practicalities, technology, and the future of payments: Christian Catalini and Teunis Brosens continue their discussion on Libra with Bhavin Patel. In the second instalment of this series they address whether existing technologies can meet Libra’s objectives and how global payments systems will transform over the next five years. Listen.

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